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    I am here at day seven AF. I confess being slightly behind on my solutions, but this is my second go round in Phase I. Catch up tomorrow. It’s been challenging this week, and practicing the solutions from the book kept me on course. Had the overwhelming urge to just go get some wine tonight to de-stress. Feeling sad and guilty as I made the decision to euthanize my ill, senior cat this weekend. I will miss her greatly. It’s been stressful at work all week long. Over and over in my head I played scenarios of where I would pick up the wine, how much….only the small bottles so I won’t over due it… you get the picture. Started to take deep breaths and reminded myself how horrible I’ll feel tomorrow. Not only from a hangover, but because I slipped. I imagined how horrible by body would feel waking up with alcohol in my system. I just rode my emotions and cravings like a wave until I finally convinced myself that a nice cup of tea with a protein bar for dessert would be much better. Looking forward to Phase II! Best wishes to all for success!

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    real_simple2 Sorry to hear about your cat. My deepest sympathies. Just went through the same thing with my elderly dog. It set me back and I started drinking again. Yesterday I made up my mind to stop drinking again and to not look back. I will continue forward and beat this nasty addiction.

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      Thank you sallyB85 for your kind words. Condolences to you on the loss of your dog. Keep moving forward in the journey no matter how many times you fall. That’s what I keep reminding myself.

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    Congratulations on 7 days! What an accomplishment 🙂 celebrate your decision to have tea and a snack instead- I know that wasn’t an easy choice, but it becomes easier when you realize that the alternative will only increase your sadness and poison your chances of accomplishing your goals.
    So sorry to hear about your cat 🙁 maybe light a candle and think of all the good times you shared when your feelings are overwhelming.

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    Hi Real_Simple – I’m on Day 7 today, June 8, and there’s nobody in the forum pages on Day 7 along with me, so I’m tagging along on your Day 7 from 6 days ago. Glad you’re a few days ahead and thanks for your post on June 2. I have a mini-schnauzer who is also getting up there in years, and there will come a day I’m sure that I’ll have to face the same as you did with your pet cat. So I’m feeling for you. But congrats on not getting the wine, that’s a great choice. I almost did it on Day 3, but I didn’t want to have to a) fail b) start over and lose my first three days c) a host of other reasons I can think of…

    Congratulations. I’ll bet you’re now on Day 13! – FRJ

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    Hi frjensen1358, thank you for the encouragement. I confess to getting behind in the actually doing the solutions, but here I am now at Day 14. I did falter but decided not to make a catastrophe of it. We can only keep pressing onward.

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