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    I felt that today’s meditation was very insightful. I went back and relived a lot of things from High School that I am surprised that i could remember in such detail. There were some of the most painful times for me and was when the drinking began. I began using alcohol to cope with a few things initially but began using it to cope with every stress i encountered over the next 25 year. I loved visualizing going back and coaching myself, letting myself know that it will all be ok. I told myself all of the great things that would happen if i would just continue to put one foot in front of the other and continue living my life. That hit home thinking of being 80 and coaching myself now. I lost 25 years of my life numbing all the emotions i encountered, both good and bad. I would tell myself today to put one foot in front of the other, enjoy life as it comes and don’t numb it out or the next 25 years will be the same. Great things will happen over the next 25 years if I choose to participate fully.

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    Awesome…!! Thank you for that testimony.

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    Feels good to know we’ve made it this far & onto Day 14. Congrats to us! Good job!
    Even though some tasks are new & seem challenging without my old crutch, I power through them & to my surprise I can actually accomplish them without drinking!?!?! Who knew… just think of all the calories & dollars I would have saved had I known and believed this in the past. I feel duped. I duped myself, which is even worse. How can someone do something that is against one’s own best interest?
    I guess it’s like buying on credit. It seems like a great idea until you are in a credit card hole.
    I need a 30 day program for debt. LOL.
    Maybe I should tap on that. This credit card debt. Even tho I have this credit card debt, I totally love and accept myself. Despite these debts, I choose to remain sober.
    Something to ponder.
    Feeling tired. I spent 6 hours writing/24 pages. WITHOUT getting drunk!!!!?!?!? Amazing. I have probably passed out before I reached page 5 in the past, even though, I erroneously thought I couldn’t write unless I was drinking…

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    Hey, I back on Day 13 & it feels equally awesome the 3rd time around!
    It’s funny to ready my posts from 8 months ago – the sad part is that I fell off the wagon & spent Dec- June drinking in excess.
    Oh well, onwards & forward – almost done with Phase II. Yipeee

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    It does feel great! Me, too! Power in numbers. Once again, this site is so encouraging. Our bodies will thank us with great health!

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