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    Vision Statement
    I have my life back and I am finally happy again. I wake up refreshed and excited every day with enough energy to actually work out. I have lost so much weight and I look healthier. My relationship with my kids is so much more meaningful and I am present in our conversations. I am happy and I cannot wait to experience life in a new way.

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    Congrats! It’s a powerful thing to get back in the saddle. And you were only drinking for two days instead of letting one day of drinking lead to 100 days of drinking 🙂

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    @Rosiegirl7262 Thanks! It is only day 2 sober but it feels so good waking up earlier and not being hungover. I need to do this everyday.

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    Don’t say “only”, lol! Any day that you are in command of your choices is a success! It’s odd, I hate counting days sober. Hell, I hate the word “sober”. There are too many days stretching too far out in the future for ANY number to feel significant enough to convince me that I’ve actually made progress. Not to mention that counting seems to imply larger numbers are better and smaller numbers represent failure. And “sober” is translated by my brain into “dour,” “boring,” and “lame-o wallflower with no sense of adventure”. At the moment, I’m just trying to enjoy the feeling of freedom from constraints that drinking imposes: Having to stop at the grocery store or gas station to get alcohol every day, forcing myself to engage in activities when I really just want to go home and drink, avoiding answering my phone after 6:30 pm because I’m probably going to be over-animated and impulsive in my speech, etc. Two days is as good as two thousand days when I look at it like this. Jedi mind tricks maybe, but it’s good enough for today 🙂

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    I love “any day that you are in command of your choices is a success”. It rings true!
    And I also love “two days is as good as two thousand days”. Yes, I feel that part of this is finding ways to “trick” ourselves, whether it’s in our thinking or blood sugar levels, or other chemistries (hunger, etc.). The toolbox. The Solutions are great, too.

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    I find myself not liking the idea of counting days”. It seems like its just another thought or reminder of “drinking”.
    And using the term “sober” is starting to be another detriment. I want to stay “clear minded” just because it is right.

    I’m still trying to work these ideas out on my own journey that seems to hinder the process.

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    Hi leo … Interesting. Fixing the “sober” word seems easy enough. Just replace it to “clear minded”. I like that, too.
    Counting? At one point this year I said to myself “I’m going on an extended amount of time without alc.” It didn’t last as long as when I said to myself “I’m committing to 30 days without alcohol.”
    I would say, though, whatever works for you! We’re all unique and the important thing is to find out what will help to stay alc-free.

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