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    Hello everyone, Kelly here. This is my first time posting.

    I’m on solution 17 with 30 days sober today (Whoop Whoop)! I’m on the 90 day plan!

    I want to express my gratitude this morning to Dave and Jack for what has been for me a life changing experience. I’ve been waiting/asking for this book/course for years it seems.
    So, Gentlemen, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

    As I’ve been doing the lessons I’ve had an insight into “our” connectedness. “Our” meaning Dave and Jack of course, but also all of the other people, places, and things that have conspired to bring this book/course into my life and the lives of all the others that have been asking.

    Here goes:

    Thank you Dave/Jack and your families. My thanks/gratitude/appreciation goes out as well to all of the people behind the scenes. To the: editors, personal assistants, publishers, to the people and business’s that make the paper it was printed on, to the truck drivers that brought the paper to the printers, to the people that made the printing presses, to the moderators of the web site, the people and technology that it took to get the web site up and running and that now maintain it, to the readers of this posting… you touch my life in ways that I don’t even know.

    Maybe you work in insurance, the automobile industry, the computer industry. Maybe you make the eyeglasses that help me to read. Maybe you work on a road crew that maintains the highways that the trucks drive on to get the books to the stores so that the people that work there can put them on the shelf so that I can walk buy and buy one.

    Maybe you can see where this is going? I could go on and on and on, it’s HUGE!

    I have pages and pages in my journal of people, places, and things I’m grateful for and oh what a feeling. It feels like it’s expanding everywhere, and it is I suppose.

    So anyway.

    Thank you my brothers/sisters, we ARE all connected and I am Thriving in Sobriety!


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    Two thumbs up on this post! I pretty easily banged out 25 things I’m grateful for and the moment I closed out of my journal I realized I hadn’t listed this program; the most obvious and recent thing I am grateful for.

    I really appreciate how full and complete this process is and that it primarily focuses on positive visualization and such. It’s so much more uplifting and I so agree about the criticisms of AA though I do believe it’s a great program. This program is waking me up to my whole life again and just puts me in such a good place. There is just enough of the scary imagery to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    Dave and Jack, and everyone as mentioned above, have really created an amazing tool that can be used in regards to so many issues. I am immensely grateful for the work and care that has been put into this program and everyone that contributes and participates.

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    For me the hardest part will be having to actually tell another human being that you appreciate something they have done and are grateful.

    Up to now all the solutions have been internal work. I am not really comfortable with doing this. With only 20 days of sobriety I am afraid it will come off as insincere.

    Its going to be awkward. Not looking forward to this and I have never postponed any of the solutions before (other than the one on day one to go see a Doctor)

    I dont like that we are being asked to do this on day 20, it is still so early in sobriety.

    I feel very reluctant. =(

    THis is like step 5 from AA or step 9 where you have to involve other people, and I dont like that

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      How about writing a letter to the individual(s) but not sending it? You can always express to them in person your gratitude at a later date when you are more comfortable with it. I think the important thing right now is to recognize what you are grateful for, not necessarily to involve other people.

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    Thank you for the feedback. That sounds like a good idea.

    I am having a tough time with this solution……reminds me how much wreckage and damage that alcohol has caused in my life.

    I lost all my friends and girlfriend (because of my drinking) and really my Mom and my sister are the only people that remain in my life. And me and my sister dont really get along very well.

    Its quite pathetic, really. At the age of 35 to be in a place of isolation like I am. Sigh….

    I guess I am an extreme case. Hope the others can learn from me and quit drinking before you end up like me. All by myself.

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      I don’t think you are an extreme case at all. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you to meet new friends and a special girlfriend. Being sober will mean that the people you meet from now on will get to know the real you and you will be able to choose people that you want in your life that will be more compatible with the real/new you. I am 55 and just getting sober now. You have a 20 year head start! You will not be by yourself if you want to make connections with new friends. Check out the website recovery2.0 with Tommy Rosen. You can connect with a ton of people in similar situations there. You have done a great job so far! Keep going!

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    Fc321, I agree with everything liza said! You are young! You are doing a great thing for yourself here. You and people you Will meet and begin new relationships with in the future will be enriched by having you in their lives. This book is for more than 30 days, it’s a tutorial for living your life to the fullest and that is a tall order for a 30 day time frame. Many folks repeat the process. Try not to be discouraged. Take liza’s suggestion to write a letter/email and keep it for later. You’re doing fabulously! Onward Fellow Sobriety Seeker! Sina

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    Thank you sina and liza. =)

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    I am so grateful for this program and whatever/whoever directed me to it. And I am grateful for the staff and helpers at 30DS for their efforts and committment in making this program a success. I can’t thank you enough…you have literally saved my life. Day 20, super dry, and feeling incredibly grateful for so much I took for granted. The last few days, for some reason, I started to have flash-backs to my younger days when I wasn’t drinking. I am coming home and regaining my life one day at a time and it is an amazing feeling.

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