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    I realized that drinking really keeps me from living an authentic life. I have a bit of a jovial personality naturally, but when I drink I’m so afraid someone will figure out how much I’ve been drinking by the things I say that I really tone down my personality. It’s been so freeing to be able to express myself without worry of outing my problem drinking. I don’t hold it in anymore because I no longer have anything to hide.

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    I am only on day one. But this post helped me allot. I too am an upbeat social person. And have
    experienced this feeling of pulling back and worrying about what I say in a social situation. I have planned days around being able to drink…as I never never drink and drive…so I have missed events due to this.
    My friends are all drinkers…every dinner or gathering involves cocktails and wine…so this will be tricky for me…I can’t seem to have ONE glass of wine while those around me have a lovely evening and don’t overdue their drinking. So Here I go…Thank you for your post…I already feel like I am not totally alone.

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      Katsok798 I feel the same way. I am on Day 10. No perfection going on here, but I am learning from my mistakes. I am so envious of people that can go to a party, have a few glasses of wine and keep it together. I used to be like that. Now I binge drink wine and end up in bed half way through parties. Not fun and embarrassing.

      I still find myself bargaining with myself that if I can go X amount of days without drinking than I can have a “drinking” night.

      I am looking forward to breaking the cycle.

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    Gosh, you are definitely not alone! I can’t remember a time when ONE drink was ever enough. It’s always been 3 to 4 and maybe more, which is too much, especially if it were a daily habit, which it was. Time to go, Habit!
    I’ve been relying on this program for over 14 months, and it has worked excellently for me.
    I also go into YouTube to listen/watch videos on this issue. Annie Grace is good. So is Craig Beck and Tommy Rosen, and more.
    Good luck! You’re going to be fine!

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