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    My vision statement is something I have been aware of for many years which has actually become a lot more clear in the last year.

    I desire to help millions of people absolve their suffering. I have become an expert at a method of processing out emotions and beliefs, but with whatever is causing my addiction I am having trouble navigating through my own traumas, which have been many. I believe I have been given (or agreed) to these past instances so that I can be an actual master of a very complex array of issues, expert mode in life, so I can help almost anyone. I created a brand called Urbanlightenment 6 months ago, which is a spiritual personal development brand. It will be a massive Youtube channel and I will be selling teleconference courses and audio programs. It’s non new agey, practical and modern spiritual personal development.

    I’ve been doing 1:1 coaching and getting great results in people. I envision myself in massive arenas filled with tens of thousands of people, taking them through these processes and allowing them to discover the Truth of what they are. Infinite beings. So for my process, ultimately, I want to be at the Tony Robbins level. Doing massive events like him, just as an example. This work is based in the mind sciences, and I don’t mean neurosciences, I mean the actual usage of the laws of consciousness to create massive transformations in peoples lives. Additionally, I am part of a boutique firm that does green bond financing. I desire to help the world go green through this investment vehicle. With all this said, for my personal life I wish to have a sense of adventure, and be able to go anywhere I desire, have fun without drugs or alcohol and be able to connect with anyone being freely expressed.

    My ultimate goal in life, overarching all of this is to love everyone and everything. To identify with my beingness.

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