Not losing that much weight

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    I am on day 19 of the book (22 days sober) but have only lost about 4 pounds. I eat well and exercise 5-6 days a week. I figured I consumed 3000-4000 calories a week in alcohol so the weight should be falling off but it’s not. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? I may be eating a little more then normal but not that much! Kind of frustrating.

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    Keep up the good work. Considering there are 7,500 calories in a pound of fat, you are doing very well. So much of weight loss, I have found, is a function of age; that is the older I get the harder it is to keep off the weight.

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    Hello savvy, I am having a similar experience. I’m on day 15 in the book (22 days sober too). I exercise am active and eat well but my weight hasn’t budged. In fact I am a couple of pounds over my normal weight (wtf). Definitely a little frustrating but not letting it get the best of me cause I’m so glad not to be drinking. Keep up the good work I wish you luck.

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    Best of luck to you too, azzip!! Maybe our bodies need some time to recover before they start dropping weight. At least that’s what I hope! 🙂 Congrats on 22 days sober! Such a huge accomplishment!

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    I am on day 19 book and day 16 abstaining and am thrilled with my 4 pound weight loss. The first few days I ate whatever I wanted and then hunkered down to planning my meals and eating healthy. It’s a natural progression for me because my eating has always be healthy sprinkled with unhealthy when I had too much to drink or got bored. Sometimes my main reason for overeating was so that I could justify drinking when I got home from work (I blew my calorie consumption with food, so I might as well mix it with booze),

    I’m 60 so I know the weight is going to come off slowly. Losing weight was the main reason I started thinking about abstinence but I know I need to focus on the rest of my life also.

    Instead of focusing on that number, would it help to focus on the benefits you have achieved since choosing to thrive in sobriety? For me:

    My clothes are comfortable and no longer tight.
    I am making better decisions about what I put in my mouth because I am more clear headed.
    I am much better able to participate in my exercise program because I wake up clear headed.
    I see hope and a chance to get everything I want, including the lean, muscular body that I deserve.

    Hang in there – you are doing great!!

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    I am on day 19 as well and haven’t lost any weight. I have decided to put away the scale for now. My clothes are fitting better so I’m happy. I’ve decided to stay focused on “The 30 Day Sobriety Solution”. I remember reading in an earlier chapter to try to attempt to do more than one thing at a time will set you up for failure. Be patient the weight loss will follow!! We’re doing great!!!

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    I agree. We are all doing great with sobriety on day 19..the weight loss will come over time..make sure to visualize yourself a year from now as a heathy and fit, happy sober you…and you will be on your way!! Congrats on your success so far keep up the great progress!!

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    Hi there are actually 3,500 calories which add up to a pound of fat! I am experiencing the same frustration. I have been taking spin classes, I run, try to eat well and the scale won’t move. It’s kind of frustrating to say the least. I’m sober so that is great though. The rest will follow, spin tonight! I’m also a bit down b/c I’m going through a breakup but it doesn’t make me want to drink. Just makes me want to do better.

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    Day 19…So I was experiencing the same frustrations”why isn’t this weight just falling off of me?” I went to my physician who specializes in weight loss, and I have actually loss 4 lbs of fat!
    He encouraged me to focus on how my clothes are fitting, the lack of bloating(my stomach) and lack of puffiness in my face. He told me to focus on the positives-go figure:) I do eat less carbs now that I’m not drinking wine late at night. The calories I am consuming actually taste!

    I enjoyed the visualizations and acting “as if” exercises. I am a true believer in the law of attraction, so I am seeing myself at a healthy weight, clothes fitting well, exercising, and enjoying great health. It will manifest.

    Doogan22, I am glad you are not triggered to drink over the breakup- a great sign, huh?

    I was triggered badly yesterday. I hadn’t realized how much I associated airports with drinking. It was quite difficult to not drink before my flight yesterday. I had to use a lot of the tools to get past the unhealthy thinking of reward for a great business meeting and numbing my anxiety around all the new work assigned. But I did it, and now I know I can again, and again.

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    I haven’t lost either, but I’m not letting it get to me. My clothes do seem to fit better though. I’m doing weight watchers, and I’m concentrating on feeling great about not blowing points on wine. The weight will come off, all in good time. I’m also having energy finally to work out. Yay!

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    Searching4anew, I felt exactly the same way Saturday at the airport. I had several hours before my flight, my husband was picking me up from the airport, and in the past I would probably have had 3 glasses of wine! I felt the urge swell up inside my chest, and I just sat with it. I thought about how I would feel on Sunday-full of regret and shame-and I picked up my “Four Agreements ” book and started reading. The feeling passed and was replaced with pride and gratitude .?

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      Wow, peachyclean, that is a great accomplishment. Kudos to you! We’re all getting stronger.

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    get “The 17 Day Diet” by Mike Moreno

    I’m down 6.5 lbs on day 11 on that diet

    Your liver needs time to heal and will burn fat soon especially if you drink a lot of green tea and go easy on starch and sugar

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    It has been good to know that I’m not the only one that’s not losing weight quickly. I did lose 4 pounds quickly, than a fifth a little slower and then a sixth pound.. and then I gained that last pound back, and then lost it, etc. for over two weeks of plateauing. And then, suddenly, I’ve lost 6 1/2 pounds (in 37 days). Since I was drinking 4,000 calories a week that’s probably what I should expect. Losing a pound a week would be just fine!

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    I’VE LOST 2.5 LBS THIS FIRST WEEK and am thrilled. I’ve been walking and eating less now that I’m not stuffing my face while sitting on the couch watching TV while I drink myself silly. Peachyclean, that book, the Four Agreements is really good. Another one I liked is the Untethered soul! I think the weight will continue to fall off overtime. I gained all my weight the last few years so I am prepared for it to take abut a year to get rid of it. They say 1 pound a week is the best for your body. That way you will tone up as you go and not have saggy skin. Which if you are older iis more of a challenge.

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    Just wanted to “weigh” in. I completed the program the end of April only to relapse (and not feeling too bad about that) and am rebooting. About weight–I, too, made losing 5 pounds a goal and didn’t loose an ounce. Note I am not that overweight in fact I’m within the range of normal. Not losing the 5 lbs. bothered me but what I came to realize, the program made me not care about my weight and to accept myself for who I am today and everyday. So thanks!

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    The body has to adjust to having the alcohol removed abruptly. Our bodies had become alcohol dependent. I would not get too sad about the weight loss. Just focus on getting your 30 days sober and make a commitment that when you git day 31 you will puruse your weight and exercise goals full blast and come out with guns blazing.

    I am 19 days sober and 2 days ago was so pumped up with my workouts that I was doing squats and tweaked my lower back. I am super frustrated that I had to miss my workout today because my lower back is still hurting and I have been “de-railed” in my progress.

    In the past I would have said F–k it! and gotten drunk. Would have justified it easily and gone out to get drunk. But the new tools of 30DSS have really changed my mindset. I cant just go out drinking on auto-pilot like I used to. And if the temptation was really strong all I have to do is pick up my notebook of journal and writing exercises and I will snap back immdiately. These writing remind me that I made the correct decision in cutting the liquor out of my life FOR GOOD. And that there is no valid excuse to ever pick up the bottle again.

    Regardless of whatever catastrophe and multiple deaths. Regardless of my good fortunes and even if I win the Powerball lottery. There is no conceivable scenario that I would ever soil my lips with the Devil’s liquor. I would rather die than ever take another swallow of that poison.

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    I am 19 days sober and have lost 2 lbs. Weight loss is a definite goal for me! I’m 60+ and have gradually gained over the years. We are continuing, aren’t we? That’s a positive affirmation!

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    Thats great! Congratulations. I recommend people to buy a fat caliper (less than $10) and take your measurements each week using the calculations on the internet. Search for “fat caliper calculator” on Google

    The cheap white plastic one works good enough, I got mine for $6. I am at 18% bodyfat

    We often gain muscle and lose fat at the same time so just because the numbers on the scale are not going down does not mean we are not making progress. If your bodyfat percentage goes down it means you are building lean muscle mass

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    I haven’t lost any weight, but I’m eating tons of sugar, so . . . just lucky I haven’t gained!

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    A response to all those who are want to lose weight:

    Focus on your sobriety goals, instead of weight loss goals. The authors of 30-DSS to say early on that it’s best not to combine the program with other goals.

    Although… having said that, I too am disappointed that I haven’t lost weight !!! 🙂 But once this program is completed, we can add in additional goals. So celebrate your successes

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