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    Today means that I have gone seven days without drinking! I am amazed at myself. And, I am thankful for this day by day solution.
    Phase 2 next.

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    Me too, it’s amazing.

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    Today I feel like I finally understood why I failed at sobriety so many times. I was sober for 4 years and then I just looked for somebody to give me permission to start again, to tell me I didn’t really have a problem. I knew I had a problem, but just kept looking for proof that I didn’t. I routinely quit for Lent, for cleanses, for years as a parent, for those 4 years most recently…all trying to prove that I didn’t have an issue. Now it feels unbelievably freeing to stop hiding and be truthful.

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      Day 7 for me as well. I see myself setting up scenarios and or thinking thoughts that sort of or used to give me permission or even justification to drink. What an “ahhhha” moment. I do feel sadness at times. Weighs heavy like a blanket at times. Not sure what it is. Just trying to be present and let it pass. Congratulations everyone ??

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    Just finished one week of sobriety and feel pretty good. The daily action steps help me get to the heart of my addiction and are very thought provoking. I pray that I can lead a sober life because I cannot go back to the way I was before this program.

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    I’m on day 8 and I have to say I feel proud of myself BUT I also had an aha moment. I felt a serious tug to drink tonight because of resentment. I just hate when we get home how everyone goes off and does whatever they want while I’m expected to clean up the kitchen, make dinner, clean, and make lunches. It is maddening. I can see that this fed my drinking. I’m glad I just took my dinner into the other room and did my Day 8 activities. Every night that I go to bed without having had a drink is a WIN!

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      Same thing here with the cooking dinner. Not doing it anymore. I’m not going to put myself in that position. Resentment, for me is poison and an excuse to drink.

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    I am going to a party tonight – I actually started not drinking 5 days before the program but I consider the day I started this as day 1 – so good not to get drunk and be hungover. Working out more already – crisper. But my temper is up….anyone else find this at all? Kind of weird I have to admit…not nearly as patient but that is also maybe because I am not as patient with myself. Who knows. Good luck to everyone going forward.

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      Scottyh, I’m not saying I’m crabby, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that I AM walking sideways. My patience is definitely thinner than usual. I think it’s the same for dieters and people who quit smoking. It’s going to take awhile for this to feel natural and not some sort of punishment. The truth is, the over drinking and hangovers were the punishment, not this!!! All the best to you and congrats on making it this far. Day 8 is here, and just 1 day at a time until we all make it to 30.

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    Just wanted to check-in. Doing well with the program. Very happy with the solutions and my results!!
    Day 11 in sobriety. Feeling proud. Feeling calmer and more relaxed. I did slow down and decide not to push myself so hard to accomplish everything in 30 days. That helped. Revised my vision, goals and actions to be aligned with my true vision and goals and plans for the future to create the life that I truly want.

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    Yep Day 9 is here and I am excited to wake up and get going without the shame and blame game!! Loving the program and reading the posts as I can identify with so many others and know that I am not alone.

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    Day 8 for me and feeling pretty good and waking refreshed! I am relieved to discover that the “cooking dinner” time is the toughest for many of us, and it’s hard to just acknowledge the urge to drink and wait for it to pass. I am grateful that now I’m not always worried about not having something in the fridge to drink or running to the store all the time. We can do this!

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    Today was an interesting one as the chapter and the action steps started off being about willpower but ended up, for me, being all about denial.

    As some of you may know, this is my second time around through the program, and this time I’m succeeding at remaining alcohol-free so far. I’m getting much deeper insights this timea around.

    The Movie Moment was the pivotal exercise for me today. As I became a ‘third party’ watching the movie of my life over the past five years or so, I really got a sense of the gravity of some of the consequences of my drinking. This has been one of the most powerful exercises so far in helping me to step out of my own denial and acknowledge some of the pain that I’ve been causing myself (and others). It reminded me that stepping out from denial, for me at least, is not a single one-off event but is more like an ongoing process, that seems to unfold according to how much pain I can take at the time in looking at it. The first time through the program I was able to get in touch with a lot of this, but this time I got in touch with even more. Painful, but necessary.

    Eight days alcohol-free so far has brought lovely self-nourishing feelings of finding ways to look after myself. The pain that comes with the self-awareness that accompanies that will be temporary.

    Best of wishes to everybody.

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    Day 8 for me too. Wow!It feels good! The Movie Moment was really hard but at the end of it I mostly felt sad and my heart opened with compassion for myself. I see how I’ve been trying so hard over the years to stop drinking but as the book says, without addressing the deeper issues, it’s really just a set-up for failure. Through this program, I am finally addressing those issues.
    The other AHA! moment for me was realizing how much time and effort and energy and Willpower it actually takes to “control” my drinking and stay in denial. It occured to me that I actually have ALOT of willpower… and now I am choosing to channel that energy into thriving in sobriety. Awesome!

    All the best!

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    It’s day 8 for me and it’s getting a bit easier but I’m a bit crabby still. Have tried to post a few times but get an error back. Am very appreciative of this board even with some of the bugs. I’m hoping the next week is easier. I think it will be since I’m forming a new habit. Any feedback? Thanks! Yvette

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    Day 8 for me as well. Feeling better each day and a little sensitive emotionally. Had an amazing alcohol free weekend with my husband and his friends who are”normal drinkers”. No one questioned my abstinence but they certainly noticed my increased energy level and uplifted mood. I am so grateful for this program, book, solutions, and forum! Not my first go round with sobriety but praying that it will be my last one dday/hour/minute at a time. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Blessings:)

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