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    I am restarting with the hope that there are people to help with accountability. It seems this website has some solicitors. Oh well.
    Is anybody out there? The book has many good solutions, but I wasn’t successful because I don’t have accountability. Weekends are killers. Never made it through one yet and July 4th is coming up. I was invited to a party.

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    Hi Rachel!

    Welcome! I’m on my third run through of the book since I first started in June of 2019. It has a lot of great resources and helps with other areas of life, so has been a nice sidekick to have. I quit right before the Fourth of July last year, and still managed to have a lot more fun than I expected to have. But I know it’s so tough to make the initial leap! I hope you stick around, and yes, there are some people out here 🙂

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      On this website it is hard to know how to reply. My question to Skitroo is how much sobriety have you achieved with the 30 Day Solution? I began on Memorial Day, blew it on the weekend. Started again on June 1, then blew it on the weekend. Now I am doing Dry July which is a cancer fundraiser in Austrailia. I should do better, because I made a real commitment (which is very difficult for me to do).
      My question for Sina is what kind of platform is MeWe? What kind of a support group?

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        Hi Rachel . The group I started on MeWe is brand new. So not many members yet. I’m aiming for it to be a place for anyone with Addictive tendencies to get support, no limited to Alcohol. My Fellow Administrator is a SMART Recovery Facilitator and has been one for decades. Here’s some info about MeWe, which is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

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    Hello Rachel and Skitroo595!
    Yes, there is support here. Dave Andrews has let the Companion Website become degraded. I hear he has many tough personal problems. However I’m happy to help in any way I can.
    Are you adverse to Facebook groups? If not I can invite you to a few. If you aren’t trusting of Facebook, I have just started a support group on a platform called MeWe where there is no Data Mining, Surveillance, Censorship or Advertising.
    Consider joining me there in a brand new venue!
    I want you to join my group on MeWe:

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    I would like support as well. I purchased this book 1 year ago, when I only finished Day 1. I just finished Day 2 today and I need someone to help me stay on track. I tried the Me We and it wasn’t working, but I’ll try again.

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      Hi enok29
      I will help support you!

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      Hi Enok29,
      I am here to support you too. I am using a hypnosis app, and I also am doing Dry July which really puts me out there (on Facebook). I have been trying to get sober for 10 years now. That doesn’t count my earlier life. Anyway, I have read many books and the 30 Day Solution does seem to have good material. I think having people to talk to online is great, but staying on Day 1 seems a little odd. Is there an easier way to talk to people?

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    Hi All!
    It might be a bit tricky to install the MeWe App, but not impossible.
    Here is a way to install on your mobile device…

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    Interesting topic

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    Hi Rachel, hope you got through July 4, it’s now Dry July day 5 and Sunday. I find weekends hard but one more day and it’s back to workdays.

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