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    I was on day 6 and I totally blew it. I just finished off a bottle of wine. Away on a silent retreat and I sabotaged it. Feelings that are very hard and I numbed. I don’t want to be this way. Do I start over or use this fall as a teaching moment?

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    Hi Cholly,

    I am on day 12 and you seem to be the only recent post in here (weird?)..old posts still help though. Sorry you feel bad about the slip. I know I read somewhere (or maybe on a video) that you carry one through a slip up, that is just part of your journey. Please don’t quit — this is also about you being compassionate with yourself– pretend you are counseling someone that this happened to. You would be supportive and encouraging right? That’s my biggest problem.
    I will be straight with you, I am not a problem drinker I just know I am going to get there if I don’t tackle this head one, my spouse drinks too much and I will be damned if I am going to let my kids live where alcohol is normalized to this level (how I grew up). I just have to get to my WHY and quit leaning into negative coping skills. But I am 100% in, you too right? If you want to chat again I’m here. I really like this program, it’s reprogramming me but I too, am getting stressed alittle with the action steps…I don’t want to drink I just sort of want to stop, but I won’t. Well,Cholly staty positive take care and love yourself (I imagine myself as an infant, that I hold in my arms and it may be weird, but as a Mom it really snaps be back into a determined place). I hoped to help sorry if it fell short.

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    Hi Cholly,

    You went 6 whole days, that’s a lot in my opinion. Think of the successes and not the set backs. If you can go 6 days, you can go further. I know people that can’t (and won’t) even go 1 day without a drink.

    I am just starting this program too and it seems there are lots of avenues for coping skills. I would use this time to explore what led you to drink and what you would do differently next time, and get right back on the horse so to speak. Give yourself some compassion while also staying firm with yourself and your goals.

    Also maybe try skipping ahead to some of the coping strategies (like chapter 13) the tapping exercise. I’m a slow reader and I’m only on chapter 4. While I still want to read it all, I need some replacement strategies now so today I am going to read that chapter.

    Good luck and don’t give up!


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    I am on day 9 of the 30 days and finished reading day 7, so I just found this section-

    go to page 140 in the book it talks about slipping up (explains that it is ok to make mistakes!) and explains what to do in response. I hope this helps!

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    hi everyone – I decided yesterday after waking up feeling awful to start this program ( for the second time) I did it 2 years ago and i was sober for 52 days. i intended to be a moderate drinker once I started back. set goals and did ok some of the time however – i am back to using alcohol almost on a daily basis and many days i am not moderate. so i started yesterday..anyway – to speak to you Cholly- do not give up. I drank last night when I got home from a friends funeral. that was my excuse . and i did not drink moderately. and I feel awful again today. but today i start again and you should too. way to go making it 6 days. I’m excited about not drinking . i really did feel great after not drinking for 52 days! so much more productive and happy. makes me wonder why i started back hang in there and don’t give up.

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    Hi Everyone,
    cecenash – Thank you SO much for you post. I am on day 50 and have been thinking of moderating. I know better, but i’ve found my mind straying that direction. Reading you post will help me through this next 10 days or so. I won’t lie and say this has been super easy, but I also won’t say it has been so tough it killed me (obviously).

    rubbyparga – and everyone… be sure to go to the site wide activity forum to see all the posts.
    This site certainly isn’t perfect, but there are people here that want to hear from you. It’s all about support.

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    You’re doing fine, give yourself credit for the six, that’s quite an accomplishment, and now you know you can do it!!! I hope you are now on a string of off days! I am on Day 6 and I am hoping, and determined to get to Day 7, but I know how I have had difficulty before, whatever day you’re on, day 1 or 6 or 100, I hope you get through this one. Day five was the worst I have ever felt and today I feel MUCH better!!!!! My last Day 6 was quite awhile ago, and I hope for me as for you to get to the next one, whatever it is.

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