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    Maybe you had an embarrassing or frightening incident related to your drinking, or you were sick and tired of the emotional roller coaster ride that alcohol takes you on, or you had a drunken confrontation with family or friends. Yes, yes, and yes! Finally a someone understands my life for the last 4 years of trying to go it alone on my own willpower. This 30 day sobriety solution is actually working for me. Thanks be to God! So happy, joyous and free at only 10 days sober. What a miracle this book has been in my life.

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    I’m so happy for you. keep gping!,I’m just starting. very daunting.

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      Hey there how’s it going? I’m half way through the 30 day reboot and feeling fabulous. Sailed through two weekends with friends who are moderate social drinkers and had no desire to join them. Looking forward to meeting with a sober friend for coffee this week! I would love to know where you are in the program and how you are enjoying it.

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    sobersailor38 . . .going it alone is a tough row to hoe. Glad this forum is working for you. May joy find you at ever turn. May you be surprised by new insights and wonder. As far as I can tell, the only way to discover a different me is to let go of the old, worn out habits and patterns. I agree with you, this forum provides such a space.

    And jnl . . . yes, this journey can be daunting, but doable. May we each discover that hidden, liberating strength within.


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      Thanks Rico! Yes this program is full of discovery and it’s great to know I’m not alone.?

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    Hello Sobersailor:

    Congratulations on your 10 days and I encourage you to keep going. It is tough but it does get better.

    I was so sick and tired (after so many years of excessing drinking) of being sick and tired all the time. I drank to excess for a long time and trust me the effects of excessive drinking gets way worse the longer you continue. Willpower alone never worked for me. I could stop drinking for a short while but soon would be back at it.

    For me, the 30 Day Solution is great because it provides me tools to understand myself, to understand why I drank, and to work towards sobriety and a positive sober life. I found that reviewing how I felt when I was drinking compared to how I feel now very helpful when the urge to drink occurs.

    I have been sober for 60 days and am on Day 8 of the program. It was tough at the beginning as I experienced anxiety issues for the first few weeks, but these have passed. Now I feel healthier, sleep better and am clear headed.

    All the best for your future.

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      Thanks so much for reminding me I am not alone. Keep going! 60 days is an amazing accomplishment?

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    Hi Cynthia,
    So glad to hear about the anxiety (not that you had it). I have been going crazy with anxiety. I hate the way I feel, glad to know that the anxiety will pass… Congrads on 60 days. After you hit 30 days did you experience any other emotional ups and downs or was it pretty much clear sailing from there on?
    Keep up the GREAT work!!

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    Hi Missb:

    Congratulations on being in the 30 Day Sobriety program, it has really helped me.

    I did experience bad anxiety for the first couple of weeks, but that has passed. My anxiety manifested as claustrophobia and hyperventaling. I felt like the walls were closing in on me, that I had to escape from wherever I was, that I was being smothered and couldn’t breathe. I found spending time outdoors (lucky it is summertime) whether walking or reading helpful during this time, talking to friends is also great.

    Unfortunately, since I have been sober I have found out that a beloved family member is passing of cancer.

    Because I used alcohol to bury feelings, I have found since being sober, my emotions are much more accessible. Given the situation, I often will find myself crying and feeling sad. But I also am grateful that this wonderful being was part of my life for 13 years. I will so miss her when she is gone. The gift of being sober has allowed me to truly enjoy our remaining time together.

    There is a quote from the writer Oscar Wilde that resonates with me. While he was incarcerated, he wrote “….it is not that prison breaks hearts, hearts are meant to be broken, but rather prison turns hearts to stone….”. For me, alcohol and drinking were a prison. I drank because I thought alcohol would protect my heart from being broken which is impossible because heartbreak is part of life. The price I paid was detaching myself from my true emotions which in effect turned my heart to stone and I was emotionally dead.

    Sobriety has allowed me to deal with and emotionally experience the good days and bad days which is such a blessing. Also I have found I am stronger that I ever thought I could be.

    Keep working the 30 Day Solution, it really does help.
    Take care.

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    Hi Cynthia H, Thank you for a lovely post, and also for others you have contributed. It’s wonderful that you are finding success in this endeavor and also reaching out to others. I also have been successful so far, Since I joined Jack Canfield on his 30 Day Challenge that began on April Fool’s Day. I’m now realizing that life doesn’t turn into rainbows and unicorns from being sober. It will still break hearts, as Oscar Wilde notes. Sober hearts are resilient ones.
    Onward! Sina

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