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    Today I finished the day 8 solution and my 13th day of sobriety. For some reason I was so attuned to today’s solution. I was able to identify with everything. One of the most profound experiences of this entire program so far was “the movie”. I don’t know why but when I started writing responses to the action steps in my journal everything just flowed. When I got to the movie, I didn’t hold back and it really opened my eyes to a lot. Once I started I typed so fast and let it all out of me. It was so liberating and I saw myself so clearly. It gave me so much insight. Is this a breakthrough moment? I don’t know, but it’s something I won’t forget. For me, the day 8 action steps were so helpful.

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    I also loved Day 8 @bill_0606! The movie moment rings so true! There’s some humor there, when you think about how obvious some of the mistakes drinking behaviours brought down on us! Also the Decision fatigue was interesting in the study of the judicial system. The Comparison trap….that plagues the best of us in many areas of life. Yup, this 30DSS enables us to reflect on human nature, it’s fallibilities and also it’s indomitable ability to triumph!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the insights of this Solution as I did!
    Onward, Sina

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    I can’t seem to find the Movie Moment exercise guided version?

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    Will81 . The movie moment link:

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    I am having a hard time looking at my movie. It’s just hard to see how much I have thrown away and been confused by in my life. It’s not unusual that I would turn to drinking but I just find it all so sad. I’m determined to pick up and keep moving. My story is not over and I still have much to accomplish. I’m loving the program, the fact that it replaces behavior with action steps. It’s very different than just trying to willpower through. I’m grateful to be on Day 8 and I’m going to finis this and get the life that was offered to me before I started this awful path of drinking and drugs.

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      Always remember your past does not define your future. Its amazing what you can accomplish and how opportunities arise in life when you’re sober.

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      Clmoor41 is right! Your past is your past, it cannot be changed. It may be painful. Just make sure to associate that with drinking and pleasure with sobriety, and it’ll help make Sobriety easier and more attainable. Also, did you write a total truth letter to yourself? It’s wonderful being able to forgive yourself. Keep pushing forward, you’ve got this!

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    I have yet to write in the forums, and see that a lot of the posts are pretty dated, but since I’m going through this now I thought I might share my movie moment. Please don’t think I’m taking this lightly by using a little humor, it is how I cope. Also, if you are a Stephen King fan you might get some of the references.

    The saddest thing about the movie of my life is how boring it is, the main character has no life, no drive, and in general is just not interesting. Her earlier life began with hardships that many congratulate her for overcoming, but although she did indeed survive some terrible things; she isn’t really thriving in her life. Once past some of the more difficult times she developed interests, hobbies, friends, and had goals, hopes and dreams. She had social groups where she made interesting and lively conversations and was up for almost anything. Meanwhile, she drank. The years pass and she is no longer young, so the drinking hangs more heavily on her mentally and physically, once athletic, and witty to obese and acerbic. Dreams of career and family, have gone, while she awaits the witching hour, 5 o’clock, but come on it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Finally, are heroine starts piling on my more medical concerns, while marriage issues abound and well, the drinking is still right there….always waiting, brown, cold and comforting. Fade to Intermission….whereupon you ask your ole buddy Stephen King how he likes the movie thus far….
    Ah yep, it’s a sad tale with very, little movement and while it provided some hope in the beginning the story went kind of flat. Definitely, isn’t going to be a favorite of the ‘Constant Reader.” Whew! And as far as the big screen goes, I’m not sure the screen is wide enough to support the ass on that one, I mean damn the girl has certainly let herself go. Currently, this character would make a fine meal eaten by some lusty sorrow-eating demon in the prologue as a cautionary tale and as a way to move the story forward for the more interesting characters. However, if she could somehow come back in the second half with some spark and faith in herself she just might be able to turn it around. Then, just mebbe she might find her tower. That’d be something to see.

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    Hi itsthesmiths02.
    Your movie moved me !
    I felt sad. I felt glad. I felt amused. I felt frustrated.

    But mostly I feel hopeful that after Intermission (in the form of the 30 Day Sobriety Solution?) our protagonist will come back feisty and funny and ready to kick ass…maybe even her own as she whittles it down to a more loveable size and her preoccupation with that pleasure thief, booze dwindles!
    Onward Girl!! Sina

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