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    I find it interesting that Dave started this program and never finished it. Humm that kind of goes against everything he is teaching here.
    I have tried to get the reminder daily emails sent but that does not seem to be working.
    I have tried all forms of communication with them but nothing works…some say try again later…but we all at this point know… no one is listening…and lets not start about the thousands of spam marketing emails we all see.
    Obviously many of the “attached” videos are not on the site…many of them just send you to the New you video..this is obviously a glitch…People have been asking about this for the last 3 years…Some go back to 2015.. Oh well. The program is helping me…ALLOT. So I am VERY grateful but it kind of stings a little that they did not care enough to finish the “Beta Launch”. I do get emails from them trying to get me signed up for the Insiders circle so I know Dave is out there…continuing to market through the site.. but clearly they are not interested in the web program or the book support.

    What do they say…so close and yet so far…

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    I came here to say exactly that! It’s really disappointing they’re not keeping the site in a working order. It makes me think that the solution does not work or else why abandon it?

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      Hi Kat
      Yes this site is a bit discouraging to say the least. It is hard when someone talks about keeping your agreements, being accountable and posting in the forum rules that there is no self promotion. Then they are no where to be found and simply do not care about what they have created. One would think that he would take a little bit of pride in his work and that his credibility would mean mean something to him.

      Just keep up with the program it does work. I am on day 53 today and this program has helped me a lot. Best of luck to you on your journey and do not ever give up!

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    Do not be discouraged. I am on day 25 and it works! I have tried a few times to get my drinking under control but “failed”. So far this is helping me…but I don’t understand why Dave never finished the program/website. I hate to go to the conclusion that it is about money for him…that he made what he could and then as you say abandoned it..and is just using it to market his high end project the “inner circle”.

    But It looks like it is helping people regardless. So I guess the best thing is for me to not take it personally…I know that sounds funny because who the hell am I … how many people are reading his book and trying to change their lives…and going on an abandoned website for guidance.

    Overall It works…It is changing my relationship with alcohol…or I am changing it actually…using the tools he is providing…So do not give up…go for it…please don’t use it as an excuse to not do the program…

    I was just hoping that someone out there heard the cry from us who actually are here…we want the rest of the program you have dangled in front of us…I want those daily email reminders that don’t seem to exist…I want the videos you are mentioning…I feel a bit like the carrot dangled on the string…but what is here is GREAT! so use what they have given us and hope that maybe one day the rest will come….Thanks for letting me vent…Kat

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      Hey Kat

      It looks like the “notify me of responses by email” also doesn’t work…

      Anyway, even if I abandon this programme, I’m definitely not giving up on sobriety. I’m 250 days sober as of today and I’m just looking for something to help me through a rough patch. That’s day two of the solution completed. Fingers crossed.

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    Hey there Kat, I’m here and a few others I follow. I understand your frustration. I’m a big Jack Canfield fan but I agree with you that they should not have started this website endeaver if they weren’t, at least from time to time going to pop in. Dave does seem to post at least weekly it seems but my Hero is off making money on his next book, class or whatever endeavor he can make moolah at, like he doesn’t have enough by now. I know I’ve at least contributed to his wealth through the 90’s along with Dennis Whaitly and Tony Robbins. I stay confident because what they did in the beginning is helping me and many others I still see active on this site since it seems to have taken on a life of its own. I always look at the most recent 15 comments to find those currently active in the program and on that note, it’s nice to meet you. I’m on Day 15 and very happy with myself that this is working so successfully. I am doing all of the work and processes they recommend and it’s working so far.

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    Hey sparking78
    Wow 250 days… that’s seriously inspiring…I did get your email response so it looks like that part is working. .someone else responded to my comments as well so I guess there are people out there like me working this program…I hope it helps you through your rough patch.

    It has allot of great info…and really has helped me…not just with my drinking but with my communication and self esteem. ..which is wrapped up all together.

    I don’t want to discourage anyone…we are here to support each other.
    This came to my email ..I didn’t go through the website so I hope you get this.

    Thanks for communicating with me. .sometimes I feel so alone in this journey of sobriety and self discovery.

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      Hey Kat
      I’m sorry for the late reply. I didn’t get a notification email and forgot I posted here. My rough patch seems to be over and all is well again – thank you for your kind wishes. I’m quite active on the Reddit’s stopdrinking forum so I don’t feel lonely. In fact, me and another redditor are doing a read-along of the 30 day sobriety solution so that’s how I ended up here. You could join us there as a source of additional support!

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    HI chuck..thanks for the input…you help me feel not so alone…I guess doing recovery at home instead of in a group can feel thanks for sharing and reaching out to me…I just could not do the AA thing…but I did/do need help.

    This has some great info…and I like your quote of ” it taking on a life of it’s own”. At least we are trying..or we are actually “doing” not just trying. .good for all of us out there.

    This kitty kat needed to clean up her act and get it together…I’ve always been a sweet lady…who helps people and animals but I lost my way and got broken… my husband told me …alcohol is not your friend…so I am choosing my friends a little wiser these days…wink wink.
    Thanks again for being there..kat

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    I agree with all said so far here about the site. Disappointing but I’m still a big believer in the concept. This will be Day 1 for me. I did a successful 30 day challenge 2 years ago and I really need to do this again.

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    Thanks for everyone’s input. I am getting ready to do the 30 days again and dig in a little deeper this time. So that said obviously it is a program I am appreciating as it is helping me and from other posts I see…many other people as well.
    best of luck to us all!!!

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    Hi everyone,

    I am on Day 27, but I was 62 days sober, went on a work trip and slipped. Not much and didn’t care really. So, perhaos, that is the take it or leave it attitude they talk about.

    Like you all, am disappointed in the forum, but the audible book as well as companion site seem to be 98% close to the audible book as a recap.

    Heres to our journey. There is also a Facebook page for Moderation Management. Its come along way, and some use it to stay in abstinence or just keep close to others around the topic.


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    HI Chris,

    I am finishing up my 30 days today…It took me 4 days to finish the last 2 as It was allot of “great work” but needed to spend more time on it.

    I would be great to be a take it or leave it drinker but Im not quite there. I am going to do the program again so I will chime in every so often. I love this forum…It helps me feel not so alone.

    THanks for everyones support. It really helps me to read everyones posts. Even though many of them are not responded to by other people …. we are out hear listening to you…so keep on communicating.

    I liked Chilebite who did the Captians Log…I got a kick out of that nod towards Captain Kirk.

    Hope you all have a good day…Kat

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    Hi all, just starting this journey and finished day 7. It’s going pretty well but I am not enjoying all the emotions that are surfacing and that have to be dealt with. I went for a walk in the evening and for some reason I was so angry when I came home and I don’t know why. I was angry and frustrated and had no release and I usually feel good after a walk. I remembered the Reiki Healing music I listen to at night to help me sleep on You Tube so I started it up and immediately felt calm. I will definitely be playing that more often.

    I’ve quit drinking several times up to a year, but this last drinking binge has lasted almost 3 years and it’s really taken a toll on me. I’m 58 and it’s taking longer for me to recover from the daily wine fog where I can barely get through work, even though its part time. Days off I’m laying around the house not accomplishing anything. I can’t go on living like this anymore so I’m giving this a try. I’m doing 30 days but plan to repeat several times as needed.

    Wishing everyone well, minnie

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    Minniemoo, Your story is so much like mine. I’m 62 – I never got a year in before – but now I’m on day 112 or something like that, and it is due to this book (I used the audio version) and site. The site isn’t perfect for sure, it’s been neglected, but hang in there. Use the Site Wide Activity forum to see all the posts. I have your back and rooting for you.

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    I just want you all to know you inspire me and are helping me so very much.
    I sometimes feel so alone. It is great to read your posts and know you are
    out there on the same path. I am not sure what the “site wide activity forum” is
    Myturn75 could you help me with that.
    I have been going to the top 15 recent posts.
    I loved your “I am rooting for you and have your back comment” I think we all
    feel the same way.

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    Hi Katsok798 Go to the top of the site and hover your mouse over Your Community. In the drop down menu there, you will see Site Wide Activity. Click on that to see all the posts. It isn’t 100% reliable, but pretty good.

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    Thanks Kat for echoing our disappointment with this ghost site. I was so happy to find souls writing here. I just finished day/solution 8; I now have to laugh at my willpower at trying to get the daily email support…. I’m not alone! The solutions do work if you do the work. I got some ideals for support in reading this thread, thank you. I recently learned about SMART Recovery and Refuge Recovery Which have on-line support and meetings in my area. It’s worth a google search. The best of luck to all of you in this journey. There is a better way!

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    Day 23 Day 16 AF – I have to agree with the quality of the site. I have tried this on 4 separate occasions and it has always been half-finished. This time I made a goal to write on the forum every day for 30 days, honestly thinking I would be writing to myself. That’s fine, but it has been such a relief to see others posting recently. I did have high hopes for the website, and a lot of the material is really good but it sure stops short of finished. Frankly, I don’t care, like the solution for day 23, I noticed I was mad at the site and then wrote in my journal and attempted “the work” and wrote on the forum. Anything that keeps me from drinking is working, even if it is broke. I have seen much worse sites and as for the email list, it took until the third attempt to get it to work and I saved them all in a folder thinking it would be a good reference, but it was really just a link to the solution for the day and it was easier to mark in my calendar with a reminder to review my vision, affirmation, etc. With all the support shortcomings, I have gotten so much out of the program. There are really good lessons for leading a quality life in general, so many things to think about as I go throughout my day that alcohol kind of gets lost along the way. I have had problems completing the 30-day reboot without slipping, but I come back to this audiobook every time and learn something new that didn’t stick with me the last time. I have read a lot of self-help and personal growth books and I can’t think of one that even had a companion website, so even if it is broken it’s better than nothing.

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    I totally Agree. This book has helped have 17 days alcohol free something I have not accomplished before
    I really like almost all the exercises I have learned A lot about why I drank so much. I am at the gym on a Friday night and not drinking yeah

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