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    I started this program last year, but only made it to Day 15 or so. Doing the Day One work of the Time Travel Technique was eye-opening, but somewhat depressing as well. If I had continued with the program, I would have nearly been to the one year from then new me.

    I’m a deep closeted problem drinker. It has gotten to the point where I am drinking most of the day… while working (I work from home.) with my family around, etc. It’s scary what I am doing to myself and my body. I really want it to stick this time, but there is so much shame revolving this that I am not willing to share with my partner even though I am normally a very open person.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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    You can do this. I was also closeted and have been sober for over a year now. Dedicate yourself to the first 30 day and then move on from there.

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    Good morning! Wow, the Time Travel Technique got to me, too! I’m 63 yrs old, and I could see clearly the two different 73 yr olds!
    I started this program about 14 months ago or so. I cut back tremendously, and it’s still going down. I can get quenched & satisfied with non-alc drinks.
    I can see now that it’s just a matter of getting through those windows of time where the desire kicks in. At one point the window was wide open (all day long), then the window started to close. Now the window is barely open, and getting through a day is quite easy. Very few desires. Just about nil.
    This is a great program! I like watching videos on YouTube, too. Craig Beck is very good. So is Annie Grace.

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    This is Day 1 for me again as well. It was over 1 year ago that I tried and since then it has gotten worse- I have gained 20 pounds and feel depressed most of the time. I really wan this to work this time. Am so tired of feeling like this.

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      I’m on Day 9 now and feeling pretty good. I realize last time I was trying to do too much at once. I know that part of my drinking problem is a result of dependence on sugar. At this point, I’m giving myself the freedom to eat the sweets I want. My main goal now has to be on avoiding alcohol. Good luck, Friend. You got this.

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    I am on Day 26 and feeling real good about myself and looking forward to a Life of Sobriety. This is from a man that has never gone more than 3 days without alcohol for the last 20 years. @magusingel the one piece of advice that I can give you is that each day without alcohol makes you a stronger person. After 26 days – I feel good about myself, think more clearly, exercise regularly and most importantly have a much more positive attitude. This book has provided me with the tools to build a new life for myself.
    My situation is the same as yours working from home and making sure the evidence was securely disposed of. My family to this day have no idea about how bad I was. I was really good at hiding it. When I blacked out a couple of times, I told them that my sugar must have dropped.
    What worked for me personally:

      1. Just tell yourself it is only for 30 days and you can do it
      2. Every time you have the urge to drink, think about how much better you will feel about yourself after 30 days without alcohol
      3. Do the exercises in the book and pay attention and practice them regularly
      4. Think about the times you embarrassed yourself when you were drunk
      5. Most importantly remind yourself that “If you Can’t, you Must, because if you Must, You Can”.

    You can do anything you want if you set your mind to it. After trying different methods, I found this book and happy to say that I am on my way to Sobriety.

    I have 4 more days to reach the finish line and will wait for you. Jump on the forum anytime you need a helping hand. I am sure there are a bunch of us out here to help you join us at the finish line

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    Good morning! These are good posts, and I can relate to them all. So glad for you, magusingel, that the program is starting to work for you.
    I’m on Day 18 alc-free of my approximately 12th 30-day commitment since 12/31/17. At this point, I really am not thinking or wanting to take a drink. I don’t want to feel dizzy, which is how I’m thinking of it now. I don’t want to fall, which I did once last year.
    So, now I’m looking at the beautiful piano we have in our apartment, and I think it’s time to get back into that!!
    Good luck! There are better ways to enjoy your brain! Have a great day!

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    Completed the Sobriety Solutions and was drink-free until three beer yesterday after three months without a drink. The stress level was up around our house the past two weeks and I’d let the anxiety get the better of me. Three drinks may not seem like much but after being off of alcohol and my age, it hit me pretty quick. Woke up shaky and with a headache, not wanting to eat.
    I realize that my daily practice of journaling and meditating was starting to slide so I set myself up to drink. Wasn’t maintaining the sober tools in the sobriety tool kit.Really important for me to keep at it.

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    Hi Cedar98 … I can relate to this. Alcohol dependence, or whatever we want to call it, will probably always be waiting on the sidelines if we’re not very careful. We may have a certain type of body chemistry that makes us slide down the slippery slope and we wind up taking too much.
    Now that I’m a little older, I feel it’s time for me to get out of the game of it.
    I found the Holosync program. I like it a lot. You listen to meditative CDs (chimes and waterfall) and it brings the brain waves down faster than just sitting quietly.
    Bill Harris is the founder of Holosync at
    Maybe he has a talk on YouTube, too, if this sounds interesting to you.
    Have a great day!

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    Hi Mag! Inspired to see your post – I’ve gotten about two weeks in a few times – and am starting a 30 day commitment today. I think this is the first time I’m starting from a not-so-desperate place. But I’m with you – plenty of closeted home-drinking to get through the day. I know my family knows, and that it sadly keeps me at a distance from my husband.
    Totally with you on the sugar…and I think tv becomes a fall back for me too…alcohol, tv, and sugar are my 3 escape routes. I’m going to take the lesson from you and not try to kill sugar at this time. But I have been listening to a Tara Brach audiobook and I do feel more equipped to just be with the feelings…we’ll see. Hope it’s going well for you today.

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