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    Today I read a question in the bonus section that really hit home with me: What do I want my legacy to be?

    This question has really helped me strengthen my sobriety commitment and put things into perspective for me. Today, alcohol seems far less attractive than it has in many years.

    I do not want the last sentence of the last chapter of my life to read, “Unfortunately, he died from liver disease and related complications because he drank too much.” I would rather be run over by a car than die as a result of my own foolish behaviour. That is not who I see myself to be.

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    Hi ice-t. Thanks for starting this topic.

    It’s pretty powerful when we think about questions like how we want to be remembered. It makes me realize how our days are getting shorter and it’s up to us to choose the direction to the best conclusion of our life story.

    I’m glad you posted. Keep sharing! Using these forums will really increase your motivation and success I’ve found. Thanks. Onward, Sina

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