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    Two weeks: I’m on track with being alcohol-free and very pleased about that. But some little imp of discontent is nibbling at my resolve…life seems a bit plain, not that I was a party girl. Is it even possible I kinda miss the drama of “have got to quit” now that I have quit? That’s downright embarrassing to contemplate. I’ve gained about 5 pounds and although I know it makes sense that I’m substituting sugar and carbs for alcohol just now, I feel disappointed in myself. I don’t think I’m going to slip but could use a boost regardless!

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    Well I think you are doing Fantastic @jaygirl22! It’s ok for you to treat yourself to some less than healthy alternatives….in time you can ratchet them down to healthier alternatives. Just think of how much your overall health will improve now that Alcohol is removed from your diet! It doesn’t happen overnight..little by little you’ll gain vitality and a new sparkle! I hope that thought gives you a boost!!
    🙂 Onward, Sina

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    jaygirl22 . . . Can’t speak for you or anyone else, but I kind of know the discontent & drama dilemma demon that pops up along the way. That particular party-pooper Imp is a trickster of many colors. Ugg! I also agree with Sina when saying: “treat yourself to some less than healthy alternatives” . . . I mean, heck, you’re going through a lot. And, as far as I know, the alcohol is turned to sugar within our system. As I believe carbs are as well. It’s a drag, but one way or another our bodies sort of crave things that aren’t always so good for us. Dang it all to pieces!

    A fair number of us on this site – I’m pretty sure – put on a few extra pounds during this detox and deconstruction of the old images we held of ourselves while “under the influence” phase of our lives. It’s a big, big change! Sure hope you’re able to sort out the funk, or whatever it is that is: “nibbling at my (your) resolve” . . . if you need any drama, just remember your most embarrassing moments while under the influence. Don’t know about you, but that one is a real cold-shower shock for me. It’s about all the drama needed to change channels.

    Best to ya!

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    It’s been quiet in this forum for a while, but I’m glad I read them anyway. I thought most people lose weight immediately when they quit drinking – not this girl! But I also didn’t eat ice cream when I was drinking, because (as I’d rationalize) I’d rather have the calories from wine and it would help me sleep, right? Uh. No. Not right.

    14 days here and doing fine. That 100% commitment thing was the ticket for me. I’ve been out to eat at some of my favorite places for drinking & dining, and have happily ordered iced tea or lemonade. The decision was made on Day 1, and I’m not to Day 30 yet, so the decision holds. (shhhhhh we’ll cross the Day 30 bridge when we get there.)

    Tapping still seems kind of weird. I’m going to try it tonight though, when I know I’ll want ice cream again. There isn’t any in the house, so that’s good, and I’ll try tapping it away tonight instead of running to Sonic.

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