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    I have been working out since last August very sporadically. It’s tough to make to the gym in the morning after drinking, even just a little bit (a 6-pack by my standards is a “little”). What I have found without the drinking, I have a much stronger drive to get up and go to they gym. I also made going to the gym 5 days a week while I was doing this program…first just to myself bit then confirming it on the goal setting day. I must admit, there were a coupe of mornings where I was not very happy with @dave where I wanted to sleep in but his voice kept ringing in my mind that this was a goalI set! lol

    One of my goals after this Sobriety challenge is to share what I have learned from diet, exercise, being out of shape and getting into shape. is the website I am currently developing. I plan to cover all of the things Jack and Dave briefly touched on in yesterday and today’s chapter and a few other things related to total health. I believe this chapter is so important that it honestly should have an entire book devoted to it directed toward someone striving for sobriety. It has made a big difference for me as I have been taking this tough and emotional journey.

    Exercise has been a part of my life since I was young. Soccer, swimming, and eventually weight lifting. Staying in shape as a firefighter was part of the job. It was easy to get away from that when I started drinking. Now that I stopped drinking and I have been consistent with my diet and work out routine, I’m seeing some really great gains in strength, endurance, and weight loss. I feel great and have been a bit more feisty and rambunctious since this is going on almost 4 weeks…ask my wife about my incessant teasing! lol

    Even if you’ve never exercised before, just go for a walk. It’s a start and it will improve your mood!

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    So here I sit on Day 27 (I gave drinking up the day before the book arrived) armed with all of these new tools preparing to step into my next challenge. It is a 90 day challenge to improve my body, being, balance and business. I want to thank @jackcanfield and @daveandrews for giving me the tools to attempt this next step. Without your program I never would have gotten to this point. I am refusing to be ordinary. Thank You Both!!

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    I am so grateful that I was running long before drinking. Throughout the drinking times I kept running. So, I still have running and it means so much to me. Like an old friend it has been there, with me, through the good and not so good. There was a time when I kind of moaned and groaned as I laced up my sneakers in the wee hours. Not so long ago, I experienced a health crisis. My doctor told me I may never run again. That’s all it took. I appreciate every run I get. Even the less then great ones.

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    I want to post something and start the discussion about not being able to stop drinking. All of my heart, my soul and my being wants to stop. But damn this demon is tough. It started out hard the first few days of this program, then I felt motivated and the path was clear, maybe not easy, but definitely doable. Then, insidiously, the thoughts changed. I drank one weekend, then realized this was not my goal; my destiny. I went 6 days and was strong, then my resolve dropped and the demon was there. I drank two more days. In total I am day 39 with this book; of these 26 days were sober. Wow! had so many more sober days than I actually had. Kind makes me feel like a drunk 🙂

    I still want to win…..but feel I am struggling with my commitment to myself and my spouse to stop. Have any of you had this occur? If so, what helped? What are ideas I can use to change? What am I missing?

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      26 days is 26 days. That’s where your at and I really believe if you just keep at it…don’t give up, even if you fall, pick yourself up. Next it will be 30 days. Every time you revisit a solution you’ll learn something you didn’t the first time….it’s a process. Give it time. Don’t give up on yourself.

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    100% Committ – I saw your comment last night and thought, wow, I struggle a bit with the long term commitment as well – I’m happy with the changes in my sleep, my energy, my mood. I’ve lost a few pounds and had only one headache in more than a month. I feel like I am really gaining insight into myself through this program. All really great things, but I am still left with the feeling of a bit of loss and find myself wondering if this is it. Then I read todays solution – day 26 the positive addiction solution for me, and I realized I had not yet done anything to change my routine or habits during my previous cocktail hours. I am occupying my time by more reading or web surfing or TV watching, but, it is boring. Todays reading made me realize that if I don’t find something to do that engages me and occupies my time, I am at a high risk of falling back into my daily drinking habit. Maybe you are suffering from some of the same issues?

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