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    I always believed in subliminals and affirmation to help reprogram your subconscious mind. So when this was one of the solutions I was super happy. I been listening to this subliminal MP3 called stop ALCHOL addiction since day 1 I plan to listen to it for 30 straight nights when I sleep. It’s a great tool I thought I would share with anyone if they are interested in checking it out.

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    thanks for sharing. do you find that it really helps? I would love something like this to listen to as i go to sleep

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      Very helpful I think it goes perfect with doing the 30 day sobriety solution. In the book they talk about getting your subconscious mind on the same page as your conscious mind. My plan is to listen to it 30 straight nights when I sleep or 1 hour during the day. For the first 15 days I listend to it while I was sleeping now I will do 1 hour A day because I want to listen to other subliminals at night.
      Let me know how it goes 🙃

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    @grimm1390 Thanks for the link. I will download it today & listen. I’m also going to use it to quit vaping when my quit date starts which should be soon as it is expensive. I also need to reprogram my mind around flying – my last drinking challenge as the thought of getting on an airplane sober terrifies me. I need to say “I love flying” & “Turbulence is fun” – ooh, just typing that makes my stomach tighten. Dream, Believe, Achieve!

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    I got the Sublimator App & programed some Thriving in Sobriety messages.

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    35 years ago I started listening to Dennis Waitley’s subliminal tapes. He is quoted in the book on page 58 and 198. While I am no longer a proponent of subliminal taping, I suggest “go for it” to anyone who is struggling with addiction. Anything you do that you believe or hope will add to your recovery can and will be an effective tool. Get a good night’s sleep. Peace.

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    I am on Day 12 and doing well. I enjoy the solutions and action steps.

    Today Action 2 was to go back and listen to the Guided recordings, but I do not see anything Called Guided recordings on each of those days. I see the Images and sayings at the bottom, but not recoedings.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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      Oops, found the Guided Recordings on the home page.

      Onward to day 13!

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    I appreciate all the tips and tools that others have used. I use them as resources to my thriving in sobriety. I have recorded my goal and vision statement on voice recording app and play it back to myself throughout the day. I have also recorded my I Love You statement. I recently included how I will surf the urge in my voice. I spend alot of time driving throughout my work day and come across my favorite places that in the past I would have planned in my route for a late lunch to accompany wine. My recording to reminds me of my goals, visions and tools to surf the urge have steered my vehicle a different route.
    I am grateful for this program. Thank you for being here, thank you Dave and Jack.

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    That is awesome cheryl1443. Great ideas to add these vision statements and goals to an app.

    Which app did you use if you don’t mind me asking?

    I find it so awkward to say i love you in the mirror, but am starting to feel it. I am at least proud of myself.

    Onward! 😊😊

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    I also find the I Love You affirmation impossible to take seriously. Therefore this looks like it could be a good substitute. I have downloaded the subliminator App

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