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    As I make my way through this program I am feeling very strong and purposeful day to day. It’s when I peek over the edge into day 31 and beyond that my resolve seems uncertain. My goals for quitting drinking in the past have been to “beat the bloodtest”, fool the doctor, I’m sure some of you know what I mean. I want this time to be different but I’ve never gone into “quitting” for the long term. Now, however, is the time that I may need to be in it for the long haul. So what if I get good liver enzyme numbers? Does that mean that I can go back to drinking for 6 for months and then give it another go? Of course not. So, I’m hoping that I can wrap my head around long term sobriety. I am getting so much out of this program/book/website that I don’t want it to end. Thanks for listening.

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    Hello njs
    I’m wrapping up 15 days. I’ve also been sober for 12 years AA. Then 5 years again AA.
    Back drinking for the last 5 1/2years. I’ve never felt so at ease with it this time around . I’m thankful and pray it continues to grow. I would just take it easy. Enjoy every day right now. You may be very surprised at the 30 day mark. You can always go back to the solutions again. I’ve realized I really do enjoy life so much more without alcohol. Thank heavens. I just always found if I started worrying about the future it is not good. It takes me out of my peace.
    Hope this helps.

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      Hi njs,

      I’m on day 9 today. I feel very good but each night I get the urge to have some wine but I go into my room and read my chapter and do my action steps. I also wonder if I’ll be able to stick it out for long term. I hope and think I can. I hope you can too. I wish you luck and stay strong 😀, we can do this!

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    Hello njs, Renee and Lillac. I’m sober 12 days, on Day 9 of Solutions. In and out of AA from age 29. I’m 61 now. Have had 2,3 years sober then back out. My body and brain just can’t keep up with the drinking and depression became a greater part of the hangovers. Healthy replacements until the cravings pass help and the craving does pass. The 6 Steps of the Total Truth Process in Day 4 was so liberating compared to Step 4 in AA for me. Have finally found a creative outlet (make blankets) that is fulfilling and helps others without my burning out or getting a resentment. I keep my mind on the project and out of worrying and seeking sabotaging ways to sneak a drink. I’ve slowed down and am mindful of being in the now instead of rushing ahead of myself and inevitably unable to keep up. I pull a card daily from Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now before starting the Day’s Solution and reviews. Morning is/was the worst part of the day for me so that is when I do the Solution.
    Bravo to you for getting this far! Good job!

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    I have tried to beat the blood test for a long time, but usually can’t do even a week, much less the 2 weeks I shoot for. I am on day 9 although it has taken me 20 days to get here. Some nights have not been able to do the reading or actions. It’s been great. My craving is much less and this has been easier than I expected. I hope this continues, but worry about that.

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