Day #9 Lets Go!!


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    Made it to day 9. Actually 11 days of zero alcohol. Loving this program. I want to jump forward but I know it is in my absolute best interest to read 1 day at a time and complete the steps. That being said with a 90 minute commute daily I find myself with extra time in the car. I also started to list to Annie Grace’s The Naked Mind as well as Russel Brand’s Recovery. My head is exploding with knowledge. Good luck to you all!


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    Good Luck to you also. I am on Day 9 as well and finding all this helpful. I am reading Naked Mind also. I am finding this easier than I thought. I have not wanted to drink very much at all. Early in I had a stressful day and was thinking briefly about it. Yesterday I had a really weird physical response and had extreme fatigue for the afternoon and evening but it passed and today I feel great. Hope things keep going well for you. When I started I was thinking of cutting back and the longer I go the more I want to just quit totally. Let’s keep going!

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    Yesterday I came home to my power out at 430pm. Was suppose to come back at 630. Nope. Then 11PM. Nope. I was tested. My wife had a drink of course out of boredom and darkness at this point. I was able to stay strong as well as today. Lets go!


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    Day 9
    Enjoying the course and loving waking up sober.

    Good luck to all!

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    It’s my Day 9 – of not drinking and of doing this program. My routine got mixed up this morning – I’d forgotten I had a meeting at 9:30, which is when I’ve been doing my daily re-reading the chapter and doing the action steps. I chugged some coffee, pulled my hair back, and found my lipstick on my way to my car. I felt a little off-center all day, waiting for my day to wind down enough that I could sit and do daily Work. Sounds like I may already have one Tiny Habit anchored into my morning routine!

    Yesterday was a pretty craptastic day. Last month, it certainly would have warranted more than just one bottle of wine – I’m sure it would have been a doozy. And then this meeting this morning, instead of being me with lipstick and a ponytail and a few minutes late, would have been me calling in instead of showing up, and keeping my head down on a table somewhere the whole time. I’m the chief of staff of this organization – I need to Be There! I was very grateful this morning that I wasn’t going to be letting my people down. It turned into a very busy and weirdly productive day. I’m glad it’s over now – I just did my action steps.

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