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    ok, so here is my new story. I wrote it as if it is a year from today. Here goes:

    Today is January 25, 2020 and I am looking back over the previous year and how I started to thrive in the world of sobriety. Today I feel strong, both physically and emotionally. It wasn’t always that way. Last year around this time I realized that it was time to do something about my excessive drinking. For many years I lied to myself that my drinking wasn’t really hurting anyone. Truth be told, I was not just hurting myself. Sure, I only drank at night (or after 4) but I would drink until I went to bed at 10pm. That is 6 hours of drinking each day! I was killing myself. The worst moment came at a family get together, when my 7 year old grandson said that he wanted vodka (that’s what his grandfather was drinking). Make no mistake, it could have just as easily been my wine that he asked for but the point is at that moment I realized that we are teaching him that alcohol is what grown ups do every day.

    After living with that horrible memory for a few weeks I realized that things needed to change. I can’t change those around me but I can change me.

    I went to the library and searched for books on alcoholism. I found a book called The 30 Day Sobriety Solution. It’s claim was How to Cut Back or Quit Drinking in the Privacy of your own Home. To me, this sounded like the perfect solution. After all, home was where I did most of my drinking so it made sense that I should also get sober there. Anyway, I sat in the library and read 42 pages of that book before I decided to borrow it. Honestly, I was scared just reading the first few pages but I was excited at the prospect that this could actually work for me. I decided to take the book home for the weekend.

    One year later I am still alcohol free. My energy level has improved, I exercise at least five days a week and I actually enjoy it! I power walk with a purpose, I hum to the music, sometimes even doing a little dance-walk-jog thing. I run and play with my grandchildren, ages 8, 5 and 2 1/2. I’m painting again and selling paintings. I’ve joined one of the local art groups and have taken classes and made new contacts. My outlook has completely changed. I’m able to have fun and enjoy life without alcohol. I’ve lost 15 lbs and my eyes and thoughts are clear!
    I owe my success to the book that I doubtfully but optimistically borrowed from the library that day. The day to day solutions and self-exploration were and continue to be the tools that I needed to get me to where I am today. I feel that I am more true to myself and my family and friends. My core values and beliefs are not hidden behind a bottle. My choices have been with MY best interests, just as I would wish for my loved ones. I’ve learned what it means to love myself.

    Early on in the 30DSS I realized that I had a strength inside me that must have been hidden by alcohol. Journaling was and continues to be instrumental to my sobriety. I return to my journals daily. They remind me of how far I’ve come and what I’ve done to get here.
    Thanks for looking. This was a really great exercise for me.

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    Fabulous @njs41935! Very inspirational!!!!
    Onward! Sina

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    Thank you, njs41935, for your story. It’s great. Especially now that you are here at this point. Alcohol takes the good parts of life away from us … the painting, the art, the dancing, the energy and on and on. Being alc-free gives us the chance to put those nice things back into our life. And there are so many good things to choose from. I want to learn a new language! Or the piano! I want my body to be as healthy as possible! I am so grateful I found the “30-day Sobriety Solution” too!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story it gives me hope that I can go forward and be successful in sobriety. Many days I struggle with believing I will stay sober. Again THANK YOU!

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    Thank you for sharing. very inspirational.I started my journey January25th.

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    Thank you for sharing your story @njs41935, it’s very inspirational and gives me hope that I can stay sober and thrive in sobriety! I’m on day 29 and today is my birthday. I’m going out for dinner with my husband tonight, I know that I’m going to long for a martini as an appetizer and a delicious glass of red with dinner, but instead, I’m going to give myself the gift of sobriety, good health, and self respect to start off this year of 54! If feels good to do things differently.

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    You have a great attitude and plan in place to celebrate your Birthday. May this be your best sober Birthday ever!!!

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