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    The Day 9 Solution starts by listing three worries about drinking.
    Here is my 2.

    Creativity – Alcohol steal my dreams by killing my creativity. The moment alcohol touches my lips my motivation to be creative drops. By not drinking I can be my creative best.

    I am a writer and musician and I am so sick of not being creative. Anybody else feeling your creativity coming back?


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    Exactly my friend.. I have spent so many useless hours pretending I could write songs. I am a very good songwriter but with alcohol its just a sad little joke.., I know Exactly what you mean!
    You have about 2 min when the buzz starts . Then creativity just goes away.. gone. so i end up in a little dream world that never amounts to anything. So glad you posted
    Good luck and may the muse come back

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    Thanks friend,
    My idol Stevie Ray Vaughan was afraid he wouldn’t be able to play as well if he was sober. Of course, IMO he played his best after he cleaned up. I already feel the creativity welling up. Big days ahead. Best of luck to you. Life is a journey…(it’s a tired cliche but damn…ain;t it true!


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    johnnyo92112 . . . hey, best to you. Steve Ray is amazing. Cleaning oneself up can be a hard pull, but as you say: “The moment alcohol touches my lips my motivation to be creative drops.” — Dang that stinks! But, as many of us have found out, there is a little something within us that would delay, distract, or destroy that which is good in us. Not sure why, but it seems like a law or commandment chiseled in stone.

    Below are a few attempts at encouragement. The first is from Tightrope – SRV. The other from Highlands – Bob Dylan. One way or another, at least from where I hang my hat, we’ve got to make amends to the part of us we sacrificed, so as to keep the buzz going. (May your heart soar and may you find that inner sacred space mentioned below in The Razors Edge . . . the one out past the haze of booze & broken dreams.

    Lookin’ back in front of me, in the mirror’s grin
    Through eyes of love I see, I’m really lookin at a friend
    We’ve all had our problems, that’s the way life is
    My heart goes out to others, who are there to make amends

    The sun is beginnin’ to shine on me
    But it’s not like the sun that used to be
    The party’s over and there’s less and less to say
    I got new eyes, everything looks far away
    Well my heart’s in The Highlands at the break of day
    Over the hills and far away
    There’s a way to get there, and I’ll figure it out somehow
    Well I’m already there in my mind and that’s good enough for now

    “I wish I could make you see how much fuller the life I offer you is than anything you have a conception of. I wish I could make you see how exciting the life of the spirit is and how rich in experience. It’s illimitable. It’s such a happy life. There’s only one thing like it, when you’re up in a plane by yourself, high, high, and only infinity surrounds you. You’re intoxicated by the boundless space.”
    ― W. Somerset Maugham, The Razor’s Edge

    Hope the creative juices flow and a new intoxication begins to fill your sails with inspiration. Hang in! Hang in! Hang in!


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    Hi Johnny, just wanted to respond to your post. It helps me think about the benefits sobriety brings… like good health, alertness, and being fully present. So staying focused on the positives and how I want to feel helps overcome habits that bring heartache, weekends, and waste. Blessings to you. Glenda

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    Hey Johnny & @donkeywink – I’m glad you guys posted this. I’m a writer and for the last 10 years I’ve been writing while drinking. I am concerned about embarking on a new project sober. Will I be as funny? At least I’ll get more writing hours in I’m sure of that. It will be a new, interesting experiment. Kinda nervous. Guess I won’t know until I try…

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    my experience performing sober has been very good. People keep telling me I sound like I have been rehearsing a lot. My vocals and guitar have improved so much…they say…
    Confidence is much better and I am way more accurate…And It is also more fun..not what I expected to be honest. but very cool. Just try it…you will see what I mean

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