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    I finished the book, loved it and then on the 41 day I drank pumpkin beer. I feel like shit today and am all regrets. I’m not sure why i did this to myself?

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    Tara, it happens. You were living in the moment. Keep going. You’re not starting over, just remembering why you wanted to quit in the first place!

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    I finished the program in spring of 2016 and had one of the most amazing accomplishments of my life, completed a Yoga Teacher Training course. I was doing yoga and meditating everyday. I felt a strong calling to make changes in my life and become a teacher but my fear programing ie financial worries, worries about what people might think stopped me dead in my tracks. I then continued to find work in a very stressful health profession, partly because it was the known and made alot of sacrifices ie working away from home and immediately relapsed. 4 years later here I am beginning again hopefully with a deeper understanding of why and how; still the same fears, but again determined to figure out and practice living a life of sobriety. I want to trust and love myself care enough, have compassion and forgiveness and feel all of my feelings and creating an amazing life experiencing all the unlimited potential in the power of life love and relationship. I want to be free to choose. That is enough to keep me going. I accept relapse is part of the experience.

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    Today is Day 3 for me. So far not too bad. I live up North and will be going to Florida in a few weeks to visit my sister and brother-in-law. I’m looking forward to the visit and warm weather. Although I’m afraid of relapse. I will be in Day 27 when I get there and will stay for 2 wks. They drink a little, maybe 2 glasses of wine twice a week. Does anyone have suggestions for me to stay on track.

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      Hi there DiRN1026. Welcome aboard the Sober Coaster. Congratulations on making a life changing decision for your health and wellbeing! It sounds as though you have chosen to do the Program in 30 Days. I don’t know if the Email function is currently working on the Companion Website. Some people choose to do the 30DSS in 60 or 90 days as some of the Solutions require more effort or reflection, depending on You, of course! And you’re free to do the program at your own pace as well.
      That said, by the time you arrive in Florida, your resolve will likely be stronger than it is now.
      You’ll have more Tools at your disposal thanks to the wide ranging nature of this brilliant book.
      It is said that Anticipation can be the best or worst of any event in the future. If you decide in your mind that this much anticipated vacation will be a test rather than a joyous opportunity to enjoy your newfound freedom, then the odds are stacked in favor of that dismal outcome. So one tip I can offer is to apply the wisdom of the “4 Minite Mile Solution”, upcoming on Day 15. I believe you’ll find that other Solutions will also add to your excitement, joy and resolve ad the days pass. And please consider posting here for support! You can even start your own Topic if you are so inclined.
      I, and maybe others will ring in with more suggestions.
      It sounds like you have a benign situation, as far as drinking goes, awaiting you in beautiful sunny Florida! I’m happy to make your “acquaintance ” !
      Onward! Sina

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