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    Didn’t know where to post this, so here I go. First, doing the daily work in this program is the 2nd highlight of my day. Any day I see my granddaughter is the first. I am learning so much about myself and how to help myself. I am worrying that at the end of 30 days, I won’t have anything to read to keep this progress going. Thank you!

    However, that being said–I have not been able to register in the Day 1–30-60-90 day box because the message hasn’t changed for 10 days. I check everyday. Maybe, the message could read something about we are working on this and keep checking and drop the week time frame. Or in view of today’s reading, put a date on it and surprise readers when it happens before the date. Won’t you look good?

    The other think, I always check the action step cards and today’s #1 includes a paragraph from day 2. If it is not an error, I am sorry I wrote anything.

    Thank you for the forums. I get a lot of understanding and ideas from reading what others have to say.

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      Great catch about Day 9 action step! I’ve been reading through the website to find errors, and I missed that one- thank you! As for the daily emails, that’s a great suggestion and I will pass that along to Dave. He and his team are working very hard to get everything up and running and perfect for everyone. As we finish the details, remember that you have everything you need to be successful in your journey. Anything not up and running is not integral to your success, simply just additional information we find interesting. You can always visit for up-to-date information on questions you may have, or to submit a question of your own. Good luck on your continued success!

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    Day 9 and I am getting a bit burnt-out. I am making it, but at times, I have to force myself to follow along (day 8 was not bad at all and i wished to follow along). Perhaps it’s just an off day for me. I will hit day 10 in 50 minutes. The most I have ever done (I think) is up to day 14 and then I started drinking again. If I can make it past day 14, I will have done better than I have done in 32 years of drinking. My liver should be shot but I drink tons and tons of water daily. I think that is what saved me. I checked my liver and so far, no issues but it did give me some pain awhile back. My health was one of the three things I wish to improve on by action.

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      Hi twinans. Good job hanging in there. Burn out can be a sobriety killer! Go to your profile when you get a chance. I sent yu a private message! Sina. 🙂

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    I’m feeling pretty good on my 14 days of sobriety, but I’m only on Day 9 in the program. I really try to do the program daily, but find it difficult to make time to follow the program on the weekends. I spend all day Sat.: running around grocery shopping, cleaning, hair/nail appts, etc,. Then I spend most of the day Sun meal prepping for the week. Although I still have not had a drink and with the exception of a few fleeting urges, I’m doing just fine. I just don’t want to get too far behind in my daily lessons, so I guess I will have to make the time. I have reaffirmed my commitment to complete this program in 30 days, although it may not be consecutive days, I will complete it within 30 days, meaning: I will commit 30 days to the 30 Day Solution, and I will try my best to devote at least 30 minutes to it daily.

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      Hi s0b3r4life! I’m glad you are keeping up with your Reboot and Thriving in Sobriety. Congratulations. Rushing through important work like this doesn’t lead to quality results, so I think taking as much time as it takes sounds like the way to go! Sina

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    Thank you Sina! I’m still hanging in there. I’ve had a couple of fleeting urges’ but nothing I can’t handle. I probably should’ve signed up for the 60 days, because I am finding it a little difficult to do the exercises daily, but I am committed to finishing the program. -Just maybe not in 30 consecutive days.

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    Hi –
    I’m loving this book and program, grateful that it is “one day at a time” – pardon the pun, especially since AA didn’t work for me. So this is a very doable, achievable program and easy reading. It feels GREAT to be accomplishing something every day, period!

    Having said that, when I first started reading the book and doing the daily activities, I don’t remember which day it was when we were asked to start re-reading portions of our journal out loud.

    I programmed reminders throughout the day to do all the repetitions your book tells us to do (i.e. not just vision statement, but forgiveness thing, the “I Love You” (to myself) thing, etc. And I agree wholeheartedly that repetition is key to plow through at least MY subconscious and also because I’m in my late 50s and tend to forget stuff if I don’t write it down. Would be lost without iPhone calendar reminders!

    My problem is I have way too many calendar reminders about so many other things as well.

    So ultimately my question is, how do I remember to attach this habit of re-reading everything and visualization WITHOUT the use of my iPhone?

    Because my husband does not for one minute think I have a problem, I would feel ridiculous placing post-it notes in the various bathrooms throughout our home, for example.

    Email is the bane of my existence and I try and check it only 2-3 times/day.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Day 9
    Still in it and was worrying yesterday about what happens after the 30 days. Got Me!! Working on my worry, cause I can’t remember a time I didnt worry! Action – I decided to continue journaling. This may not seem like much to some people. Journaling has been a huge obstacle for me. I have resisted it for some time now. Now that I started, it’s not as hard or painful as I had thought!
    Working, really working (I mean digging in deep and putting the journal down and coming back to it to finish) these solutions is helping so much.
    I have questioned my decision to complete the program in 30 days because I spend a great deal of time journaling. This is because I really want to get it all out. I am cautioning myself not to “conquer” this too fast.
    Here’s to thriving in sobriety!

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    Hey, we’re still here. Going strong & getting stronger. Feeling better physically. Thanks guys!

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    Hi day 9 solution. my way of getting the program done (60 days option) I will listen (audio book) in the morning on the bus or whatever by 9am one day and the second day at home at 4 then do the action steps. I had been doing both readings on the bus. i did my second one at home today and it was so much more personal and i could focus more in my bedroom. HERE’S TO THRIVING IN SOBRIETY. I really love this program. I was in AA and didnt drink for over 12 years but i wasnt happy or content. So being a Happy Non-Drinker is something for me to celebrate day 26 sober and elated.

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