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    Hi there,

    I haven’t posted yet, but I’m taking the advice and doing it right now. I don’t have much time, but didn’t want to use that as an excuse. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in the program; if you’ve made it this far, I hope you feel the same sense of pride and satisfaction! It keeps getting better!

    Thriving in sobriety,

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    Thanks for taking action @simon1015, and for adding your voice to this growing forum! Congratulations on your progress, I’m happy to hear how proud you are of yourself!

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    I have made it this far, today is Day 29 and I’m on day 28 of the work, trying to catch up the last few days is challenging with the amount of reading and work. This am I thought I’d feel a little happier but realized I’m living too much in the future, wanting “more” and “right now”. Then after rereading my journal I have achieved what I set out to do in 30 days and it’s pretty amazing how all the promises I made in the vision statement etc has come true. Most importantly I don’t have the desire to drink today. I do have the desire to act out in other ways but I’m clear about needing to continually work on my emotions that come up (always fear based) and reminded myself fear is simply walking thru life ! I will be reworking the program again right away to address continuing to work on my subconscious. I congratulate everyone who has come this far or simply reading this now knowing you are ready to keep going no matter what “day” you are on. This program is excellent.

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    This is my first post. I’m taking action and doing it! I am on day 31 of being sober (I completed the program before day 28’s email arrived) and have to be proud of myself! This is a huge accomplishment for me and I’m sure for all the others who have completed the 30 Day Sobriety Solution. The program has helped me tremendously to come this far, for me every day is a challenge. Even though many of the solutions are a lot of work I truly looked forward to opening the emails each day. I will be reworking many of the solutions as I feel I haven’t really completely finished them. I think it may take me a few times to feel I’ve absorbed the content, but that’s good for me as it will keep me on track by continually working the program. One of the best things I’ve taken from this is to realize that, no matter what day you’re on, acknowledging and congratulating yourself each day for being one step further is very important and satisfying. Patting yourself on the back is indeed rewarding. So keep being proud of yourself and keep living one day at a time.

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    Congratulations @chrissie!! 31 days sober Woooo!! Many graduates have chosen to rework all or some of the solutions, and I feel this is a great thing to do after you complete the program. Thank you for deciding to post your accomplishments- I’m certain others will find this very inspiring!!

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    This is my first time posting as well, but no better time than the present! Today I am 30 days sober and on day 28. This is the longest I’ve gone without drinking since I was pregnant years ago! I love how I feel now! In the beginning, I never thought I would feel like this. I thought it would be a struggle for the rest of my life. Now, I find myself brushing my teeth at night and it’ll pop into my head that I didn’t even think about, or have a craving for alcohol at my “normal drinking time”. I also don’t feel like I missed anything, instead I feel extremely happy and grateful that I was able to enjoy my night completely sober! I believe that things happen for a reason, and this book came to me at a time when I was ready and more than willing to stop drinking. I am so grateful for that. Thank you!

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    This is my first time posting as well. Today I am also 30 days sober and on day 28. I couldn’t be happier, feel absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for this book!

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      Soblic, happy happy day! On day 57 here, and second go round of program I still get urges, but view them as mini hallucinations. I’m a mostly happy work in progress! Congratulations on your Sobriety and your new won freedom! Sina

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