I am here at Day 7!

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    I have reviewed my notes etc – I did that last night b/c I was feeling weepy and tense. So I reviewed to keep myself motivated.

    I have also planned out rewards – 7 days sober – I am buying lavender epsom salts for my bath; 14 days sober – 4 scratch and win tickets; 21 days a new purse from the second hand store and 30 days means I can order a book for my coaching that I want. Keep me going!

    I am not following the advice to eat processed sugar for two reasons – alcohol is the last sugar I have to get rid of and I am diabetic.

    Thanks for reading.

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    I like your rewards. I think that is great that you don’t do sugar, that is my next hurdle. There were several weepy days for me, especially in the morning when I was working the solutions. The good thing is the emotions departed on their own and I didn’t race for the liquor to solve my sadness. Happy week 2 for you. 🙂

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      Thank you pegacornj. Tomorrow I go to a government agency to start the process of seeing if I can funding for some additional training I want to take – I am on disability fighting to get off ergo my coaching business – wish me luck. Hopefully the rewards work! I admit that I am having a hard time dealing with my brother dying.

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    I am sorry about your brother. Hugs! I only have one and we are far apart but I would grieve his loss tremendously. A hard time to quit but so much better to deal with it than push it away. I wish you luck in getting what you want in life.

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      Thanks pegacornj. I am in a relapse right now but what I learned is don’t count the days until my goal is finished (30 days) and two, I got emotional, very emotional and I am using alcohol to push it down. Find another way to deal with emotions!

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    So sorry for your loss. Just allow yourself time to work through dealing with your emotions at this time and be kind to yourself

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      thank you. I think I may have started this at the wrong time. But it is a great learning experience – that I am using alcohol to drown my emotions.

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    Day 7 here too. I am also on mission to cut out the sugar. I was on great diet before, low-glycemic index diet. Really liked it, plan to get back in step. Life is good. Congrats to you on your accomplishment.

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    I had cut our sugar several months before starting this program. I haven’t had any alcohol for a couple of weeks before starting this program. However in the last few days I have been fighting sugar cravings like crazy. I couldn’t figure it out until I read this section. Going back on sugar is not an option for me so I will continue to tough it out. Knowing where the cravings are coming from will help.

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    Hi all! Day 7 of a reboot here. Last round, day 10 (Jan 22) I fell off the plan pretty hard. However, having the journal, I was able to go back and see what my triggers were (it was all so obvious!) and I think that will help me reach 30 days on this second try.
    Day 31 is my 39th birthday, so I think tying those two together will help me really achieve it this time…who wants to be disappointed in themselves on their birthday!

    I’ve never really set a concrete goal and achieved it, so I think that’s the best birthday present I can give myself.

    Bcgrown, I’m so sorry for your loss, and I agree with the others. Be kind to yourself, and grieve in whatever way makes sense for you at the moment. If now isn’t the time for tackling this program, it isn’t. If there’s one thing I learned from this, it’s that you have to do it when you’re absolutely ready. I lost my brother in law suddenly a few years back and I can’t imagine trying to focus on this during that time. Best of luck to you.

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