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    Hi Everyone,

    Today is my day 1…my husband was killed in an accident in January and since then I’ve been drinking every day. I’m tried of feeling crappy and sad, so have decided to take wine out of my daily routine and get healthy again. I have zero support here as all my friends do is give me wine and tell me not to worry about drinking, but I really want to stop now.

    Just looking for encouragement in this forum because as I said I have none at home.

    Thank you-

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    Hi Mia! so very sorry for your loss. Is this your first time around with sobriety? I just started my 30 day program yesterday as well. It isn’t my first time around, however. This time I’m finding myself terrified of nouns. people, places and things. Day 1 felt good, looking forward to starting my day 2 now. I do know that I need to, at some point, reach out to my old sober supports and stop beating myself up. We will get there. I’m here if ya need to chat. Just want ya to know we both started the same day!

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    Hello Mia & Afellow. My day 1 was also yesterday. Ever since my teen days I have never gone 30 days without alcohol. Even before I became a daily drinker I would usually drink every weekend. Anyway, its good to see others beginning this 30-day journey.

    Mia, I am very sorry of your loss. I too have friends that seem to think wine is the perfect elixir. It makes me feel good for a few hours but then pretty rotten for the next 20.

    Afellow, have you gone through the 30 Day Sobriety Solution before?

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    Hi Eljaydee. I haven’t done the 30 day solution before. I was sober for a few years with AA but began to resent calling myself an alcoholic and eventually got to the point where I wanted to prove that I could do it like a normal person. I had some successes, but these successes only led to worse drunken situations because I kept tricking myself. My wife has been big into quantum and Joe dispenza and people of that nature, and this book ties into that perfectly. The author of our 30 day book, Jack Canfield, appears in the movie, “The Secret.” that was my first encounter with him, so when I went to the bookstore yesterday and was looking around, I saw this, and was pretty amazed that he was the author of the 30 day solution. IT felt like the universe working for me where I wasn’t able to. The idea to the book is great, and I know we will accomplish great things in our 30 days

    How about you Eljaydee, How are you? care to share a little of your story? one thing that I do know from AA, is that alcoholics sharing with each other is where recovery begins. No one is better equipped to help us, than us. Looking foward to sharing more with you guys as we move along this journey. I just finished day 2 and having a hard time not moving immediately to day 3 lol!

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      Thanks for the reply Afellow. I know what you mean by the “coincidences” the universe brings to us from time to time.
      My quick story: grew up with alcoholic father (lots and lots of alcoholics hanging in the family tree.) Drank and partied like many during high school and college. Weekend drinking continued for most of my 20’s and 30’s. No problem with it. Then in my 40’s my wife and I started enjoying a glass of wine a few weeknights. Within 5 years I was drinking 3-5 glasses every night. Not sure what happened. I had lots of stress with four kids in the house at that time and work promotions were challenging me in a big way. Fast forward 10 years and I am drinking more than a bottle a night. I have been earnestly trying to abstain or cut down the past 5 years. What’s funny is I will go 4-6 days AF and start to feel really, really good physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel so good that I celebrate with a glass of wine. After that I’ll go days, weeks or months before abstaining again. Such a nasty cycle.
      I am excited about this 30 day sobriety solution book and website. I struggle a bit with articulating myself in the written exercises but I think I am getting the gist of it and the benefits of the exercises.
      I have read a few books of people sharing their AA stories. I find them inspiring and encouraging. Went to one AA meeting. There were 20-30 people there. That’s too many for my comfort zone. I intended to try a few others but haven’t yet.
      Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to sharing our 30 days together.

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    Dear Mia63 … I am so sorry for your loss and what you experienced. My heart goes out to you. I’m with you in that you can’t drink this away. I’m a believer. I cannot live in this world without a relationship with God. To be honest, I don’t see how any of us can think they can do it alone. There are some excellent spiritual resources available, if you feel this could help you to gain some peace. Joyce Meyer, Dr. Charles Stanley and so very many more.
    God bless you, Mia63. Peace be with you.

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    Doing my Day 3 of the book right now. I understand eljaydee about meetings. sometimes its hard to sit there with 20-30 people, let alone share. I know there is huge benefit in broadening our circle though and getting out of our comfort zone. I still look at AA as the pinnacle of getting sober, but as they say in the book, science may one day accomplish what we can not. The scientific approaches mentioned in the book, as well as through people like Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra and others, are a bridge to that scientific approach. something in the unknown has to re-wire our neurons, like they talked about in the 30DSS about the astronauts wearing goggles. I can definitely relate to the whole, getting sober for maybe a week, then feeling so good that I should reward myself. its a sickening cycle. I know this 30 day solution will provide a good foundation. I’m glad all of us are here working on this together. It provides a sense of camaraderie often found in meetings. I just don’t do well in public with others, but hey, that’s probably half of my problem haha.

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    HI All, I am starting day one today! May 1 2019 YEA Looking forward to letting go of the ball and chain!

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      Welcome Hopeful. May 1 is a great start day. I’m on Day 4 with 3 days free from the shackles of alcohol. I look forward to the 30-day journey with you.

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    how is everyone doing today? Just finished the Day 4 forgiveness solution. Feeling better as each day passes. I day 3 they referenced the tapping technique, which actually, surprisingly, works. My girlfriend had discovered this technique months ago before I started drinking again and I used to do it with her. I never lent it as much credence as I am after yesterday. I still have a little guilt, shame, fear about everything from the last debauch, but its fading. its funny how sobriety and life work, the moment I’m ready to receive help, it comes. Yesterday it came in the form of a sober friend from a few years ago calling me out of the blue, and even a family member crying out for help with his drinking. We brought him to our home and I watched him cry the same way that I cried, in the same state that I was crying only a few days ago. I feel strangely lifted up in these moments and am forever grateful for them. “for nothing but intensive work with another alcoholic will ensure our sobriety in these trials and low spots.” this book has become a culmination of so many things I’ve learned in the past. Thanks and hope to hear from you all

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    Hi all,
    I’m just approaching the 4 month mark of being AF. I still check in to see the daily posts and I just wanted to say that I’m so excited for this active group of “Just Starting Day 1”. It’s great that you are all supporting each other. Just knowing that there is someone else out there working on the same day, experiencing the same things, even reading the same chapter, can make us feel not alone. When I went through the 30 days, the forums were not active and I’m excited that you all have each other. Stay strong, keep talking, and much success!

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    Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster all in this wonderful Topic.
    Thank you for starting it Mia.
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your tragic loss.

    I, like njs41935, keep checking in to these Forums, with an eye and heart to encourage, commiserate and inspire my Fellow Sobriety Seekers.
    I feel I owe my life to this program and the Journey it has inspired.
    May your path be illuminated!
    Onward! Sina

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    NJS & Sina, thank you for your contributions and support. I am onto Day 5 after a challenging but fruitful forgiveness exercise on Day 4 yesterday. In the near future I intend to go through the forgiveness exercise to help resolve resentments towards other people.
    At the encouragement of the book I jumped ahead to Day 13 to familiarize myself with the tapping exercise. LOL. Not sure I will ever get the hang of that. Tap here, say this, tap again and say that then tap here and say the same thing but in another way…whew…

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    Mia, fellow, Hopeful, njs, sina – How is everyone doing? I’m on Day 12 and remain abstinent. I found Day 11 -Beliefs to be challenging. The action steps required a lot more of my time than previous days. I feel I could spend another day or two going deeper on each step. Maybe that’s something I can do on day 31 and beyond?

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    Eljaydee things are going great! I’m on day 11 and doing well. You’re right about the time required for the action steps! but its great when I do it. I like the lie detector solution, thinking about all the limiting beliefs that I tell myself. still sober here as well! I hope you all are doing well! I will try and check in more often!

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    This is my second day, but my journey began about a year ago when I admitted to my doctor that I think I need to cut down…and she was supportive…but as anyone with an alcohol problem knows, we understate the problem..
    I did begin lurking around sobriety support websites…we all want to see ourselves or not.. I particularly like living Sober out of New Zealand and Unpickled…and began actively cutting down and thinking more about my desire to let go… In December I hired a personal trainer…again dodge the real problem and go for something more manageable…it was the best investment and the perfect trainer for me.. spiritually exploring and a Yoga master.. and a young and supportive woman who had her own interesting journey.. just what this old lady needed… Again I mentioned to her a wee problem with the wine… she mentioned some herbs to try.. but I didn’t…but I did find “this book” and while leafing through it I recognized a lot of information that was familiar to what I was learning in my spiritual exploring..
    So, Now I am here and there is no looking back or turning back…I had weened myself down to a liter a day, so I hope it wont be too bad.. but am also letting go of a cigarette habit at the same time.. also had cut down to 1/3rd of a pack a day.. but I know I can’t let go of one habit and keep the other.. they both must go at the same time..
    I am actually excited about finally being honest with myself…and I am looking forward to sharing more as the journey progresses…

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    Hi agnes and everyone … hope you’re all doing well. I am doing fine. I started 12/31/17 with this program. 2018 was a very dry year and 2019 is proving to be even drier. I just don’t want it anymore. Alc takes more than it gives. There are other ways to get through the tough emotions without trying to cover them up. Thank goodness for this program and all the others. They really do help. Thanks for the suggestions. I look forward to checking them out. We can do this! I’m 64 yrs. old and want to go into my elder years the right way. Enjoy your day!

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    Hi all. This is my day one and I am just plain so scared.

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    Takenote! How are you doing? I just found this page in the site, these posts don’t show in the site wide for me. Not sure why. but I LOVE seeing all the posts here. There is nothing quite so great as knowing we are not alone.

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    Hi my turn and take note. I just started my day 1 today. Read the chapter and did the action steps. The time travel technique I found incredible. Will definitely do that one again if a craving strikes!

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    Hi Itstime, Great to see you started!. I found listening to the Audio Book, then doing the related work on the site every day during my usual witching hour of 5:00 PM really did the trick for me. By the time I was done it was time for food, a little bit of TV, then bed.

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