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    The mountain area in the outside in, the spider platform is in the artificial intelligence under the “fantasy” operation, the positive facing west runs about wildly but goes to, at it after death, that absolute being class superior the big fiesta take charge of to just and wildly don’t already make track for.For leading a big fiesta department to leave place scope in the cave, make the hostage of dreamlike island able to escape smoothly, don’t come to bother Yan to fly to take the material and the product in the aircraft at the same time, the spider platform has no right away start from ruin procedure.It is running about wildly and sending out the voice of demolishing and loudly clamor, time the Liao stir the nerve that the big fiesta takes charge of:”The black dwarf of blast it why makes track for a grandpa to ask me not to put?”
    Although that big fiesta department is emaciated, but the height come to a 2 meters, is a real tall person.Can Yan’s flying but scolding him is a dwarf, and sneer at his skin color, this lets the big fiesta department don’t already cut up rough.Want to know big fiesta department right and wrong continent black the only an absolute being class is in so many in the last yearses superior, at ordinary times high status Gao at up, be been into absolute being by the common run of people to worship, when once be subjected to thus of challenge and belittle?
    The words spirit that the big fiesta department is flown by the Yan the Ao Ao scream madly, but the but again makes track for not up anterior spider platform and finds no way out with the destruction in the spider platform more.
    The spider platform is on the flat ground of rush speed can attain 200 kilometers/ per hour, be also have 50 kilometers/ per hour in the most rugged mountain area.Although the big fiesta department is an absolute being class superior, but his lord’s offending a direction is not on the speed, so rush ability to have certain blemish.Plus him once having the evidence to catch up spider platform, the spider platform will shoot a weapon attack he, draw back thus and the big fiesta take charge of of distance, the big fiesta department has been making track for not and up spider platform.
    However spider platform and big fiesta take charge of of speed comprehensive compare to differ only a few, so they who can not also outstrip the other party plantation shutters, who can not also catch up or get away from the other party.While taking no account of the premise of external factor, the speed of the spider platform cans not compares with a big fiesta department.If isn’t that the spider platform is in advance one-step, plusing the spider platform can shoot a big fiesta of weapon interference if the department goes forward speed, the spider platform should early be caught up by the big fiesta department.
    Big fiesta for doing not let department creation doubt, continue to guide a big fiesta department to keep off a cave, the spider platform is running about wildly and loudly sneering at:”Oh ah ……I body up don’t have backbone, even if you this black dog make track for I run, I also have no thing to feed you.”
    Be demolished parable to become a black dog, behind of big fiesta department be annoyed seven Qiaos living smoke, he concentrated mentality, develop own potential to the extreme limit, let own speed be strengthened under the impossible condition, incredibly at very the in a short time again closed to spider platform.
    Spider platform a surprised, have never thought a big fiesta to take charge of to incredibly break out in this case.However the spider platform has no nervous, but shot a guided missile.This guided missile trails red tail Yan, will attackstone the big fiesta department of behind.All the way the big fiesta department once experienced spider platform as well various attack means of each kind, so he is facing the time that the guided missile attackstones seem to be to have much of experience.However take charge of in the big fiesta the familiar road of light car avoids being seen of time, discover that guided missile having no quilt such as before so move out of the way, but is missing the time that the big fiesta takes charge of suddenly took place from explode.
    Guided missile from explode output strong impact wave and play a slice to wreak havoc everywhere, this with play although the slice didn’t directly hurt a big fiesta department, but the success declined go under the speed that the big fiesta department just lifted.

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