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    Hi All,

    I love hearing how much you want to see this bonus solution, and the other content we have not completed yet, and I sincerely apologize in the delay.

    I do want to reiterate that what you have with the book, community and other content on the site today is far more than past graduates have had. This isn’t an excuse for not having completed it, only confirmation that you have what you need. I know during my drinking days I would always look for a reason, or rationalization, to drink again, and I would hate to see anyone let this be an excuse to drink.

    But I need to further address the delay, not as a justification, but as an explanation. This website and everything you see here (and what is still going to be included) has been my dream for the last 6 years. I actually started planning this site 6 years ago, and what I wanted to include and have it look like. And it is exciting to see how close we are, even though there is a lot I am looking forward to improving. But other than my sobriety it has been the hardest thing I have done in my life. The amount of work, constant juggling of priorities, and challenge of meeting the needs of everyone involved has made for an enormous undertaking.

    And because of that I haven’t been involved in the forums much yet, not just because of how much work I have had to do, but because honestly it is almost too hard. This is the role I have been excited to play for so long, and when I spend even a little time on the forums I find myself burdened. I can either respond to a handful of posts, or work on content and other website issues that can help the whole community. And the most important thing to me is making sure we can keep this site in place for a long time to come, and that isn’t a given. There are understandably concerns. Concerns with the ongoing maintenance and support of this site, and making sure we are providing a positive experience. I understand the frustrations, and wanting access to everything we promised, but please remember in some ways we are in uncharted territory. Personally I don’t know of very many books that have integrated such an expensive and feature rich website at no additional cost alongside the book. Sure, there are great resources out there, and I don’t deny that, but most have a lot of other products and services they are selling to fund it. We will eventually have some of those, but for now all we are concerned about is delivering a great experience that helps all of you and doesn’t cost you any money. My dream has always been to have this amazing feature rich multimedia program that anyone can do for the price of a book. Something that simply doesn’t exist that I have seen.

    Rest assured many people are working tirelessly to finish the rest of the content, and I have had one day off this year, and that was to help run a birthday party for my daughter and 7 of her friends :). I think about every 3 days someone in my family asks me when I will be done with the website so they can have me back :). And I only share that to let you know my commitment and focus – I feel lucky to be able to do this work.

    I appreciate your patience, and I am truly honored that you care enough to even share how much you want some of this content. The fact that we have this community, and around 1000 posts since launch, is honestly the most exciting thing of my career, and I can’t wait to deliver on everything we promised. And once again, please now that everything you need, and more, is already here and has been here for you to be successful.

    Thanks again! I can’t wait to get to know you and interact with you over the following months and years. Dave

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    Thank you Dave, for your vision and what sounds to be years of hard work that has gone into the making of this unique program. You are truly changing lives!!! You have certainly changed mine…I’m on day 17 (25 days sober) and I haven’t had this much joy or passion for life in years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! JLF22

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    Thank you! I appreciate the response. It helps a great deal to be reminded that you have other obligations!

    For me, I think I am just so afraid of goofing up that I want to be able to access anything and everything that’s here in order to continue working on myself and revisiting solutions that I get anxious / scared / frustrated / upset / insert an emotion with negative connotation here when the content isn’t available.

    But we can do this. We can. And we shall. Sobriety feels so great!

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    Thanks! I recently went to a therapy session with my dad, and one of the things we did was practice reflective listening. Simply repeating what the other said before responding. Not necessarily agreeing, or disagreeing, just acknowledging. It was a nice reminder of how simple and effective that technique can be. I avoided responding sooner out of my own fears, and if I had just acknowledged it sooner it would have been far more effective :).

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    Dear Dave and patient family,

    I am very grateful for what we do have available with the book and website. I’ve managed 43 days sober in a row which is terrific and a recent return to sensible drinking for Valentine’s day and two family gatherings. Now our family have returned home, I have no plans to drink until my birthday next month, that’s a breakthrough change in my thinking.

    The website and the book have helped to shift my thinking so I’m getting further away from problem drinking. I see myself thriving in sobriety, this success is down to the book and the website as it stands. There was no way I’d have entertained the idea of doing this if it cost, now I would because I think differently, so the fact that you provide it free put me on this life saving path.

    Your response is really valuable to help people understand that this doesn’t have all the big name backing that we associate with Jack Canfield. You really are just one guy reaching out to lift as you climb. It’s an awesome thing to undertake, please don’t burn yourself out.

    I am grateful every day that I found this system. It’s wonderful to think I can skim through the website in the future to keep inspired and discover the content as it’s added.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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    Hi Dave, many thank for this gift of a book and additional resources on the website, it is truly a fantastic and enjoyable program that I am getting immense benefit from.

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    I have a great like button tested and almost ready to put in place, which is what I really want to acknowledge these responses. Hopefully this week! Thanks for your kind words. Dave

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    I have never seen a book with a companion website filled with such wonderful resources (as is), PLUS the ability to connect with others going through similar journeys. Thank you very much for your work and dedication. I hope you take a nice long break soon and take care of yourself. You and your family deserve it.

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    Hmmm… Part of me is relieved to hear that some of the content isn’t available- I’ve spent ages going round and round the website not finding stuff mentioned in the book and assuming it was me not looking properly (some of it might be)! I’m also surprised. Everything I’ve read or heard from Jack Canfield in the past has led me to trust him, hence buying the book. I just felt he would be someone who could help me. And he, together with yourself Dave, is helping me (17 Days sober :-))But I’m just really surprised that he hasn’t done what he said he’d do in the book. It won’t stop me completing my 30 days though – I promised myself I’d do it and I am a woman of my word!

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    I just sent a feedback about not finding the relapse solution, and then found this forum explaining why. No worries. You make it clear this is a beta launch. What you have so far is awesome. I am privileged to be in at the start of this.
    Don’t beat yourself up, Dave, and dont burn yourself out. Remember that you do not have to be perfect. If you make this just a little bit better each working session, then your job is done.
    I am 12 days sober. It is definitely not easy. I still crave wine a lot before dinner. But I am working on it and have faith in this program.

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    Hey All – Thanks for the nice comments and support! The Relapse Solution is posted (click on the name to open). I really appreciate your patience and I am excited about how it turned out. It will be even better once the editor works her magic 🙂 over the next few days, but there is no content being added so you can make use of it as of now.

    Last, there is a lot of the other bonus content ready to be posted, so you should expect to see stuff added soon. Assuming that does happen you will see a longer post with an overall update.

    Have a great weekend! Dave

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    Thanks Dave…and please don’t worry about a response to my comment…you’re not obligated!
    I came into reading this book after almost 2 months of consistent sobriety with only AA support. I was ready to do the ” steps ” with a sponsor but she didn’t align with my varied views on sobriety tools and alternatives to just using the AA protocols. So she said that she wouldn’t sponsor me anymore. I have found this book and website so incredibly helpful that I’ve spoken about it at my last 2 meetings and seeing how I’m thriving in sobriety using it…many of the group members have asked about it to buy themselves.
    The timing of the book release was perfect for me too and I feel blessed for all of the tools and resources. This will be a new future for all in recovery and especially liberated women like myself and fellow AA members who feel some of their literature is outdated and gender specific.
    Please don’t burn yourself out in trying to perfect the site. If anything, I’m overwhelmed with all of the resources and find it hard to shut it off and sleep at night. In fact, I’ve skipped ahead a few days now because I’m so loving the tools and like a sponge just keep devouring the info.
    You have both done an exceptional job and I’m grateful for Tommy Rosen having shared it on the Recovery 2.0.
    Much gratitude to you both and all of those sharing on their sobriety journey.

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    Thanks, Dave,for your concern and explanation. I have been faithfully following and am half way through the 30-day program, and I cannot believe what a difference it has made to me after years of struggle as high-functioning alcoholic. I have found a couple of glitches in the site (links that I couldn’t access), but each time I wrote to your support crew, I got a quick answer that solved the problem for me. For example, I couldn’t access the smoothie recipe at first, but within 24 hours the support team sent it to me with a nice personal note. So even though you cannot be personally involved right now, be assured that your participants are being cared for. I will be 70 years old soon and this is the first time I feel sure I have overcome my addiction. Finding your book is the greatest birthday gift I could ever have received!

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    Thank you Dave, this book and website are the ONLY thing that has worked for me. I’ve been drinking a combination of tequila and vodka, 3+ liters weekly, for over three years, afraid and unable to stop. I rebooted on Day 1, and I’m now completing Day 14. The universe is conspiring to help you. Take care of yourself and your family. Those of us on this path you created appreciate you and are grateful. BTW, Chelsie’s awesome, she stays connected with so many of us on a regular basis.

    With Gratitude…

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    Thank you, Dave for all that you do. I also found your book through Tommy Rosen’s Recovery 2.0 program. I did his two month online course and followed that with his free online conference. Although he is an avid 12 stepper, the AA model didn’t quite sit well with me. Although I think the 12 steps are basically a good model for most people (addicts, alcoholics, or not) it’s the first step that I have a problem with. In “This Naked Mind:Control Alcohol”, Annie Grace expresses the concern that once you state the belief that you are “powerless over alcohol” it becomes so. That book combined with Tommy’s interview with Jack, opened up a whole new path to sobriety for me. When I ordered your book, I was 26 days sober. I am on day 2 of your book, not struggling, and very, very excited for the next 30+ days to come.

    For those who posted that they would love more and more resources to stay immersed in (I am exactly that kind of person!) I highly recommend both the “This Naked Mind” book and Tommy’s conference videos. I believe you can still purchase all 25 interviews at the Recovery 2.0 website. At $100 for all 25, they are an incredibly valuable resource to go back to time and again.

    It is so wonderful that you offer this wonderful companion free of charge. Don’t worry about the time frame for the finished product-it’s wonderful as is for now! Thanks again to you and Jack- your service in invaluable!

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    Dave, I am reading this a while after you posted. But STOP and celebrate your success!! This 30 Day Sobriety Solution book and companion website is the best resource I have ever seen to help people to stop drinking or cut back.

    The FREE companion website is a HUGE gift. I have never seen anything like this to accompany a book before for FREE. We could be paying top dollar to have this as a separate coaching site and it would be worth every penny.

    You have worked hard, your vision is coming into reality and you have helped more people than you could have ever imagined.

    We are so grateful for you, the book and the companion site. Take the time you need to take care of yourself in this process!!!

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    HI Dave
    your book has been a godsend for me. While I have had 4 slips in 43 days of sobriety that is a success story for me. I have read the ‘relapse solution’ and what I have learned that for me sobriety may be the path I take. I am now on day 26 ( i have taken more time on some of the chapters) i know i have the tools I need to be sober. it is both a delightful and scary process. thank you for helping me live the life i want.

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    It seems like you have everything in order now, as I have not found any links missing so far and up to my day 14. It is truly amazing what both you, Dave, and Mr. Canfield have accomplished. The website is awesome and I believe that I will make it to the 30 days by utilizing the tools that I’ve learned here. I feel bad now that I bought this book used. I would like it very much if you would add a donate button on here. If not, I will just buy a “new” book and donate it to the library to pay it forward. Thanks again for all your hard work and sacrifice in creating this site.

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