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    I was reading through this chapter and had a similar kneejerk response to the positivity encouraged in the action steps. I just don’t engage with that narrative but I did still carry out the steps.
    When thinking about the future and what goals or dreams I might have achieved after 30 (90) days it got me thinking about what I had already achieved in life. The few main life goals I had at 18 I achieved within 7 years. But now I have them they don’t mean anywhere near as much as they did when they were dreams or after I first achieved them.
    It made me wonder if once I have “achieved” sobriety if it will no longer hold that importance to me and if it will become mundane or taken for granted. (I use quote marks because I don’t see this as a state that is achieved in a single fell swoop. It is more complex). I imagine this would factor into any relapsing in the future. It left me worried but also considering that it is always worth having something new to work towards.

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