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    Where is the information on hypnotism as stated at the end of day 12? I’m doing well at day13 and 7 days sober since my lapse !!!
    Keepin’ moving forward.

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    Try the video at the bottom on Day 1. Not sure, but this helped me.

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    @oscartiel, I did not see the hypnotism link. But I can recommend self-hypnosis audio down loads on Amazon by Rachael Eccles. She has at least 10 related to changing alcohol habits and so you can pick one that seems right for you and your goals.

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    I can’t find the hypnotism link either

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    I found it on YouTube. There are other links there too that I found useful.

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    Hi everyone! Since we are still in beta-launch, we don’t currently have all of the bonus content up on the website. I’m happy to hear some of you have discovered useful hypnotism topics and links on youtube and elsewhere. I appreciate your patience while we complete everything!

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    Hi everyone,
    9th day sober today, on day 12 as I waited until my husband was out of town on business to stop drinking. Feeling pretty good! Saturday was a spring-y day and really felt like having my usual beer and cigarette after work. Felt super frustrated and even a bit teary. I finally cracked a non-alcohol beer to have while preparing dinner and that seemed to make me feel less deprived and much better. Sunday we had friends over for Easter. The usual assorted libations pre-dinner: Champagne, white wine or beer with appetizers. I had a non-alcohol beer and mentioned privately in the kitchen to one attendee that I had quit smoking and alcohol (30 days for the alcohol) He hugged me and was ecstatic, as they have long wanted me to quit smoking. Then on to fantastic Burgundy and Bordeaux wines with dinner, with much discussion of the merits with the meal. I was craving a glass of red wine, but kept drinking lots of water. As I saw the effects of the alcohol on some people I was glad to not be drinking. No one was drunk, but I found some of the repetitive silliness annoying. Yeah, I made it through! Super happy to wake up this am with no hangover or feeling the cigarettes effects on my throat or lungs.
    I can’t find the guided recordings in Action Step #2 today, supposed to be on day 1, day 2, day 3, and 8. Am I missing something?
    Thanks! So happy to be part of this!

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    Hi @alemap16

    It sounds like you are doing great, congratulations! I think we are supposed to review the previous guided recordings or do them if we haven’t…I didn’t see a new one for today either 🙂

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    2017 and still no hypnotism link…no big deal – just trying to follow the book as closely as possible

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    So the solutions for day 12 ask us to go back and look at the videos (visualizations) for days 1, 2, 3 and 8. The only one I can find is on day 1, the time travel solution. Can someone link up EXACTLY what we are supposed to look at from the other 3 days? The first confusing thing I have found in this book!!! The link in day 12 should link directly to what we are supposed to review not to the entire previous day…Help! I’m annoyed with having to search

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