Did anyone else read This Naked Mind book before this 30 day program?

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    It’s a really good book that deprogrammed all my subconscious justification that my drinking alcohol is acceptable. It made me see alcohol for what it is. An addictive drug. It didn’t exactly succeed in me sticking with sobriety though . I still drank but the fun was over. I hated myself for it.

    and so I’m so thankful I’ve found and started this 30 day sobriety book. This one has got the touchy feely stuff behind why we drink and why we should stop and forces you to really analyze yourself and your shortcomings and motivates you to change. It’s like therapy. I have always hated touchy feely stuff and I hated goals! But guess what, the reason why is probably due to that Nasty negative soul crusher, alcohol. I’m kinda having fun doing all this self improvement and I’m not afraid to admit it!

    I don’t know if I’d be ready to do the therapy work in this book unless I already read Naked Mind. Reading the Naked Mind along with this book is a double power punch to alcohol and I recommend it highly .

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    Thank you Waterhorse I will look into “This Naked Mind”. I am on day 17 in the 30 day. I am finding it quite easy. My sisters are asking me what is up how I sound different “happy” and I told them that it is ok to be “happy”. Everyone has to find peace in there own way. But anyway good luck!

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      Thanks deedee25! I’m on 12 and it is totally going so well for me too! Like your old spark is back! It’ll be kinda sad when 30 is up and there are no more daily projects! Does your sister know what is going on with you?

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    I ordered it yesterday, and it’s coming tomorrow. So timely to see your post.

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    Yes! I read This Naked Mind as well as Stop Drinking Now (Allen Carr). Both are exceptional! SDN has the same message as TNM, great reinforcement. I read both while on my annual week-long “reading vacation”, which always includes a good supply of wine and beer. While searching for other books to support my decision to stop drinking–I found the 30-Day Solution. I drank poison all week while reading–yes, the books recommend that you don’t make changes while reading the books, then on Saturday night July 31, made a ceremony of taking my last ever drink of poison. I had already so changed my thinking about alcohol that I almost did not want to take that last drink, but did as I made a commitment to “never again, never going back”. I highly, highly recommend either or both of these books.

    I started drinking in my teens and was drinking 2-3 glasses of wine a night, so not extreme, but it was my “go to” solution to everything, what I looked forward to at the end of every day, planned activities around access, always careful to not “look” like I had a problem. I am 55, so have been drinking for almost 40 years. Have gone 30, 60, even 90 days without drinking about once every 2 years (and didn’t drink during pregnancy), but always relied on willpower, just waiting to get to the end of my preset time to return to drinking “responsibly”. I now know there is no such thing–not for me, at least.

    I am at 35 days of THRIVING IN SOBRIETY today–on day 14 of the book (taking it slow and thoughtful and supplementing with other reading) and after that last symbolic drink, I have not even been tempted by the thought of poison. I think about it, but not in the sense of wanting to drink it. Am loving the clarity of thought, restful sleep and more than anything else, the feeling that I am not living a duplicitous life!

    This is my first time to post in the forums. Thanks for bringing up This Naked Mind–a great complement to the 30-Day Solution!

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    I agree, if I hadn’t gotten the foundation I did from “This Naked Mind”, the 30 Day Sobriety Solution probably wouldn’t have been quite as effective. I absolutely love what 30DSS did for me, it took the new beliefs and I ideas I had in my conscious mind, and really drove them to my subconscious.
    Another good read is by Jason Vale, “Kick the Drink”. I highly recommend it.
    If you’re subconscious mind truly 100% sees no value in drinking alcohol, you will no longer desire it. Changing your subconscious thoughts and beliefs is so hard in our society though. Once you quit you’ll start to notice just how much the un-truths are pushed on us every day.

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    Yes, the naked mind is an interesting book which is floated for the radar all over the world. The thirty-day program is planned with the help of the book because the use of an ozessay is provoked for certain concepts. The naked mind is a book for the senior and mature readers of the literature. Its content is not understandable for the kids.

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      Hi Iyvesoda82.
      Welcome to this program!
      I read and understood This Naked Mind and am a friend of the Author Annie Grace. Her book is a wonderful tool for changing our mindset around Alcohol and all it fails to do for us.
      I find the 30 Day Sobriety Solution delves into our underlying issues which cause US (while not others) to develop Alcohol Use Disorder.
      To me this is key in our ability to live a life Thriving in Sobriety.
      Onward ! Sina

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    Yes, I read book. Excellent read and good at debunking alcohol. Also tried Naltrexone…too many side effects for me though.

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    This one has the tricky feely stuff behind why we drink and why we should stop and powers you to truly investigate yourself and your deficiencies and persuades you to change. It resembles treatment. By : Assignment Writing UK

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    I listened to it several times – first time I quit for 5.5 months – second time 2 months – this time I’m not getting what I need from the book to stop so I’m adding this program as well


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    Hi, I read this Naked Mind a couple years back, and even spoke to Annie Grance once personally.

    It is a great book, and it reminded me a lot of another great book- Easyway by Allebn Carr. In fact it is very much the same approach, ie counter-brainwashing and debunking misconceptions about alcohol so that in the end you shouldn’t want to drink anymore.

    This Naked Mind has a great online-community, too, by the way. It is however mostly middle-aged-female oriented or at least that’s what it seems to me.

    Both books worked for a while for me- a couple of weeks to be more specific.

    But there is something else that isn’t addressed in both books. It is hard to put my finger on it. But even after debunking all myths and lies, even though I know for a fact that alcohol doesn’t do anything good for me- I am sorry to say that I still want it. Even now as I am on day 15. Sorry but it is the truth. Just that quick buzz. I know it’s stupid. But that’s what addiction is all about.

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