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    3 worries to my problem drinking
    1. Losing Time – When I’m drinking, hours and days slip by and the world goes on without me. I will plan my days and make the most of them to ensure there are no more wasted days.
    2. My Health – My Dr. told me that it is not if I get health problems, but when based on how much I drink. She told me that I will pay the price and it will not be worth the enjoyment I think I am getting from being drunk.
    3. Friends – I have built my social life around people who drink. If someone did not drink, they were not fun for me to hang out with because I wanted to get drunk. I have to start from scratch to rebuild my network.

    Today, day 9, I finally felt like I was living in the present. I felt involved in conversations and my thoughts were clear. I found that I was laughing more and enjoying the time I spent with people at work. Today was the day that I have been waiting for, I FEEL different, I FEEL better!

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    Your worries really resonated with me, I have the same ones. Happy you’re feeling better. I’m on day 13 but only on day 6 of the solutions. I’m amazed that I’m doing so well, I have wanted a change for so many years, but couldn’t seem to do anything about it. Continued success to us both 🙂

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    Yes, these resonated with me too. It’s amazing how much time i have to do more productive activities w/o drinking at night. I’ve been doing well, and replaced evening drinking w/yoga & that’s felt great. Cheers to continued success! :). That’s great

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    As someone who is on my 30 -Days for the 3rd time, heed my advice & don’t give up ’cause restarting means going through the withdrawals all over again. It’s not worth it! Night 2 & Day 9 in the book. As far as decision fatigue from yesterday’s topic – I made it easy. There is no decision to be made when one is 100% committed. That is how I have made it passed the anxiety.

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    My worries:
    1. My health.
    My doctor looked at me skeptically, but didn’t say anything when I said I drink ‘2 or 3 glasses of wine most nights’. And I’d been taking prescription pain medicine (as prescribed) before and after hip replacement, so that on top of the wine, I’m surprised my numbers didn’t come out worse than they did.
    1A. What I’m doing about it.
    I’m not drinking (Day 9!!) and am trying to drink more water instead of more diet pop. (yes, I know the evils of drinking diet pop. One vice at a time…) I’m getting in as much walking as my hip will let me do, and am glad that I’m not trying to walk after a couple drinks because I’m smart enough now to stop when my hip says to stop.
    2. My relationships.
    I haven’t really been present for my husband in the evenings for a while. I’ve been really working on that! He said tonight during and after dinner walk that not only have my dinners been better (I do the cooking) but he’s been enjoying having me around to talk with in the evening. I’m headed to my second home – my best friend’s place – for 2 weeks tomorrow. I’m looking forward to being more present with him and his family too. I can follow a whole text conversation with my grown son now, and don’t get confused and frustrated and then feel guilty for not being able to communicate with him. Those are the three most important relationships in my world, and they’re all three better now, after only 9 days!
    3. My dissertation.
    My adviser was blown away by how much work I got done last week, and this is the summer that I was going to be taking it a little easier. Nope! It’s been good for me to stay busy, and now I can stay focused and productive, and not have to redo work, or decipher wine-laced notes the next day. I work from my best friend’s house too, and have a bunch of stuff lined up to be working on when I get there. This isn’t going to be a ‘take it easy academically’ summer at all!

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      Hey @mollygirl ! I am thrilled hearing your progress. Keep going.
      Onward! Sina

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