Excuses and reasons to stop that i experienced.

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    firstly i am using this to quit alcohol and pop at the same time i do the exercises twice in 2 different journals.

    This is my 1st time trying to quit alcohol i have never been to aa or anything. I love self help programs so when i realized i have a problem that’s where i turned to first and i ran into this program.

    As for pop i have been trying to quit drinking coke for decades and i have failed over and over again.

    So 3 days before i started i made a list of why i should wait till May

    1. I have exams and quitting is gona make it hard for me to study coz i wont have a reward at the end
    2. How am i going to celebrate when i pass my exam if i can’t drink
    3. The lack of pop will make it hard to focus on my studying

    Then i made a list of why i should start

    1. My birthday is in May and i don’t want to be struggling to stay sober when i go to the beach.

    And i started on 1st April

    Now i have been 9 days pop and alcohol free. Yes it has affected my studying because i am tired and i sleep more from the lack of caffeine. BUT it is worth it. I have never had so much water to drink in my life. My body feels different and i actually feel thirsty (this used to be so rare). My taste buds feel different too. Fast food tastes very different for some reason.

    Between the 2 pop has been harder to stay away from because it’s everywhere. And i miss the burn when it goes down. And also because i have been drinking it for much longer and all day long everyday for the last 20 years.

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    Wow, you’re taking on a lot during exams and all, but seems you’re going strong and working your way through it. Best of luck as you continue. Maybe there is something like Ginger tea that would give a nice burn on the way down as well as giving a little lift for your body and spirits. Just a thought!

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    That’s actually a good idea i am gona try ginger tea tomorrow 😀

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    i started drinking sparkling water

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