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    Today is July 4, 2017, and I am grateful for loving relationships with my husband, family, and peers. I am growing spiritually and have a rewarding career. I am vibrantly healthy, thriving in sobriety.

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    I am (very slightly) ashamed to say that I too was one of those who left feedback about being unable to find the examples of new stories the book referred to. Then I realised I was falling into an old pattern of complaining and expecting ‘Them’ to fix things for me. So, although it feels very scary (as I might not ‘get it right’-another limiting belief that I’m determined will not stop me ‘thriving in sobriety’) here is what I have written as my New Story. And I’m hoping lots more of us will add to this posting so we create examples to encourage others!

    My New Story

    Since beginning the 30 Day Sobriety Solution fifteen months ago – and following its suggestions and doing all the exercises, some several times now – I have lost 3 stone and feel so much healthier and happier. My body is now completely pain-free and I enjoy travelling about freely. I have lots of energy; I sleep soundly and awake refreshed each morning.

    I have established routines of eating healthy foods and only very exceptionally eat ‘fast food’ – because I now have a taste for, and genuinely prefer, the healthy stuff. I feel better for it and love the fact that this is an active expression of my commitment to self-love and self-care.

    Inspired by all the insights I gained from doing the 30 Day Solutions, I have incorporated many of them into my daily spiritual practices. And I have become more honest, open and transparent as a result. I now enjoy a really healthy, loving, and passionate relationship with my wife. We have quality time together each week and make a point of booking regular holiday breaks. We love having these times together and we also both enjoy time apart, either walking in the hills or by the coast on our own – or going on retreat. I have recognised that intimacy is my greatest need, so I make time for family, friends and colleagues and enjoy heart-to-heart sharing which deepens all these relationships.

    This year I have made a priority of developing self-awareness, learning about addiction and recovery, and my own personal growth. I’m developed much greater patience, tolerance and compassion for myself; I give myself the regular gifts of praise and encouragement. I’m proud of myself for being sober and ‘clean’ and my self-talk is now wholly positive.

    We have made the move from our house in the country to a delightful little house in the small city where my wife works and from which she can now cycle or walk to work. I’m enjoying exploring this new environment and find it so much more convenient for transport. Having retired last December I now visit friends regularly and am pursuing a long-term creative passion for film-making. I have the kit I’ve dreamed of owning and am mastering the skills of digital editing and vlogging.

    I realise now (October 2017) that I am indeed ‘thriving in sobriety’: I am happy (most of the time!), successful and living a creative, productive life. I believe in myself and my abilities. I am comfortable with the truth of who I am and I am at peace with my past.I have confidence in my own abilities and act from a sense of generosity and abundance: I attract whatever I want and need.

    Spirituality is central to my life: I seek, through practice, to keep loosening my identification with separation and fear, to remember that Love is our essence and the most fulfilling goal I can have. I feel grateful and blessed.

    I love my freelance work and I am excited about the life I am creating for myself. I am writing further books for publication and am working with groups and individuals in ways which give me a substantial income and a great deal of satisfaction. I am confidently and effortlessly using my gifts and talents to offer hope and inspiration to others.

    I now feel really good about who I am and optimistic about my future. And (having released certain limiting beliefs in the past twelve months) I am hopeful about humanity’s current evolutionary shift. I am committed to engaging with new ideas and being part of ever wider networks of support and inspiration. I am already part of a dynamic and supportive community of friends and colleagues worldwide.

    The isolation, shame and desperation that led me to want to escape the present and lose myself in ‘acting out’ are all distant memories – as if they happened to someone else. I am now living a life of meaning and purpose and delight in using my skills and talents for the betterment of our world.

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      Wow, thank you so much for posting your story! It is truly an inspiration in writing mine. I love that it’s so detailed and contains so many aspects of thriving in sobriety.

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    Congratulations to wayfarer & soulseeker! Wishing you continued success as you thrive in sobriety! I’m only about a month in, but hope I can’t report the same, exciting results 15 months from now!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story of your journey these past 15 months! You have so wonderfully described how you’ve been able to realize all of the amazing potential you had inside of you once you started the process of thriving. It’s truly amazing what is possible when we no longer let alcohol be the focus of our lives. Your success and happiness and the beauty you’ve been able to create is a real inspiration for me and most likely anyone who is engaged in this process. Thanks for checking back and letting us all know what you’ve accomplished! I’m so happy for you for what you’ve been able to do, and I’m so excited for me for what the future holds as I too thrive in sobriety!

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    Hi All, below is my “New Story” Just the first draft – but I though I would add to this thread and provide another example for those who come to the Day 19 Solution looking for examples. I loved that soulseeker100 mentioned that they had negative feelings when not finding the story – and caught themselves and realized this was one of the negative thinking traps and decided to do something about it instead of complaining. I loved this because I felt exactly the same way – when I caught myself feeling this way – I realized I could do something about it instead of complaining. So below is my journal entry for my new story:


    Today is July 16th, 2018. I truly am amazed at how awesome this past year has been. It has by far been the best year of my life. I made some fundamental changes to the way I approach life and it started in June of 2017 when I purchased several books related to addition and how to overcome addiction. I was really struggling and needed to make a change. The first book I read was The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction is Not a Disease which basically stated that addiction is not a disease and that it is really just a bad habit. That is very much an oversimplification, but that is the main gist of the book. The author went through the biology and neuroscience of what happens to people who have harmful addictions in great detail. In the end the book had a message of hope that centered around changing bad habits and reprogramming your thinking and ultimately your brain to overcome your addictions. The book did not have any concrete steps to do this – just the message (that really resonated with me) that this was possible. After this book, I started the 30 Day Sobriety Solution, and this was a book full of concrete steps and a book that seemed tailored made for me and was exactly what I needed at the time. Before finding these books my life seemed to be slipping more and more into a place of avoidance. Avoidance of my feelings, avoidance of my past, and avoidance of my responsibilities. I felt like I was hanging on just waiting for life to be over, and spending the intervening moments getting drunk – too scared to face what I was feeling. I had a lot of anxiety regarding finances and being able to take care of everyone, and also resentment to how things unfolded in my childhood. I would try to bury these feeling in alcohol. It seemed to be getting worse for me – I was drinking more and being less and less present to those that I loved and who loved me. This bothered me greatly. In the past I was able (through sheer willpower) to stop drinking for long periods, but like both of the above books stated, I never really addressed the root causes of my drinking. The 30 Day Sobriety Solution has many excellent exercises to do exactly this and this has given me tremendous insight into what I am feeling and also where I wanted to go. I never realized how fantastic this could feel and how much of an impact this has had on my life!

    My relationship with my family has never been bad – but it was certainly strained by my drinking. At this point in my life, after making the changes regarding my drinking and more importantly, my thinking, my relationship with my wife and children has never been better. We are very open and loving and understanding of each other. We have always been a close family, but we are even closer now and really enjoy each others company! I am amazed at how awesome this is and really appreciate the changes that have occurred and that I am present and there to help them and share life to the fullest with all of them. My health is also improved dramatically. I am in the best shape of my life. After finishing the 30 Day Solutions I started an exercise plan that has resulted in me greatly improving my stamina and I have reduced my weight to 180 pounds – what I weighed in High School! I am also in the best mental shape of my life as well. I have a much better handle on what is going on at work and have navigated our project to new heights and everyone is working great as a team together. In addition to this, our financial situation has really improved. We are investing for retirement and this looks to be right on track with plenty of room to spare. We just put a big bonus into our savings account, we just got a new car to replace the mini-van (a BMW with lots of cool features), and I have finally got a new motorcycle to replace my beloved Harley Soft Tail! In addition to this, I am volunteering at the YMCA teaching classes and also doing more volunteer work for the homeless.

    It is amazing what a bit of clarity can do for your life and what you can do with all of the time you get back by not drinking and not having to deal with the shame and the funk that all of this causes you! I an truly grateful for how awesome this change has been in my life. I only wish I could have done this sooner – but I realize that it just was not the time for me – and I needed to wait till I was ready – and I am glad I was ready a year ago! By the way – I am also an excellent racquetball player and on my way to winning the league championship! 🙂


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