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    After four previous failed attempts, I finally did it this time! I have completed the 30-Day Sobriety Solution and am so excited and feel really proud of myself. This program has changed my life in so many ways, helping me to break through and find the reasons behind my drinking so that I can get the help and tools I need to heal and start fulfilling my life’s purpose. I am forever grateful to Dave and Jack for creating this amazing program, and I will spend the rest of my life practicing what I’ve learned here so that I can carry its message forward in all I do and help make the world a better place. **Thank you** and **Bright Blessings** to everyone!

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    Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Any words of wisdom for someone like myself who is just starting out? I’m on day 4 of the book & day 3 of sobriety.

    You deserve a huge kudos for all of your hard work, perseverance & ultimate success!!

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      Thanks so much for all the good wishes, everyone! To nomorewhining, some things that have helped a lot have been 1) using the heck out of the Calendar and ColorNote apps on my smartphone ~ I used the Calendar like crazy to schedule time each day for me to get my reading and Solutions done and to add daily reminders for the various Action Steps; I used the ColorNote app to jot down things like My Goals, Vision Statement, Forgiveness Solution, My New Beliefs, and quotes that I liked from the book so I can keep coming back to them 2) using OneNote in tandem with the book and website ~ I set up a Notebook for the 30-Day and had pages for each day that I plugged the Daily Checklist into so I could have my Action Items and Journal all in one place; I’ve added a second Notebook now for the alcohol-free 90-Day that I am doing as a post-grad challenge to keep myself focused and not lose the momentum of the past month 3) when I slipped up (and there were a couple of times), I didn’t let it stop me like the previous times I tried ~ instead of seeing the slip-ups as failures and then using them as excuses to bail out and “try again another time,” I dug in, prayed and meditated, and then repeated the day I slipped up and then kept right on going 4) I repeated my Vision Statement throughout the day and kept it at the top of my ColorNotes for easy reference, and 5) I finally had my “light bulb moment” as to WHY I had been excessively drinking since my teens ~ I have PTSD from some pretty horrible things I went through when I was a child and that I have never received therapy for ~ and now I am starting therapy this month; I honestly don’t know if I would have made that connection if it weren’t for doing the entire 30-Day. So KEEP GOING! Imagine every time you sit down and open the book to that day’s Solution that you are given a golden key. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, turn the key, and open the door that will lead to healing, happiness, forgiveness, and reclaiming your power and your life ~ you are worth it! **Bright Blessings**

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        I’m going to start using this – thank you SO much 🙂

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    @katseye2018 – Woohoo! You did it! Keep it up!
    I’m on 3rd time > clearly I need the 365-Day Solution BUT right now focussing on Day 10.

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    Way to go! Day 1 one of my second try.

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    Done with Night 4 – still exhausted. I know it is a common symptom after one stops drinking but I cannot find out WHY?
    Some websites say it is because we are not sleeping well but in my case, when I don’t drink, I sleep like a charm. 8 – 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep (contrary to when I do drink). It makes no sense to me.
    The only way I survived these last two days at work as chomping on chocolate covered coffee beans (which were delicious by the way).

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    Hi karakucha, I sleep so blissfully, too, when sober. I’ve asked myself so many times why would I ever trade this for a half hour of numb followed by 24 hours of bad side affects from alc. I may have experienced the fatigue thing, too, last month, but if I did, it didn’t last too long. I’m not noticing it now. Our body chemistry is going through a change, so that may feel fatiguing for a while.
    Hey, those chocolate covered coffee beans sound divine! Thanks for the tip!

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    Katballou, I agree ~ our bodies definitely go through changes throughout this program and especially in the beginning, both physically and mentally. Karakucha, I read a great blog this morning that has to do with listening to our bodies. Your body is telling you that it’s been through a lot and that it needs more rest as it heals from the drinking that you’ve previously done. These miracle machines that we call our bodies are constantly renewing themselves, so just know that the sleepiness is part of the healing process and try more protein and less caffeine to get through the workday. Vega makes fabulous organic protein shakes (in powder form and ready-made) and nuts, string cheese, and eggs are great options. You’re already cutting alcohol out of your life so it’s not a great time to cut out caffeine. However, I found towards the middle of the 30-Day that I was able to switch to half-caff and now I drink decaf most of the time. As I cut back the caffeine, I added break times on my calendar at work (11am and 1pm) to make sure that I got up and away from my desk and got my blood flowing for a few minute with five minutes of walking outside or up and down a few flights of stairs. Keep healing and KEEP GOING! **Bright Blessings**

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      Hello all & @katseye2018
      Just today I (by mistake) made my coffee with the 1/2 n 1/2 mixture that I planned on using further down the path. Last time I did the 30 days I found that caffeine added to the anxiety of not drinking. I truly do have to STOP doing so much – I constantly push myself so then it is no wonder I was using booze to stop/relax although ultimately it stopped working ’cause I’d spend the following day feeling and performing miserably. Blech! So done with it & feeling like crap. I wish I could train myself to take naps. I try but end up just laying in bed stressing about how I am not napping.
      I went to kickboxing today, the first time in a long time. Of course my cardio sucked but at least I was exercising and that felt good.
      My latest veg out technique is Netflix but that is another rabbit hole. At least I Netflixed sober & not munching on oodles of popcorn and/or cheese and/or other random drunken snacks. I had a tasty soup & was full. Then a super yummy tea I treated myself to from a gourmet store. It was worth it. Delicious & special.
      I’ve been really enjoying the audio book “The Sober Diaries” – listen to it, you’ll wanna be just like the author. She describes day by day all the great developments of being sober – like sober hair! Can’t wait ’till my hair looks great. I wondered why is was so stringy & fragile. It took was dehydrated….
      Stay strong peeps. Visualize. Night, night.

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    That’s great news! Congrats!

    I’m on day 14th of the second time (last time was January 2018). My husband and I were going to do it together, but after two days he decided that he didn’t need the book to be sober. Fair enough he went six weeks, and we started back in moderation into a slow decline into needing the book again!

    I believe that what is going to work this time, is that my husband has agreed to do the book with me. He’s doing day by day and learning things he never considered before. I hope that this leads and keeps us in a good place. I know it will for a while, and hopefully longer. But we are doing it from a better place, and this second time seems much clearer.

    Congrats to everyone taking the jump to trying this again!

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