NO Sedona method or link to Byron Katie's work – where is it??

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    Nothing mentioned in the Day 23 solution seems to be present online, like the Sedona method, or Byron Katie’s video’s – goes to Day 2 Old me link….. Help please.

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    I don’t know if this will help, but I found this.

    Hope it’s what you’re looking for.

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    Sedona Method

    Check this out. Read “how it works”

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      eddieg13 thank you so much for that Byron Katie video – it was excellent! Just what I needed.

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    Thank you @meowmeowcat!

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    I have found that most of the additional videos are missing on this site. It makes me FEEL irritated.

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      I agree – especially starting around the middle of the third phase. Has anyone found an answer to this issue – other than just searching you tube for the content?

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    The links to iTunes videos for 21 to 23 do not connect the go back to early videos of before you and after you . I would really like to see the videos . Thanks for your attention to this .

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    Hi Folks,
    Unfortunately this Companion Website has never been finished and is still in Beta Launch.
    Although it no longer has any oversight and that
    is frustrating,…consider that it is FREE and it works well enough to ensure success with the Program.
    So I count my blessings and am Grateful for this amazing program.
    Onward, Sina

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      I am on Day 29 and have found the book excellent. The website has just caused me frustration. It seems so amateurish compared to the quality of the programme.

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      I have to agree. As a techie I can tell that a lot of time, effort and money went into this website. Although it is unfortunate there are frustrated people out there, you should maybe use some of the techniques in the program that you have learned about yourself to focus on your progress rather than anything that could possibly hold you back. There is certainly enough information and resources to help you be successful in Thriving in Sobriety.

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    I find it interesting that Dave started this program and never finished it. Humm that kind of goes against everything he is teaching here.
    I have tried to get the reminder daily emails sent but that does not seem to be working.
    I have tried all forms of communication with them but nothing works…some say try again later…but we all at this point know… no one is listening…and lets not start about the thousands of spam marketing emails we all see.
    Obviously many of the “attached” videos are not on the site…many of them just send you to the New you video..this is obviously a glitch…People have been asking about this for the last 3 years…Some go back to 2015.. Oh well. The program is helping me…ALLOT. So I am VERY grateful but it kind of stings a little that they did not care enough to finish the “Beta Launch”. I do get emails from them trying to get me signed up for the Insiders circle so I know Dave is out there…continuing to market through the site.. but clearly they are not interested in the web program or the book support.

    What do they say…so close and yet so far…

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