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    Yesterday was hard, very, very hard because of a situation that caused heartache and in the past I would have run to a bottle of wine and finished it. In the past I would have told myself that wine would make me feel better because I would not have to think about what hurt. Yesterday I did not run, I faced the hurt, I stayed clear minded even though it was hard for me to do. So today when I woke up even though my heart still hurt I was proud that I did not take that drink. This shows I can make it through hard times by relying on my strength and courage. Seems like that is a much better solution than a bottle of wine.

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    Thank you for your uplifting post @ordinarygirlturnedextrodenary .
    I am going through some heartache too, so you give me strength.
    Onward! Sina

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    I had a stressful day yesterday too. Really felt the urge to drink and was irritable. At one point it felt like I was looking down on myself from above, observing what I was going through. I realized if this had been 2 weeks prior, I would have numbed the stress away with wine. I just keep thinking about how I don’t want to keep filling the emptiness I often feel inside with wine anymore. I’ve got to find whatever “IT” is that makes me feel whole and complete. It really makes no sense. I am financially well off, wonderful husband, great friend’s,,, still not sure what the whole empty pit inside is all about. Onward and upward in action I go.

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      Hidden Rainbow- I have that same empty feeling, it isn’t logical, I have a great job and family etc. but somehow wine made me numb to the emptiness and anxiety lurking inside me. I have to admit that I succumbed to it last night, what I thought would be one glass of wine became 2 bottles. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling that anxiety that I drank to escape, only to have added anxiety from a semi-blackout and disappointment in myself, and sadness for the disappointment that I may have caused my family. So today, I begin again, with hope. Reading your post makes me feel like I’m not alone here! Thank you.

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    Rock on, strong one! You are tough enough for this, and you deserve all the good stuff that is outside that bottle wine!

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    Good for you!. I know the feeling. I had setback this past week in a relationship and two weeks ago I certainly would have drowned it in a sixpack of strong IPA but this time I took it in stride. Tuesday morning I also felt so great and I was so happy I had stayed strong. Keep it up. You all truly are already extraordinary!

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    Thank you for posting. Congrats! On my 2nd day and it is difficult but so worth changing how we respond to get a better outcome. I hope when faced with a set-back I will be able to react as you did and not turn to the wine.

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    Me too – a couple days ago I used the hurt & disappointment as an excuse or justification to drink. Today I got the Dear Jane letter and I didn’t drink about it. Oh well. It sux but you can’t make ppl love you (unfortunately) but we can loves ourselves for real and not inflict pain/poison upon ourselves. I am learning more and more about how wine/booze is an actual drug & we are under the influence of years of ad campaigns for their profit.

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    I read your comments and they bring words and life to my own feelings. That makes me feel so less lonely and isolated as I break this habit that is breaking me. I have had no one to tell because I feel so ashamed I have this “problem”. Never thought I’d let myself get this way. I despised my dad most of my life for the same thing and here I am doing it too. But because I didn’t leave my kids or spouse but instead have a successful business, good reputation and money I thought I beat it. None of that matters because I still did what he did. How self righteous and judgmental I have been. Now I am learning I must have compassion on him and Myself. Realize we were both hurting and both lied to about the “benefits” of alcohol. It swallowed me up as much as it did him! Such a sham! A huge weight off me to not have to hide anymore and find comfort among friends on this board I may never meet but inspire me every day to take that next step and LOVE MYSELF. Thank you for your courage. It makes me stronger too!

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