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    I’m actually on Day 10 but seemed to have got stuck on something from yesterday. I’m an introvert experiencing anxiety which leads to drinking which leads to depression. It takes me many many hours to get past the smallest amount of stress. Fighting drinking exhausts me but always I feel better the next morning.

    I’m really scared that anxiety and stress will lead to drinking, as it did one day last week. My corrective actions are deep breathing throughout the day as I become stressed, gym straight after work then do the actions when I get home. I’ve tried and failed hundreds, probably thousands of times when my emotions overtake & I drink. Somewhere in the last week the book mentioned that my drinking identity will be fighting for its life and that’s how I feel now. Sometimes the deep breathing doesn’t work, because there’s lots of drama in my workplace and I can’t be off deep breathing, they need me to respond & then by the time I’m all hyped up it’s too late for the breathing to work. Maybe I need something more tangible for anxiety in the first place.

    Also, can anyone tell me how many days it takes for alcohol to be out of your body. I thought it was about 4 days, but then someone told me Annie Grace teaches that it’s not out of your body entirely for 10 days but I can’t find that documented anywhere. I usually fail between days 4-6 so knowing when my body is purged from poison would be helpful, then I know it’s just a habit to break.

    My mind is still thinking a lot about alcohol – not wondering when I can next drink – I dearly want to be alcohol free – but terribly fearful that my impulses will lead me to drink.

    Any help much appreciated xx

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    Hi @i_need_an_angel…take a deep breath!🤠 Stress, anxiety, panic, all can be great stumbling blocks if you are not vigilant. Anticipation can be the best or worst part of anything. Dwelling on the imagined event can contribute to the expected outcome. So much safer to focus in each moment. However, it helps me to have a game plan in place. What has worked for me is to either flood my mind with Sobriety related materials (which are abundant on YouTube), or do an activity I love, like my current craft project. Distractions, and also learning new behaviors are great tools for your arsenal. You might want to get the SMART Recovery Handbook which is available on Amazon or through the SMART RECOVERY Website. It can teach you new skills, from reframing your thoughts in mire Life Serving ways, to tackling seemingly life defeating emotions. I highly recommend it.
    And yes, Annie Grace does indeed cite 10 days as the amount of time for Alcohol to evacuate the body. I respect the research she does constantly. If you want to add another layer of support to your game plan, you can join her Alcohol Experiment. I have done it once when she first started it, and now I’m signed up again with a different email. She continues to improve the Site.
    Hang tough, be kind t8 yourself and DON’T GIVE UP! That way, you can’t lose!
    Onward! Sina

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    Thanks so much Sina. I’ll definitely give Annie’s alcohol experiment a go xx

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    Actually Sina, could you please reference the 10 days it takes for alcohol to leave my body. It would really help. I’ll do the Alcohol Experiment after 30 day sobriety solution – bit too much two programs at once.

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      Hi. Annie Grace mentions the “10 day detox” on pages 144, 149, 150… She references one of the quotes from Endnote #207 “What happens during alcohol detox and how long does it last?”

      Hope this helps.


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        Thanks Bfitzher, I plan to read Annie’s book once I’ve finished 30 day solution.

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      Hi @bfitzher. Do you mean those pages in This Naked Mind?

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    Good morning (California time) @i_need_an_angel. I applause your decision to focus your energy on the 30DSS. I usually don’t recommend folks include another program until they have completed this one.

    I could not find the one source Annie references for the 10 Day figure. Only that she reiterates it’s accuracy on more than one occasion. Absence of the physical traces of Alcohol does not, of course mean that cravings cease to challenge , unfortunately they may fear up for weeks, months, years. They lessen dramatically and transform into fleeting thoughts which hold no sway to the committed mind in my experience.
    Milestones like the 10 Day one herald enormous progress and foreshadow greater breakthroughs, even in the face of a lapse, in my own experience.
    So take heart that better days await!
    In fact wonderful happy days await!
    Onward Angel! Sina

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    Excuse the typos, autocorrect can be so annoying!

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    Hang in there!

    I just started this program as well. I see the technique of EFT tapping is involved.
    This is a great technique to learn. Very effective.
    Take care and good luck,


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      Thanks mg-free, I’m almost up to tapping chapter, will be useful in coming working week xx

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