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    Hello, just thought I’d post. I’m enjoying scrolling through posts and get a lot out of them so wanted to chip in a new one. Going well for me, a late gig last night, lads that like a beer or 10! Since I was driving it was easy anyway but still good practice. And guess what, you do notice how alcohol is less of an issue for others (ie they dont necessarily throw it back or obsess over it) when your thoughts are not consumed by alcohol. Normally, even when I’m driving I’ll have a couple of late beers to get home to, so there is a big difference between sober, and SOBER. But, I’m pooped, and have been for some time. Today’s audiobook chapter was Ok, meditation concepts brought me to this program in fact. Life is tiring (small kids, job…) and I’d hoped for a bit of surplus energy from quitting, but I’m taking comfort in the thought that doing this while life just carries on is a good thing – keeps it real. It does mean I’ll need to backtrack on solutions etc. to be complete. Anyway, best wishes to fellow posters and sobrieteristerers(!)

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    Hi, can totally relate to what you say. I went out for a curry with the lads last friday so i planned an excuse, practised it over and over, worried what they were going to say and if i’d stay strong. In the end, nothing. They asked, i said i’m taking a break and it was over in less than 20 seconds.

    I also would like a bit more energy, also got two small kids, so what with them having colds all the time and requiring a lot of energy i left feeling a bit wiped out. I stopped drinking last year and found it took me a good couple of months for my moods and energy tp become more stable so just gotta wait it out.
    Keep up the good work!

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      Thanks Jaume, good on you, considering how it’s taken many years of problem drinking I’m finding this worryingly easy right now. Trick is, I’ve picked a really good time of year to start this and been building up to it. Few parties coming up but I’m nearly relishing the challenge. I’ve not been properly tested yet – cosy pub, few close friends, that will test me!! But it’s taken me too long to get this far; I’ve not gone longer than a couple of days sober (bar 3 short spells, one for illness) for about 20 yrs.

      My theory (if anyone wants it!) is to acknowledge that I like, have liked, the odd time, Ok rarely, to drink, and of course it has accompanied everything I’ve done, good and bad… cant remember half of it for that very reason. But not having been properly long-term sober all my adult life, how do I know what that is like till I’ve tried? I have to do everything all over again, but sober this time, ‘you don’t know till you’ve tried it’ – can’t brush that one off. That type of reasoning tends to push my buttons, and this program facilitated that logic by asking you not to focus on a negative but on the positive – sobriety.

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    Sorry that was pretty garbled. Hopefully its sort of clear.

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      Hi Splendiferous. ( and Jaume) I get it.
      There are those who laud the concept doing a full calendar year of Sobriety to BEGIN to get a gauge on what experiencing what Life can be without chemical enhancement.

      Or more accurately , in my view, without chemical detriment.
      Taking off the Alcoholic blinders brings things into sharp focus. Sometimes with a bit of accompanying overwhelm !! Yet the increase in healthy function, especially in arena of less damaging childrearing, makes this endeavor a grand one!
      Onward Friend! Sina

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