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    I see posts from many months/years ago…is there anyone in the program now around Day 21? Looking for encouragement and bouncing ideas around.

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    Hi, I just saw your post. I am finishing my solutions for Day 29 / Day 30 (although I am now 32 days sober) the last few days of work are pretty intense and although working on it the last few nights, definitely take some thought. But anyway, enough about me, that will be you in a week..! Good for you for coming this far. Let me know what you need since I am a touch ahead of you. How are you feeling?

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    Hi NewLeaf! I’m hanging on — 26 days AF. I’m feeling good, clear-headed in the morning and a renewed productivity at work. Still struggling with desire some times, but press through. I think I need to repeat Days 15 – 30 a second time. The work takes me time and I feel rushed — not completing every exercise fully. How are you doing?

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      Hi there….just finished the 21 day step. AF x 62 days. Love this program. I will go back and review it….especially like the affirmations, tapping, and the focus on positivity and “thriving in sobriety” which we never hear about. I have recommended this program to so many. I did the Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace before this x2….great for education, but this program really rocks when it comes to tools for sobriety.

      Hope you continue to do well. Touch base later.

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    Thank you Sumosam80! Since I last wrote I’ve completed the 30 Day Sobriety Solutions, and the Stop Drinking Plan by Allen Carr and Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind. I decided to stop counting my AF days since it doesn’t matter anymore, I’m done 🙂 I still need the community and continuous learning though…just bought the Recovery by Choice book and workbook by Martin Nicholaus and plan on digging in tonight. I want to learn all I can, to stay AF and to be of help to others. I really appreciate you messaging. Keep me posted with how you’re doing.

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