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    I was looking for this information that was stated in the book.

    “On today’s companion website, you will find the list of the top recovery foods, the key nutrients your body needs to thrive physically, a list of foods that promote good moods, and a list of foods that promote bad moods. You’ll also find a list of some of our favorite books, experts, and resources on diet, nutrition, food allergies, and detoxes and cleanses.”

    Canfield, Jack; Andrews, Dave (2016-01-19). The 30-Day Sobriety Solution: How to Cut Back or Quit Drinking in the Privacy of Your Own Home (Kindle Locations 6309-6312). Atria Books. Kindle Edition.

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    Did you ever find what you were looking for? I haven’t gone looking for the material myself, but maybe someone else has. I don’t know all the ins and outs of this web site, but there must be a way to search for the material you wish to find. One of the coaches might jump in and give a tip. Anyone!
    Good luck. Sure hope you find what your looking for. Hang in there.

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    Na, I haven’t found it. But, it does say ‘Beta Launch’ on the front page. I’ll come back from time to time to check on it.

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    Hi @neozon and @rico! neozon, you got it right- we are in beta launch, so all of the information isn’t up and running on the site quite yet. We are a work in progress at the moment, but hopefully everything will be up soon.

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    Maybe I am looking in the wrong place but I have not found that food list for day 25. Help please.
    I am behind in the book but day 31 no drinking.

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    Perhaps just relaying the websites the info in the missing bonus section are compiled from… would like to see the foods for recovery Staedtler in the book… Too, 90 days seems like a sufficient amount of time to integrate the information… ?

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    It would be helpful to have the bonus info. Even though I’ve stayed on track and abstained from drinking any alcohol, now on Day 25, I could still use an extra boost to keep me inspired and motivated. I’ve been bombarded with a lot of personal issues this week and am feeling pretty drained. But I just keep drinking my water and of course, coffee in the morning, and some decaf herbal tea to help me relax before going to bed.

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    I really would like to find the bonus material too. Especially the foods that promote serotonin and dopamine production.

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    Haven’t found the bonus material either. It would be really, really useful!

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    It’s now February 2017 and I haven’t found the bonus material either.

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    Is this site active at all? I have not seen responses from the coaches and the bonus material is still outstanding?
    I would like to know some good self help material recommended for emotional eating? Can anyone help?
    I succeffully completed the 30 day sobriety solution last year and stopped drinking but are still battling with my weight. Please help

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      Hi L !
      I know this site is woefully neglected by the powers that be! I have been trying to rectify that, so far with little success!
      As to your question…I do know of some folks who used the 30DSS program for weight issues. I have also just posted a request to another (Facebook) group I belong to….ok, that didn’t take long…here are 3…books by Geneen Roth, including “Women, Good and God “, “When Food is Love “, and “Breaking Free From Emotional Eating”.
      Let me know you got this! Onward, Sina

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      Hi @l I left a message on your profile page too! Sina

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    It is June 2017 and the posts are so old and there is no bonus material as mentioned in the book..very disappointing.this site seems pretty much useless at this point. Many other days also lack the bonus stuff that was talked about in book. What’s up?
    I won’t be back to the site..but congratulations to myself for making it 25 days and counting!

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    Here is some of the missing bonus material from a Jack Canfield article which I found at:

    6 Surprises on the Road to Sobriety

    If you don’t want to read the whole article, the food information is as follows:

    Giving up drinking can lead to chemically induced feelings of ­depression. The brains of heavy drinkers often produce the ­“positive thinking” ­neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin only when alcohol is in the bloodstream. When these people suddenly stop drinking (or cut way back on their alcohol intake), the loss of these upbeat mood-triggering neurochemicals leaves them feeling depressed. Some inevitably conclude that they need ­alcohol to be happy and start drinking again.

    What to do: Your brain eventually will start producing dopamine and ­serotonin without alcohol again, but it could take as long as 90 days (or in rare cases, even longer). For at least the first three months of sobriety, regularly consume foods that contain omega-3 fats, such as wild-caught salmon, sardines, herring, anchovies and mackerel—these have been shown to significantly raise dopamine levels.

    Also consume foods that contain ­gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), such as cherry tomatoes, shrimp and bananas —these can beneficially alter the brain’s serotonin balance. Taking dietary supplements containing GABA or omega-3 could help, too. But speak to your doctor before taking ­supplements.

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    Hi @starbandit and others. I have finally been able to speak with Dave Andrews (the Companion Website is solely in his hands now I believe). He has fixed the Reminder Email Function and we can only hope that more improvements will follow. He spoke of a new Website in the wings, almost ready….. we shall see! Onward! Sina

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    Thank you I was looking all over for supplements list since I bought the audiobook.

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