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    I made it to day seven (day six of not drinking)!! I am still experiencing being tired but I’m getting the supplements mentioned and I am keeping some dark (85%) chocolate in my office and have a small bite if I feel the energy waning….not really sure it works but I believe it does so it DOES!! 🙂

    This is a great feeling milestone… 6 days 100%

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    christenej: Day 7 – I just made it today. Are you still going strong? I sure hope so. I feel so so great. I am lucky. I have not experienced any of that sluggish and tired feelings. I’m more excited than ever about moving forward without alcohol. How to you handle it when you get tempted? JohnnyOOOOOOO

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    Hey there Johnny!
    Yes…so far on day 14 today and still 100%!! I have started coming out of the sluggish/tired feeling and feeling very good!
    As for being tempted…I remind myself that I made an agreement with me to remain 100% for 30 days and I owe it to myself to keep my promise! I have been tempted but so far reminding myself to stay 100% has worked!

    Let me hear from you! Sending you good healing energy for your sober journey!

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    christenej: Feeling great! Day 9 today! It is my day off from work so I have to be careful. Each day off I make a busy written schedule and worlk really hard to stick to it. The end result is I get a lot done and feel highly productive and that makes me feel great! I love your commitment to 30 days! I’m with you for 30 days plus.
    JohnnyOOOOOOOOO (I put an “O” for each day I have not had anything to drink)

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    Hope your day off is going well!
    I don’t know what your drink of choice was but mine was either a glass (or three) of wine or a couple (or a few!) mixed drinks… I still use my favorite wine or mixed drink glass but fill it with Deer Park brand sparkling water (it comes in flavors or plain and either is very good!). I still fix myself a few drinks in the evening or during the day when I’m off work but no alcohol! So far that’s worked very well. Plain Deer Park sparkling water doesn’t contain anything but water & CO2 ..the flavored is just added natural flavors. I am ending day 15 at 100%.

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    I was a big IPA beer drinker. That bitter taste was at least different than all the others. I think I just liked to go to the store and pick out something new I had never had. The craft beer movement certainly keeps growing and I tried everything. The problem is among other things, so much IPA is high alcohol. So I might have 3 or 4 but it was sometimes the equal of having 6 to 8 Budweisers. Too much! I was already a big water drinker – 3 liters a day minimum of regular water and I like seltzer – orange in particular. I still do that but also I’ve become a big tea fan in the evening. I’ve got 5 different kinds now without caffeine. Some “experts’ suggest substituting is a bad idea. I don’t think so. If you get some relaxation from some seltzer in your favorite glass then that sounds like a great idea. You are going strong! Good for you. Do you have any hobbys? What do you do to fill the soul? I’m a writer and a musician. It keeps my sane. I hope. JohnnyOOOOOOOOO

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      Love this post.
      You nailed me <<
      I’m huge into IPA’s too!
      I love the flavor and of course the high gravity that comes with it.
      The deception is I drink because it tastes soooo good but I know it’s really in the end about getting to the euphoria of the buzz and to maintain it like the book implies.
      My rock bottom was buying cases (4 6-packs) every three days or so and costing me an easy $50 a pop.
      My system was no question having a hard time ingesting and digesting this quantity.
      Lastly, I would only eat one meal (dinner) after I would get wasted.. for the purpose of no food all day and getting the maximum buzz.
      Eat and immediately go to bed cuz the food made me sleep good and basically finalized my passing out.
      Next day. Rinse and Repeat.
      ** The biggest pull for me now at Day 7 in the program (15 days sober) is the habitual getting drunk because I worked hard and I deserved it.

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        Count me in as another IPA LOVER. 6-8, sometimes 9 a night for years, literally. I couldn’t exercise off all of those calories, would have lucid convos with my family that I’d totally forget the next day, but it didn’t matter because I loved my IPAs and live in a part of the country where there are so many amazing choices. Well, I’m on day seven now, lost 3 lbs just this week. Congrats on your 15 or 16 days now and good luck in the program!

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    Yah to day 7 and I am again surprised how pretty f’on easy when I just commit 100%, no options! This is my second time doing the program. I completed it this past February with 100% success and I had big plans; I just didn’t stick with them.

    I now realize I wasn’t truly committed to a healthy lifestyle. I used the program to prove to myself I wasn’t a problem drinker and than continued on as usual afterwards. So, for more than 1/2 the year I’ve been unhappy, doing the same stupid behaviors that keep me unmotivated and depressed. I have WAY more clarity on this go around and I am excited for the next chapter in my life that I will be writing 🙂

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      Day 7 here too. It has been the toughest but this is helping. And to the last 2 comments I see me. 30 days, prove I can, then back at it. Thanks for sharing your experiences .

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    monquep: Keep on Rockin’ my friend. I did the exact same thing in August of 2016. Quit for a month so strong just to prove it. Sat down at the bar on day 31 and acted like I was special. My drinking slowed a lot at first but it all came back to where it was. This time you can take the 30 days and use it as a launching pad to where you want to be. Stay in touch. It helps me so much to have this lifeline to other people like me. JohnnyOOOOOOOOOOOO

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    67nowornever: Thanks for writing – We are all trying to get to the place where we do not need alcohol. I’m still needing it but I am resisting. We are all connected here. little by little…JohnnyO

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    67nowornever and monquep: Keep on pushing through! I fell off the horse this weekend. Some stupid emotional crap that threw me for a loop. I thought I was prepared for stuff like this but you never know. But…I am back on the horse and I am going to keep on riding. I want my life back. You both can do it too. Be Strong. Please keep in touch and tell me how you are doing.

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    Isn’t that funny, our little minds think drinking is fine but we ALL WANT OUR LIVES BACK. Not funny at all really. The struggle is real people! Day 11 for me 🙂

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    monquep: Amen to all that. I drink so much less than I used to but I still want to kill this habit. We all have our own reasons for being here. To each of us I offer support and honesty. My friend you are so right, the struggle is real but in an odd way, it makes me feel alive to be fighting for my life. Day 11 – You are Rockin’ – Keep on going! Any insights you can offer about how you got to Day 11? JohnnyO

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    Day 7 for me and I feel great!!

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    It is tough, right now, at this moment, 5:30 in the evening on a Saturday night. There is so much conflict going on. I want some wine, but I dont actually want to taste it. strange. Thanks to reading all your posts, I will stay strong tonight.
    As I read in one of the posts for Day 7, I too am so tired. I was hoping to be full of energy by now?. Even though I feel better than before.

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      Sorry that you’re struggling, klabuz3. It can be so difficult to fight off those glamorizing thoughts of alcohol. Even more so once they begin to dominate your day. For me, I find the Time Travel Technique to be an effective way of off-setting any temptation. The awful thought of still being stuck in a destructive drinking pattern ten years down the road, is enough to slap any craving from my thoughts and get my head into a better place.

      My energy level nose-dived, as well. For the first couple of weeks anyway. But now, I don’t feel fatigued at all. What I appreciate more than that is how clear my head is. I didn’t realize how foggy my thoughts had been. Things are looking a whole lot brighter to me now.

      Hang in there. You’ve got this!


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    Klabuz3…I understand exactly what you mean by wanting some wine but not wanting to taste it!! I thought I was the only one that happened to! I’m on my day 30something…I lost count. On another thread (maybe even this one as I didn’t read my prior posts here) I said that my drug of choice was sauvignon blanc and one of the ways I’ve dealt with not drinking was by replacing the wine with sparkling water in my wine glass….. I was still coming home and filling up the glass…going through the motions but 100% alcohol free!! After a couple of weeks I switched to a regular glass. Don’t know what stores are around you but I found that Deer Park and Trader Joe’s brand sparkling waters don’t have anything in them except water, CO2 and natural flavors.

    Sending you some good healing energy for your journey!!

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    klabuz3: Conflict – That definitely sets me off. I sometimes have to just get away from people and take a break. We each have our own challenges. I am glad you came to the site and wrote some feelings. I find it helps so much to just say what I am feeling.

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    Day 9… feel good. The fall weather is magnificent. Thank God no cravings today. Grateful for self love. Identity as A child of God. Loved despite me. It’s a good feeling. Acceptance is key. No expectations today. Letting life unfold and getting out of the way! Peace and love all.

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    My first weekend without drinking. It’s not going to be easy! I have to stay busy! I’m starting to feel better,stronger mentally.
    Hope everyone has a great weekend! Remember our goals!

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      You’ve got this Madison! I’m now on day …lolo…I don’t remember! But its been way more than 30…I remember my first weekend and dreaded it but with the help of my 30 day promise to myself and the flavored sparkling water in my favorite wine glass, I managed through…not with will power but with the insights I had learned in the book. Sending you good healing energy for your journey!

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    It has been 8 days sober. The cravings for alcohol have been there but they have been surprisingly manageable. As of today, I have completed phase one of the 30 Day Sobriety Solution.

    I am 100% committed to staying sober at this time, although I still feel that little urge and pang of anxiety in my abdomen when I think about drinking. There is OBVIOUSLY still anxiety associated with this entire process.

    Today, day 7, I review the previous six days, My plan is to take today, Friday 12/1, and Saturday and Sunday to review the previous 6 days and attempt to make phase one very clear in my foggy head via repetition of the audio, action steps and my vision statement. I need to get clarity and focus with phase 1 before I move on. I will engage in repetition of these thoughts. I will begin phase 2 on Monday, 12/4.

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    I am on day 7 in the book, day 12 not drinking. Im finding that when I get a feeling of panic about going the rest of my life without alcohol, I have to bring myself back to a 30 day window.. With the possibility to renew my 30 days as many times as I want. But keeping it at 30 days seems to make it just fine for my little mind. I also make myself a “special drink” more than once a day, of soda water with a splash of cranberry juice, or soda water with a splash of Bittermilk that I bought at whole foods.
    It makes me feel like I am having some kind of treat, even though I only ever drank wine or beer. The main thing for me is to not look way down the road, to keep it very short term while I am working on my steps every day, reading over my goals and vision every day.

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    Day 7!! I haven’t been sober for this long in 15 years ( with the exception of pregnancy) 100% commitment helps. Hope to get some energy soon. Tonight I treated myself to ice cream 🍧. I already feel my relationship with my kids improving.

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    I am on day 7 of no alcohol and very glad about that.

    Last night was my first night where I struggled to get to sleep. The fact that alcohol helped me drop off quickly is one of the reasons I was so fond of it.

    Has anyone else experienced jumpy legs in the night (it is like a twitching and restlessness that make me want to shake my legs)?

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    Hey capt30!!
    Yes, the jumpy legs..makes me crazy. I’m on day 7 (day 9 alcohol-free), as well but sleeping also has been my issue along with the cravings. Staying strong though! good luck to you all! This is the better path!

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    Reading all these posts helps me daily to get insight on how others are doing, thank you for posting. I’m on Day 7, Day 8 sober.
    One thing to remember is Day 1 Inspirational Quote. Something about start with the first stair don’t look at the stair case just take it one step at a time. That’s so true, I get anxiety thinking way down the road of not drinking, but then feel better when I think of how much better my life can be without drinking. I have made many stupid mistakes over the years while drinking, many I truly regret and that have hurt my family. Although we are supposed to be putting the past in the past and forgive ourselves it’s not that easy and when I feel a little weak, I think of the Top 10 bad decisions and action I did while drinking and that puts my back on the right road. It’s funny how I have been able to pass all those stores that I would frequent for alcohol without any thought until they are behind and I realize I didn’t think of it while I drove by. I have to feel that is progress for now.

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    I was hoping for a topic that said: Day 7 Hot Damn! But this will do.

    Day 7. I started on a Tuesday, so this being a Monday will be my 7th day in a flippin’ row without alcohol. People, I am happy! I couldn’t think this far ahead last week – couldn’t get past the weekend in my mind. Heh. I rocked this weekend – super productive with my work, had a great time with my husband (who still looks at me funny whenever he realizes I don’t have a glass of wine in my hand), and found out that a peanutbutter milkshake from Sonic at 9PM on Sunday night is a fabulous way to top off the weekend.

    Have to say, I am a social creature and I wish there were more people and more activity in here. I’m sure my husband and best friend are getting a little tired of me talking about what the Book says for today or what today’s action items were.

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      Congrats on your terrific achievements!!!!
      I love your posts.
      Onward! Sina

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    Way to go everyone! Loved reading the DAY 7 woohoo posts above. I’m feeling the same way – happy, proud & amazing I am here (again) and feeling the effects of detox – but I know it will get better. Relieved I am not the only one feeling sluggish still BUT I know it gets better because I have gone through this process before.
    Patience is a virtue. I can’t expect to undo 6 months of poison in 6 days but it is a start.
    Let’s keep going.

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    This is a good thread for me to read. Just finishing day 9 alc-free on my, I’d say, third renewal (or reboot) since 12/31/17. One of my mantras is “my sober days are my better days.” It’s just that simple and true. I love to read all kinds of books, and with a dry brain at the end of a day, I can enjoy a couple hours of reading. Thank you, Lord. -k

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    Wrapping up Night 7 & onto Phase 2 tomorrow.
    Trying to see the positive – every time I redo the 30 Day Sobriety solution (on 3rd time) – I am able to delve more deeply into the suggested literature in the footnotes which I did not have time to do the 1st time as I whizzed through the book.
    Just finished the Kamal book on loving oneself.
    Quick read. Worth it if you want a short & simple book with a simple but powerful message.
    PS – are there people in this forum who reside in Southern California?

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