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    I didnt realize it, but I have been slowwwwwly doing the last 4 days. I split ip a few days. It is true that the material was pretty “deep”, so I wanted to embrace it.

    But, I am on Day 28 of the solutions, but 30 days tomorrow sober!!

    My vision statement is still true, and I have been truly learning alot.

    I suppose my thoughts have changed a bit on whether I can successfully “take it or leave it” or whether I should stay abstinent. I will not worry about it today, but keep learning and being happy thriving.

    What a program! I wish everyone to learn and just keep moving forward… Onward to day 29!

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    Congratulations chrise86! I’m sure your body thanks you (liver, cells, all of it!).
    I’ve done four 30-day stints this year, all of which went beyond 30 days (44 – 62- 35 – 34).
    Making a 30-day commitment has really worked for me. Each commitment took me further and further away from alc. To be honest, right now I just don’t even want it any more. I think physically I changed on the cellular level. If I do take alc down the road, and then get worried it’s coming back, I’ll commit to another 30-day commitment. My best to you! You done good!

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    Day 29 for me, but day 31 sober. I’ve made it through a BBQ with my “drinking friends,” a sailing trip, a concert, etc., without my beloved wine crutch. I’ve started exercising regularly again. I’m rested and happy in the mornings. I feel like a better wife, mom, and friend. There are moments I really crave/miss my precious wine, but not enough to pick it up again. Not sure what my go forward strategy is, or long term plans, but I’m enjoying today. I appreciate this opportunity to learn more about myself and find the best version of myself again….I feel like I lost sight of that. Congrats to everyone for making it this far!

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    I agree lushnolonger58.

    I am enjoying today. I am still on Day 29 for a few days (33 days sober). It was my bday yesterday, and I had a nice cup of peppermint tea but splurged on splitting a piece of cheescake. 😊😊

    I also have been exercising each day, which makes me feel so much better and clear headed.

    This program is, to me, so much more positive, empowering, and I do hope to continue to “study”.

    I wonder if there is a 30DSS alumni club! 😊

    Onward to finish day 29!

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    Funny, Chrise86. I’m taking my time with these last couple days, too. Happy belated birthday!! Cheesecake sounds delightful!

    Just sitting down to do the work for day 29 now….

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    I agree. This program works. I also go on the app “Daybreak”. There is a constant stream of comments. One of the participants called it his “pocket army”. It feels like a support group at my finger tips, much like this site, but it’s very, very active. It helps me! My best to you going forward!

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    Kudos to all. I just finished day 28 and am 29 days sober. What Katballou wrote about change on a cellular level I believe to be true. My improvement physically and emotionally is huge. My self esteem is improved by seeing the program through, and I’m becoming more fearless in trying new things that I might enjoy. My plan is to repeat the 30 day program abstaining for another month. I have found iced tea and nonalcoholic beer/wine work for me. I haven’t missed the hangovers at all. I’m proud of us all. Yay!!!

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    Today is Day 28 for me, 27 days AF. This program has given me more than I could have possibly imagined. How many times have we seen claims of products that just seem too good to be true? For the most part, I’m a believer that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is a scam. I admit that I went into this program with doubts that this could be “too good to be true”. I’m so happy to report that I was wrong! Every step of this program has built on the previous ones. My journal, which has grown and spilled over into a second notebook, is so invaluable to me. I review it fully at least every two days. I even have added updates to the original entries about how I feel now. It is amazing to me to see, on paper, how far I’ve come in both thoughts and strength.

    I realize that there is not a magic pill out there that fits all of us but for the last 28 days this has been my magic pill. I hope that someone reads this that might be struggling and gains the strength to keep going!
    Signed, Proud to be Sober

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    Hello to the Day 28 Forum. I don’t suppose any of you are still on this site, but on the off chance, I want to say thank you for your posts. I have been wondering about my plan as I near 30 days. I now have one. I am going to take a few days off from the site, but not my journal. I’m going to clean up my journal by June 22, 2019, then start the 30 day plan over again. I will feel free to skip some of the days that I feel are less valuable, and do a deeper dive into some others, for example, the forgiveness days, which I never fully finished, and a few others like it.
    I am so grateful to this program, it is the first thing that has worked for me, and a big part of that has been reading others posts and knowing others are out there. If not exactly right now, in the near past. I know there are still a few of us currently on site, and it seems a few start every now and then. So I will keep looking at the site wide forum for “friends that are working the program”.

    Best to all…

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    Woohoo MyTurn75!

    I love that you are committed to journaling.

    I did this 30 last year and am just restarting. Not because I have not been successful but because I know I have to continue learning.

    I found that I ended up going 45 days just because I’m the last few activities, I wanted to spend some thought in doing.

    On day 3 for me and headed into holidays with family “thriving in sobriety”!!

    Best of luck to you and yes pass the word (if appropriate), it is possible to thrive in sobriety!


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