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    Looking for a pep talk here I guess. I’m going to a coworker’s wedding Saturday, day 29. I will not be drinking as I can’t see not making the 30 days.. It’s been so much easier than I thought it would be. This program is amazing. BUT, I’m just starting to worry a little about that day and night. I’m trying to stay positive, but going to a wedding and reception sober is something I never dreamed I would do and I’m hoping it’s still fun or at least tolerable. I keep telling myself it’s only one night.. Has anyone here been to a wedding during the program, or ever been to one sober? Or a similar, very long function involving alcohol? Any experience/encouragement would be so appreciated. You guys are all amazing! Hope everyone is doing well as we near day 30!

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    I’m on day 9 and I’ve found this program to be very helpful so far. I’ve been glad to not have any planned events that would normally involve drinking though. I’m going to do my best to avoid those situations until I’ve completed the program and I know where I stand regarding whether I can be a take it or leave it drinker in the future. Kudos to you for making it this far. You’re so close, if you can just hold out, you’ll be so proud of yourself.

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    I bet you will have so much more fun sober than if you were drinking. Just dance away and drink lots of water, and know that the next day, you will feel great! And you’ll make 30 days!

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    I went to two wedding receptions during my first 45 days sober. Get a club soda or a ginger ale and relax. My anxiety came from thinking everyone will be asking me why I’m not drinking. Most people won’t even notice and the ones who might notice wont’t care after the first hour. They’ll be on there way to being drunk. You’ll dance, have conversations you’ll remember in the morning, and wake up feeling great. It is a unique feeling (it was for me anyway). Have fun!!

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    As with most things, the anxiety leading up to the event is the worst part – getting through the event will be way easier than you think. I am on Day 17 (previously never went more than 1-2 days without a drink), and here is what I have faced so far:
    Day 2 – Group dinner event (client entertainment) at a restaurant where all 20+ people at the table were drinking and the server circulated around the table refilling wine glasses all night long (I used to LIVE for such events)! I was mortified going into this night wondering if I could resist on day 2 no less. I ordered club soda with lemon and I was fine! I think it had to do with that 100% commitment – if you are 100% committed, ordering a drink simply is not an option.
    Day 6 – Six of us took a boat ride to a dockside restaurant for lunch – everyone else ordered rum runners; I drank water. Told them I had work to do when I got home that day. Had a lovely day out chatting with everyone anyway.
    Day 12 – Gourmet dinner club – 10 people at a friend’s home, each couple makes a dish and brings 2 bottles of wine meant to be paired with each course. Same fear as on day 2. Brought our 2 bottles of wine for others to enjoy and a bottle of sparkling apple juice for me and my husband. Nobody even questioned why we weren’t drinking. Later I casually told the hostess I was getting blood work done Monday and she was like “oh yeah, just went through that myself.” That was it.
    Day 13 – Met another couple at a pub to grab a bite and watch football. They were surprised that we didn’t order drinks (knowing us as the do) and my husband just said we were trying to take a break. No problem.

    If I could get through all of that, you’ll certainly get through 1 night; after the first non-alcoholic drink your intention will be set and you won’t even think about it again. Think about how good you’ll feel waking up the next day. Best of luck and enjoy!

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    Humble-Warrior, you made a great point: unless a person hides in a closet, there is always going to be a challenge; whether it’s day 2 or 102. We are so sensitive on the first few occasions, but after time, the self confidence kicks in and the thought of feeling good and having control of your life overrides what people think about you and your drinking or not drinking. Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you so much. That really made me feel better. You’re right, the anxiety is the worst part. If you got through all that I can handle a wedding!

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