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    Seven days of solutions completed. Four days AF. Lots of journalling done. Lots of daily mantras to read and recite. Feeling more positive about life, and better about myself, than I have for a long time. Actually looking forward to Phase Two, though I know it will be challenging.

    Who else is looking forward to Phase 2, and why?

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    Hey there. I’m on day 7 of the program today. 10 days AF. Not sure what’s coming in Phase 2, I’m just stoked to have made it this far. This book and the action steps have been really helpful. Not sure if I’d be here if I had just tried to white knuckle my way through it.

    Congrats to you. Keep at it.

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      Well done. Keep at it. Nothing but good can come from following the programme.

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    I am surprised I actually made it this far. I have tried so many different solutions and have never made it past the seven day mark. I feel hopeful and excited for phase 2 – sort of chomping at the bit to get going with it. Seeing positive impacts in my life, including starting a relationship I would have not been able to maintain while still drinking.

    I will say the urges feel stronger than ever… Just trying to give them fifteen seconds of acknowledgement before moving on, but a little nervous about them. Trying to remember the 100% commitment, and checking my vision constantly.

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      Well done. Keep at it. The urges won’t disappear overnight. Good that you’re using the tools to manage them.

      I woke from a ‘I had a drink’ dream this morning. It was powerfully real. I felt disgusted with myself in my dream. Was so relieved, when I woke and persuaded myself it was not real. The battle continues, but right now I’m winning. 8 Days AF.

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    I am on Day 7, AF for 5 days. I am so encouraged by how this plan is laid out for me. I truly look forward to the next day to see what tools I can add to my “journal arsenal”. For me, the journaling is opening up layer after layer of emotions and memories. I review it every day, many times reading it aloud to myself. On that note, does anyone else talk to themselves?

    When I read Day 7 this morning, I had my journal and my pen right next to me prepared to jot down things that I wanted to review. I was kind of bummed when I read that there were no action steps today! Not to worry, the web site is always loaded with things to keep me involved.

    While being 5 days without wine, yesterday was a milestone. Had my first get together with my family. Everyone came over for the afternoon and dinner. They were told to bring what they wanted to drink. This is a normal request because everyone likes something different. I shared with my oldest daughter that I wouldn’t be drinking and told her a little about what I was doing. She abstained with me yesterday, very quietly, no discussions or public explanations. At the end of the night I gave her a hug and told her how much I appreciated her support.

    Since I’m rambling on here, I’ll just go on to say that I tried the Tapping from Day 13. Very interesting and I will most likely continue with that when needed.

    Stay strong all and onto Phase II.

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      Well done on getting through that social event in such a positive way. Great that you have family support, and that you’re able to accept it. My first big social challenge will be on Saturday, I think, at a friend’s birthday party. Assuming I’ll still be AF free at that point, I’ll be reviewing my journal, vision, goals, etc. before attending.

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    I’m with ya. Day 7 for me, too.

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    I’m so looking forward to phase 2. I begin phase 2 tomorrow. How has it been for you?

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    Day 7/9AF. I am surprised that it has not been difficult and worried that my motivation may want and I’ll convince myself that I don’t really have a problem. This has been my tendency with my diet and exercise programmes as well. All gungho in the beginning and then realizing some time later that I have failed to maintain the initial effort. I hope Phase 2 will show me how to overcome this hurdle.

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      Hey JJAX. We are at about the same place in the program. You can do this. 21 days makes a habit. You are almost there. Keep up the great work. I really feel good. Hope you do too.

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    Day 7 for me. I have July and August on my refrigerator door. Each morning, I cross off the day before that I successfully completed sober. It’s very motivational. We have a gym at work with an elliptical machine. I’ve been using it for about 30 minutes around 4:30. Then I go back to my office and work another hour before I go home. It starts the wind down and de-stress routine that I used to do with alcohol. I have noticed that I’m very hungry afterwards so I plan to take some healthy snacks that I love to work. I’m also drinking a lot of sparkling water. So I have a drink in my hand, but it’s just water. It’s working so far. 23 days to go.

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    yes, I am also happy to be going into Phase 2.
    My favourite response to an offer of an alcoholic drink will be:
    “Thanks, but I’ve declared August “Love my Liver Month”.
    Can’t wait for the next phase.

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    Congrats to all of you moving on to Phase 2. Honestly love reading all the posts and be sure to check the site wide activity forum to see all the replies.

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    DAY 9 for me and I feel AMAZING! The action steps are SO worth it! This program is not just about quitting or moderating alcohol consumption; it is about living your best life. It is so much easier to discover or “rediscover” our potential, talents and purpose when the mind is clear. I’ve had enough of the “stupid juice” and I am ready to embrace life being fully present. Congrats to all who are moving on tho phase two and taking back control of their life!

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    Thumbs Up Marlenchi98! Keep going because it gets a whole lot more interesting and engaging. I am on Day 12 now and loving the daily emails and the readings, and the all-round progress I am making in the program and in my life in general.

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    Good evening,
    Finished Day 7 today and I am still trying to make my way around the website. All seems to be going well so far. I’ve quit drinking several times before and started right back up again. This last time is almost 3 years daily wine drinker so not drinking 7 days is a lot. 1 day has usually been all I could manage. It’s time for a change.

    So yes I am looking forward to Phase 2. The program is more involved than I thought it would be. I figured just another book but I am actually learning something so that is very helpful. I am doing 30 days but will repeat as necessary.

    Wishing you all well, minnie

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    good job! the first week is challenging, it does get easier!

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    There doesn’t seem to be any recent posts so I was wondering if anyone is out there?
    I’m done with day 7, happy and looking forward to continuing.

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    Hi Clmoor – have you check the site wide activity forum? You can see all the posts there. Happy to…

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    On day seven. Nine days Alcohol free. Really enjoying this program. I feel the time is right. I’m apprehensive about never drinking again. Also really excited. I feel changes happening within and I like it!

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    Hi Pauly7519!
    Congratulations on Day 7 of the Program. See if you can find “Site Wide Activity ” on whatever device you’re using. Another participant is also excited about completing Day 7….maybe you 2 can encourage each other!
    Onward! Sina

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    Made it also. 1 week is not so hard, have done that many times. It’s the forever that is hard. But lots of reading, journaling. Self talk and goals. I plan on 1 week at a time.i am like the person who is one when not drinking
    G, but then the social drink or the huge stress episode happens and I will just have 2, that hits me hard with a buzz and I am of on a couple more, having fun. Next day sick, wasted day, depressed, headache and embarassed and afraid to find out what I may have actually said or done. Check my texts for those drunk texts
    And hope I did not call anyone. What is hard is that my boyfriend always has liquor in his hous, buys what he knows I like and says I am ok do not have a problem. I say before I have a drink, not matter what I cannot have more than 2. Somehow he gives me another when the dr
    Ink me wants another. He is always so nice….. not helping at all. I cannot put this on anyone else. It is a slippery slope for me to have any. One thing leads to another, maybe not for a few times but then whammy…. same BS. So for a retired woman it is rediculous to even drink at all. This is it.

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