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    trying to complete solution 4 and it says to write answers to the questions in ‘get out of the comparison trap’ at the end of day 8. I only have the audio version – can someone tell me what the questions are please? TA x

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    this one is about comparing yourself to others, and it’s a big one for me. I can’t copy and paste out of the book, but basically… Do you make comments to yourself, or out loud, about others. I do/did…usually just in my head. I don’t drink as much as M, as often as B, and include others too. Then I realized I had mentioned my 4 best friends. One of my friends died a year ago, I cut myself out of her life, for her own good, 17 years ago. She didn’t stop, and I didn’t either. I would often as myself “who do you think you are” because I wanted to convince myself to stop drinking. All these years later I can say that I am no better or worse than any of these people. The next time I see each of them, may be the last. Because I won’t be drinking with them. We’ll see how THAT turns out. SO… do you say to yourself, ‘i don’t drink like so and so, SO..I’m ok’

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    So powerful the advice of the book is when it says not to point out the differences between ourselves and those who are doing worse than we are but instead to take notice of the similarities.

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