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    I’ve noticed the message boards get bombarded with SPam. Sitting through. I’m on Day 3 and Day 1 of no drinking. Last night I drank and just doing the Day 2 exercises really did make the drink no fun. Very negative feelings with it , which was good, cause I don’t want to drink tonight. Look forward to no hangover tomorrow. Ive been to AA Ive tried meds (High Dose Naltrexone). Read books. This one does feel different and I’m a heady person and like being goal oriented although drinking doesn’t let me keep goals… so I’m hoping this does the trick for me before anything else bad happens. I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t hurt anyone (physically but I’m mentally abusive to myself and others when drinking) and haven’t been arrested. But I know the reeeally bad thing….it’s on the horizon if I don’t stop. I’m terrified of myself.

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    Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster @kris!!!
    Yes, it’s a shame about the SPAM.
    The 30DSS Program WILL work, and even without the Companion Website.
    Please keep posting, there are others here!
    This Program turned my life around and I am confident it is possible for you as well. The 100% Commitment was the key for me.
    When I had that firmly in place, I was able to understand that the cravings, the rationalizations, the bargaining that the “Alcoholic Voice ” whispered (OK, shouted!) In my mind, were falling on deaf ears.
    Onward! Sina

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    I am here and haven’t started just yet. Purchased the book and waiting for delivery. I agree there is a ton of SPAM and seems as tho not many members…

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    Yes Kris! I am here. I am getting on daily and have been reading a lot but have only just posted my first topic today. Good luck on day 2. Today is day 4 for me so you and I are on the same path. Looking forward to having friends along this journey.

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    Hi Kris … I agree, hangovers are No Good! There seems to be a trade off. When the day wears on and a drink starts to sound good, it’s a matter of getting through those hours without taking a drink … because … we know one will lead to two or more … and then The Hangover!
    “Surf the Urge”! YouTube has a few good videos on it. It’s a skill that gets better & better with practice.
    Waking up feeling well can’t be beat!
    Today is day 3 of no alc for me. Fifth reboot of the year. My best to you! You can do it!

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    Thanks for the encouragement Kat! On day 6 today on the program day 4 for no drink. so far it seems to be working I’m encouraged. good luck to you ! what day are you on now ? Sorry for the lousy punctuation I’m on my phone

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    I was only notified by email of Kats post and I now see all of your wonderful Posts. thank you so much for your feedback and look forward to talking with you all!

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    Hi Kris. I’m here too. This is Day 3 for me of no drinking and Day 2 of the program. I tried high dose naltrexone too, didn’t seem to work for me. I tried The Sinclair Method. I had some friends for whom that worked magic, but not for me. I wondered whether anyone else here had tried meds.

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    Good Morning, Everyone. Day 4 no-alc for me. I feel well! Man-oh-man, there’s plenty going on to drive me to drink, but, I won’t do it. In fact, when my heavy duty psych-stress began (husband is quite ill, perhaps dementia), I heard a little voice that said “you can’t drink this away”. And I’m finding that to be truer than true.
    There have been emergency situations with him, and if I had alcohol in me, I never would have gotten through them.
    Trying to fill up on Scripture. That’s where the power is. There’s one that says “My grace is sufficient”. Because I can’t tell you what book or verse, that means I need to spend more time there! I’d call it a Solution (with a capital “S”).
    Good for Everyone for taking this bull by the horns! We can!

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    Way To Go!! I am so proud of you for resisting the urge. I am sure you are going through a lot with with husband and it has to be hard not to turn to the ole comfort of alcohol. Big thumbs up to you. Can’t wait to hear about your continued progress.

    We had date last night and after dance class all of the couples go out for a few drinks. I decided that I wasn’t going to hide from social events but just face them head on. Well after trying really hard to quietly order a mock tail the bartender announces loudly that that drink doesn’t have alcohol in it. No shit! It’s on the mock tail list so I am aware. Of course I got weird looks from our friends and was asked if I was pregnant. Wow oh wow! I realized that the only situation they could see me not drinking would be if I was pregnant. I announced that no I was not in fact pregnant but was driving. Yes I am a coward. I am afraid if I tell them I’m going sober they will no longer invite me to the party. My pour husband felt guilty for ordering a drink and even though I said I didn’t care and wouldn’t be upset I still secretly was jealous and envious of his 1 drink. I know this will get better with time but man watching everyone start relax and settle down sure was hard. On a plus note all of the girls group texted this morning about how badly they felt and how hard work would be today with a hangover And I secretly thought hahaha I feel great!

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    Equally fun note
    I got carded while buying alcohol free wine yesterday 😂😂

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    Gosh, someone could do a sitcom on the goings on with booze vs. no booze and all the different interactions and facial expressions of others.
    Day 5 alc-free (fifth reboot). I agree, making the commitment takes all the internal dialog away. I feel protected in a 30-day commitment.
    Went to a concert last night. Husband is sooo much better. We had a good time. Poor thing has his own issues with side effects to his meds. No alc for either of us (which back in the old days was unheard of).
    We had a WONDERFUL time together. RIDE THE WAVES!
    Thank you, Lord.

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    Getting carded with alcohol free wine. Haha. That’s funny @cajunmommy. @kat I’m sorry to hear about hubby and I understand those tough things hitting us in life while doing this and the temptation is there. @bfahfa89 I hope you’re still trucking along here. Its good to hear that the Sinclair method isn’t for everyone cause I thought I was alone in that one. So nice to read your journeys. Thank you all. I’m on day 7 of the program and day 5 of no drink. This is the first Saturday with no hangover in a long time. I’m going to go for a walk and work in my yard today. I feel energized and less depressed than usual. @sinaqueena thanks for your encouragement. I say this is easy but I mean it’s been doable. It’s not easy but it’s been pretty painless so far. Question. What’s a reboot? Have you started drinking out of control and restarted or you just like to do the program as a refresher. My goal is to be a normal drinker. A glass of wine on occasion and maybe far down the road. I’m headed to Disneyland tomorrow and I always drink at the hotel and at the California Adventure Wine Trattoria. So this will be my test tomorrow. I’ll have to keep reading my vision statement I’m sure. I’m trying to imagine turning into the candy shop instead although I’m not a big sweeets person the lack of alcohol has turned me into one and my blood work shows pre diabetes. Oh well. Wish me luck! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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      Kris – Stay strong, remember to review your lists of the “Before Me” and the “New Me”. It’s so easy to fall back into old habits. You’ve given yourself the gift of sobriety. Congrats! I’m here for you.


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    Hello Kris, so pleased you getting dialogue going on the website. I agree with all the spam and the site goes quiet for a while, but you got it going again! If you have any thoughts about accountability partner, I would be so grateful to have someone like yourself to touch base with other than the boards. Maybe email? I have so much to be grateful for but so challenged with the same witching hour that you are talking about, I totally resonated with that post. I hope today is a great sober day for you and I am going to focus on how much I love the clarity of no alcohol.

    Stay well, Cheryl

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    Hi Cheryl. I blew it this weekend. Starting over. I’d love to link up with you I’ll PM my email to you thanks!

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    Hi everyone, my wife and I just got the book and are getting ready to start the program in a day or two, once we’ve both had a chance to read the first chapter. Were heavy social drinkers and really want to live a healthier lifestyle. She’s got high blood pressure and cholesterol, so the doc says its time. Were really hoping we can make a go of this.

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    @johnevans1204 I think it’s great you are both doing it together. Should be easier on both of you that way and you already have your own support group!

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    Here! Sober! Yeah!

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    I’m sober today too @Pegacornj!

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    Question – I’m on day 7 and looking for ways to build my support network. I see there are options to connect with people thru this but it doesn’t seem easy to do. And how does one join groups? Any suggestions?

    – C

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    Sinaqueen seems to know more and has been here longer, where are you for this question my queena? Christymas I tried to follow you thinking it may be a friend thing. It just put a check in the box and I don’t know what else it does yet. It may give me alerts every time you post or it may be the way to friend you. It all may not be working, as some things are not, but I am not very computer literate so it may be me. Which ever, I clicked on something, let me know how it is on your side. 🙂

    P.S. Kris, Whoohoo! 😉

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    Hi Stacy, I have a food and wine trigger, when I am hungry it’s hard to fight, so for the first few weeks I had to eat eat eat. Scary because weight and health are problems too. Last time I tried to quit I gained another 20. But like the book says, don’t try to do everything at once, so I made a deal with myself that I could eat anything that was veggie day and night as long as I didn’t drink. I had to start at breakfast (which I don’t eat normally) or I would crave by 11am. Then next make sure I ate a big meal before Happy/witching hour and then set myself up with small bites and sparkly fun drinks in front of the tv until I was able to fall asleep and repeat. After the first week I was feeling pretty healthy, even though I was using carbs more than usual, I stuck to legumes, whole grains and veggies. (Think oatmeal/banana/berry breakfast and late lunch sweet potato, soyriso and bean burrito with lots of tomatos, onions and guacamole.) This carb loading helped me not have any cravings. I would also “drink” my dinner of warm soup and clear broths with my sparkly and bites of nuts, berries, probiotics, veggies, and chocolate so I could have several things in a cup beside me to sip and sip. I never drink without food so this helped me. I have been able to cut back on the pigging out and still remain with a mostly healthy diet. After I had done a bit more time I realized that I had no cravings and was feeling real good. Meditations have helped me a great deal also to resolve the winding in my head. Better than just shutting it out with tv, more like calming it down. I feel it when I don’t at least do a 5 min. quicky on youtube. And finally the 100%! That was so hard for me, “just one more”… If you can tell yourself you will just do this for the 30 you are rebooting your system to think about it differently. You don’t have to tell yourself “Forever”, Just 30. Or just try a week and see how you feel about your momentum. The same ole same ole’ will still be there. What would you be losing? Good thoughts to you my friend. You are worth it! 🙂

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      Hi pega …. this is excellent advice! Makes so much sense. I agree, getting in a full meal earlier rather than later helps me tremendously, too. I heard somewhere along the way that hot peppers can kill a craving.

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    I’m new here. I’m on Day 2 and my final day of drinking!

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    Hi Annie,
    Welcome, and Woohoo You! Love your pic. Be glad you uploaded it right away, if you don’t you can’t except on your own dashboard. I thought about deleting my profile and starting a new one, just to put my fav pic up. But then I realized that I have such a body of work out here to reread about my own journey that I didn’t. (Just so you all know, It was a pic of a unicorn. :D) I started out just reading everything and now I’m the big mouth (if you see a post/tome from me just glance on by, reading everything here is a lot). I guess I am feeling more confidant in this whole thriving thing. You go girl!!!

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    Hi all. I’m new! I’m on Day 3. I’m a binge drinker. Its hard to find info about binge drinking so if anyone has any helpful info don’t be shy to pass it on to me. We can all do this! Good luck.

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    Hello to all. I’m starting day 4 today, 5th day without alcohol. I do find myself using food as a substitute. I have tried to put my extra energy into fixing healthy meals. It heelps with my craving and serves as a distraction. I also enjoy my San Pellegrino Lemonata on ice. I have a Christmas function (wine tasting) tomorrow. My Lemonata is ready to go.

    I agree with the Spam comments. What kind of person can do such a thing on a forum like this. I hope Karma is real and I hope she is a bitch.

    Off to the gym, my other distraction

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    Raring to go for a dry 30 day January
    Got the book and starting to plan ahead

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    Hello all (except the Spammers – them, not so much).

    I decided to do #DryJanuary after accepting that my drinking was interfering with my living a good life. I read about the benefits of #DryJanuary, found the 30-Day Sobriety Solution, felt it could be a workable solution for me, and realized that if I could seriously not imagine a day without drinks, then I had to make a change. Unlike Stu, however, I was more nervous than “raring to go.”

    Day One wasn’t a cake walk, but I did it through distraction and reading the book. And I woke up thinking, “I did it. I. Did. It.” It was a good feeling.

    Day Two is wrapping up now and was much easier; that said, without my typical nighttime cocktails, sleep will be elusive. I just remind myself that this will change in time as I stay the course.

    I’m rooting for everyone on this journey. Let’s do this thing.

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    Hello everyone! I’m also new here as of today- I bought the audiobook this afternoon after it was recommended in a 30-day goal workshop I’m doing. I’ll admit I was surprised to find myself buying the book at all because I wasn’t planning on confronting my drinking right now but after listening for awhile I’m feeling like it was one of those synchronicities where the right thing came along at the right time. I’m listening through a few days right now but trying not to get too ahead of myself. This finally feels like the kind of program I can work with. I’ve tried AA in the past and that structure did NOT work for me. So, I’m giving myself through the weekend to gear up because I want to be sure I’m committed 100%. Looking forward to keeping up and touching base with y’all. I’m definitely very inspired! 🙂

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      How did your dry January go? Are you still here? I’m planning a dry three weeks – I have company coming and want to be in a good frame of mind for their visit.

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    Are people still using this site? I just logged in and don’t see much activity. If not, is there another site that is more active? I’m on Day 1 (for the third time, lol).

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    Very little activity. I have doing the book for about a month and like it. Just finished day 15.

    My impression is there is no support from the founders. If you go to support link, it does not exist.

    Too bad, but oh well.

    Good book.

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    Hi Sailorboy, I’m Bill. Danial and I were sort of the originator of this tread. For us, I think it has run course. I happy you have decided to start the program. for me it really worked. But, it takes work. At first it takes will power, but in time you will change the way you think about drinking. I never finished the book, but i also haven’t started drinking either. Do the work. Do the journaling. Take a deep look at your life. I’ll keep checking in if you have any questions or need some support.

    You’re in the Navy?


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      Hi Bill.

      Thanks. No, not in Navy. Just love to sail. I find it harder to do the work as I progress. It takes a lot of time, and there is never enough of it. Today I did the Eternal Optimist Solution and I thought it was not helpful. But I suppose one finds solutions that are meaningful and helpful and other that are not. I have been without alcohol for 30 days and on day 17 of the program. I am spending 3 days in a little over a week with my 2 best friends from high school and am worried about the alcohol part. We will be at the beach sailing, barbecuing and just having a nice time. Alcohol has always been part of that. We get together about every 7 years if that. But at the same time I am having no problem not drinking with all my friends I see all the time. I attend social functions where there is plenty of alcohol and it is not a problem. I am hoping at the end of this to be a non problem drinker. I am thinking of doing 2 per day to catch up so I can be that normal drinker when they come to visit. I am not sure what to think about all this.

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        Sailor, I can see where you’re coming from. ok, anything I say is purely my perspective and not meant to be advice. It sounds like our trips through the 30 DSS ore similar. I stalled in the book and exercise at about day 17 or so. Maybe I should have continued for some long term solutions but I found I wasn’t even thinking about alcohol, and didn’t feel the need. I really don’t even know how many days of sobriety I’m at. Just a side bar, I think programs that have you keep track of the days of sobriety are doomed for failure because it’s always in front of you.

        I have the type of personality that has to be 100% in or out. I don’t think I can be an occasional drinker, and that’s fine. Your friends should understand, it’s your life, relationships and health you’re dealing with. You shouldn’t pressure yourself in to drinking because that’s what you’ve always done with the friends. I don’t know how old you are, I’m sixty-one, but we can still evolve in our relationships.

        P.S. please excuse the one handed typing. Had shoulder surgery a few days ago and still typing to figure out the one armed thing.

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    Hi Everyone … If you all like “chatting”, there is an app called Daybreak that is VERY active.
    I have been on it since last August, and I find posting and reading other people’s comments to be very helpful and supportive.
    I learned about it here in one of the posts.
    It costs $9.99 a month, but I think it’s worth it.
    Good luck in your sobriety! It’s definitely do-able! I’m 16 months into having cut back tremendously, thanks to this program and Daybreak.

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    Hello. My name is Lee. I bought the book yesterday. I wanted to make day 1 yesterday as day 31 would have landed on my birthday. But went out with wife and friends and drank a good amount of wine. I want to start ASAP as I really want to have a positive change in my life. I hope to read through day 1 today. Anyway, I am glad to see that there have been recent posts and I hope we can thrive in sobriety together.

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      Lee, congratulation on your choice to change your life. It has been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. The program requires work and commitment, it’s not magic, but will work if you do the work. It’s not easy at first, but it gets easier fast. I hope you have the support from your spouse and friends. Stay positive and strong


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