Looks like I'm the only Day 5 guy online, but that won't stop me!

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    Day 5, at home, looking for a job, getting frustrated in that but feeling great that I’m focusing on the most important thing in my life, my 30-Day Sobriety Solution adventure. I’m already sleeping better, but I’m still waking up with some of the symptoms of my phantom hangovers–quite tired at first, a slight headache, puffy eyes–but my mouth is not dry and my mind feels clear within about ten minutes. The coffee tastes especially good now! My body is used to feeling like crap in the mornings so it still does, but nowhere near what it was normally. I expect this to dissipate in the next week or so.

    I’ve found some great videos online from the StopDrinkingExpert, Craig Beck. If you need some supplemental instruction from a guy who really understands this, watch a few of them. He’s very, very good.

    What else is going great? Darn near everything. I’m saving at least $10 per day and being unemployed and without an income, other than unemployment checks and some Roth IRA withdrawals, I’m not spending $75 to $100 each week poisoning myself. Alcohol is poison, you know. Sure, it’s masked in very attractive product packaging, and the ads ALL OVER the TV and media universe are pervasive and make one feel like if you’re not drinking you can’t possibly be happy, but it really is poison. Alcohol is only good for cleaning a skin wound, but should not be ingested. It’s a killer, and I am really glad I am going through the reprogramming of my mind to live the way humans were meant to live, using our brains to their full potential, not numbing and dumbing them by drinking alcohol.

    It is the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France. And I will live each of my days for each of those guys who didn’t make it off the beach that day. I owe them a life that is lived in full, without being buzzed, tipsy, or drunk. I owe those young men my very best effort and the full enjoyment of my life, each and every day, drinking in the goodness of our life here on Earth. Bless those brave and unfortunate men who fell that day. And let’s never forget…

    So onward I go into the late afternoon and early evening confident that I will make it through this day without a drink. Time to thrive! – FRJ

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    You are such a strong man. I wish I was you. I can’t stop playing this gold slot machine and I’m just lucky that I don’t lose my money because it is absolutely free. Hope, one day I will cope with my gambling addiction.

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    Hello FR well Done on Day 5!

    Why do you visit this site?? Lots of support there!!


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