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    Hi Dave and Jack (and my fellow participants!

    Day 7!!!! Very excited. I lifted my arms skyward after my 45 minute spin workout this morning a 8am. This was not gonna happen previous Sunday mornings, I was too hungover or simply feeling like shit. It’s thrilling.

    I have a simple question abut what I read in the Day 7 review today. Th paragraph states:

    “But first, you will have the opportunity to learn about willpower and action, especially how to take consistent action and avoid distraction. After your introduction to The Sobriety System, you will learn how to reconnect with your core values, uncover the lies you have been telling yourself that hold you back from getting what you want, why 95 percent of your behavior is unconsciously chosen, and how to stop your self-sabotaging behaviors.”

    Are we talking about life in general here or just sobriety? Because I desperately am looking to unlock the secret to greater productivity, not being afraid or facing the challenges in my business, taking massive action on my own behalf, and achieving my goals. Will we be learning about these things in future chapters.

    Thank you so much.

    I also wanted to say that I started this program after spending a night in a hospital psychiatric crisis center. I emailed the State Auditor, who was auditing my company to determine if my workers were employees or 1099 workers as I had claimed. I wrote to him that he was ruining my life and I was going to end my own life. He called the local police who came to my office two mornings later, along with a crisis evaluator , all while I was in the middle of a conference call with a client.

    I had to hang up the call and be taken to the hospital where I was to spend the night in he crisis ward – a small featureless cement room, without my phone, electronics or books; my clothes taken from me, replaced with a hospital gown. I was a sobering and frightening experience. I asked the nurse for a pen and paper and overnight wrote down on three sheets of paper what I wanted to accomplish with the rest of my life.

    The next morning when I was finally released, I walked the 1 mile back to my office where my car was still parked. On the way, I breathed in the warm summer air, and considered how lucky I was to be alive with yet another opportunity to change my life. I then came upon “The 30 day sobriety solution” on Audible on the morning of July 26th. I began the program on Monday, July 30th.

    I grateful beyond words for the content, the authors and all of you.

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    I there @18tocci .
    Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster!!!

    To answer your question….Yes, I believe that as Dawson Church states “Disguised as a book, this is a brilliantly effective lifestyle makeover….”
    I would recommend that you buy the actual book in addition to the Audio that you already own.

    I regret to inform you that you probably will not get feedback from Dave or Jack.
    DO NOT let that deter you!
    Keep posting, keep journaling, and you WILL be able to reap the benefits of this program!
    Onward! Sina

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